GTA Online's Los Santos Tuners Update Is All About Cars, Launches July 20

The next major update for GTA Online has been announced, and it's another big one.


Rockstar Games has revealed the next big update coming to Grand Theft Auto Online, and it's all about cars. The Los Santos Tuners update goes live on July 20, and it focuses on the "underground tuner scene" across Los Santos.

The expansion adds new missions and races and what's known as the LS Car Meet, which is a new social gathering where players can get together and show off their whips. The Meet is located at a "non-descript, graffitied warehouse" in Cypress Flats. You can spot it by listening for the sound of revving engines or by looking for a finish line that's painted on the road outside it.

The LS Car Meet includes a Reputation progression system that lets you unlock new "benefits" with each level. You also get access to a test track where you can race without needing to worry about crashing into pedestrians or getting chased by the police. This space also lets you try out new cars before buying them.

You can spend GTA $50,000 to become a "member" of the LS Car Meet to get access to "Prize Ride" challenges that may reward you with a special car, along with access to the merch shop, the tattoo shop, and a modding area to show off your custom creations.

As for the new races, the Los Santos Tuners update introduces a new head-to-head series, a "Scramble" event where up to four players race to reach 20 checkpoints, and time trials for players competing for the fastest times. Outside of the test track, there are new street races through famous Los Santos neighborhoods, along with a new "pursuit" type of race where you compete against fellow drivers while the police are coming after you. Another type of race, Sprint, has players racing to various checkpoints against up to three other drivers.

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Another component to the Los Santos Tuners update is a new commodity known as Reputation. You can earn this by taking part in and winning races, checking out the test track, hanging out in the car meet, or simply logging into the game. Reputation can be spent on new gear and car customization options, among other things.

The Los Santos Tuners update also adds new cars, including the Annis, Dinka, and Ubermacht. In total, there are 17 new cars on the way, 10 of which will be released on July 20, with the rest coming later. Rockstar also mentioned that some vehicles have special upgrades that are only available on the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X|S editions of GTA Online that release in November. More details about this will be shared later, Rockstar said.

Another new element of the update is a "Meet Up" event rewards everyone with a special Los Santos Customs t-shirt. All you have to do is log in to GTA Online. You can get the Los Santos Tour jacket by taking part in any Impromptu race.

Rockstar also mentioned that anyone who steals and sells a vehicle to LS Customs in Freemode will get the new Los Santos Customs coveralls clothing.

Finally, the developer said the Los Santos Tuners update will have new robbery-themed contracts involving high-speed getaways, and more details will be announced next week. A "familiar face" from The Music Locker is also set to appear, Rockstar teased.

It's not just GTA Online that continues to get big updates, as Rockstar also just released the major Blood Money update for Red Dead Online that invites players to be their bad selves.

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