GTA Online to add microtransactions?

Reddit user discovers file that suggests GTAV's online mode will allow users to spend real-world money for virtual "Cash Cards."


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Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer mode--GTA Online--could introduce microtransactions, if a new claim turns out to be true. Reddit user 1880 discovered a file from the store section of the GTAV menu (which is currently empty) that mentions something called "Cash Cards."

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This XML file mentions downloadable content from the game's special editions, as well as four "Cash Cards" ranging from $100,000 to $1,250,000.

"Cash is king in this town. Solve your money problems and help get what you want across Los Santos and Blaine County with the purchase of cash packs for Grand Theft Auto Online," reads a description of the cards. "All purchased cash is automatically deposited into your character’s bank account. Spend wisely, cash therapy is fleeting."

GTA Online will launch as a free update to GTAV on October 1.

As the Reddit user points out, it is possible that "Cash Cards" are not an indication that microtransactions are coming to GTAV. The cards could have been created only for testing or could be prizes for a virtual sweepstakes, among any other combination of possibilities.

Rockstar Games has not announced plans for microtransactions in GTAV and the company was not immediately available to comment on this report.

If GTAV does end up supporting microtransactions, it will be far from the first AAA game to do so.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II allows players to purchase personal customizations with real-world money, while Battlefield 3 offers "shortcut kits" that allow users to purchase weapons and upgrades without progressing at all through the game.

GTAV launched last Tuesday and generated $1 billion in three days, reaching that milestone faster than any other entertainment property in history. Rockstar Games will release the open-world game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2014, according to one analyst.

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Avatar image for MrCoolGuy420

Why not just carry over the money earned in single player mode?

This money could be used to purchase houses, weapons, cars, and various other things like clothing to pimp out your custom character for GTA Online.

Avatar image for Evdne971

If these pigs want more money...

Then GTA 6 better make people shit their pants.

Avatar image for edinko

It is never enough gor those people. IF they would make 5 billions in a week it still wouldn be enough I guess. Its never enough sales to stay honest and not start money rip offs

Avatar image for RussellGorall

I am waiting for your review of the game to talk about microtransactions/pay to win for online? When will the reviewer go back and edit that review?

Avatar image for Aaronp2k

if gta online is pay to win, I am never buying gta ever again. the single player suckd, it was falsely advertised as a massive world with loads of stuff to do. when you play it all you can do is play golf, tennis, darts, shooting range, 4 sea races, 4 (or 6 I can't remember) street races, 3 triathlons and 6 off-road races. Once you have done all that, you can rob 2 (yes you heard me right) types of stores in the entire game. The rest are shut 24/7 and just put their for show. You cannot even go into the cluckin bell or the burger shot, I mean come on rockstar what the hell where you thinking? You can rob 1 type of armored truck in the entire game, the stock market (buying stocks is legal) is the best way to make money in a game which is all about crime which makes no sense. Then you have the story missions which there are only 61 of (other gta games had a lot more than that, or they were at least longer/harder missions), and all the mind numbing collecting of parts only to find out you get a dune buggy which is even worse than the original dune buggy and looks like an ice based santa's sleigh. sorry rockstar but the single player is a huge step down (again) from other gta games. oh well at least it was better than 4.

Avatar image for shreddyz

Avatar image for buckwild73

please Rockstar, don't be like EA scum

Avatar image for GlitchyPizza341

i would like micro-transactions for maybe new characters to play as but money.... really?

Avatar image for CBN16

I don't think there will be any microtransactions. Rockstar is smarter than that.

Avatar image for joel_wiklund

@CBN16 every company wants to make money enough said!

Avatar image for VenkmanPHD


Avatar image for RPG_Fan_I_Am

"ranging from $100,000 to $1,250,000."

Right... I'll believe this when my Jackalope becomes hungry

Avatar image for Matt_Hunter

^^ thx for adding that detail.

To be added Im a used heli pilot in sims or BF's games and the piloting in GTAV is pretty good In my oppinion. (When using Franklin in the heli seems almost perfectly stable)

Avatar image for DwightShrute_

@Matt_Hunter If only BF3 had a flight school like gta5

Avatar image for Matt_Hunter

@DwightShrute_ @Matt_Hunter :D That would be pretty cool since too many people taking a random vehicul and rams it to just move faster...

Avatar image for DeathCrusher91

Go to hell R*.

Avatar image for MikeLirette

@DeathCrusher91 Try reading the article you jackshit.

Avatar image for vulcan999

I hope it's not true, but it's what online games are coming to. For example, most Battlefield 3 players are the highest level and it's obvious many of them have bought the "cheat". IMO it's a waste of money if you're paying to complete the game, or gain an advantage without working towards it (such as in-game money).

Avatar image for CUDGEdave

Microtransactions....The herpes of the gaming world.

Avatar image for PlatinumPaladin

Hmm. Interesting if true.

Hopefully if it is true, then these micro transactions will be laced with the same layer of satire that we expect from Rockstar, and anyone who buys them won't be able to achieve 100% completion or their online character gets put into an in-game voting system to see who other players want to get knocked-off like GTA's very own version of Big Brother.

Avatar image for corrus

@PlatinumPaladin It's true

Avatar image for DrCyclopsX

@corrus @PlatinumPaladin That article doesn't have any more information than the article on this page.

Avatar image for udubdawgz

if micro's are used in games as a means of patience substitution, then, fine.

pay to win, obviously, horrendous. pay for gameplay, obviously, horrendous.

hopefully, they do it right.

if not, i hope all of you fanboys rip em to hell.

if you don't... lol.

Avatar image for aovannor

The mighty will fall..

...if they do put it in. Great way to ruin your good name.

Avatar image for LonelyHippie27

I really hope they leave that out. Last thing I need is some douchebag dropping all this money and kiling me every 5 seconds

Avatar image for commanderxp90

Rockstar might need more real cashs to make a lot of games that Actvision is too jealous of the Rockstar's show off with heavy money.

Avatar image for ali_manslayer

not cool R*, to me it seems like the multiplayer was separated just because you could pull off something like this

Avatar image for MikeLirette

@ali_manslayer The didn't do anything yet.

Avatar image for MikeLirette

@ali_manslayer They*

Avatar image for hishamramzan

they wont do it cause they are doing too well without it

Avatar image for gufberg

@hishamramzan thats the opposite of classic corporate logic: Making lots of money? Well then, how do we make even more?

Avatar image for hishamramzan

@gufberg @hishamramzan well even if they did, who is gonna waste money on that anyway?

Avatar image for DAPalicious

for me, i don't care about spending money, but paying for in-game cash pretty much defeats the purpose of playing GTA where money is the only goal...

Avatar image for AvatarMan96

Reddit is not a credible source...

Avatar image for gufberg

@AvatarMan96 What are you talking about? The evidence is there, as the Reddit post suggests, you could look at it yourself if you wanted. The poster hasn't posted anything that isn't publicly available.

Avatar image for LonelyHippie27

@gufberg @AvatarMan96 Yeah reddit also said 7 months ago that a world changing scientific discovery was going to be made public but that never happened. Reddit is full of shit

Avatar image for ggregd

@LonelyHippie27 @gufberg @AvatarMan96 Was that the thing about the alien bugs in the atmosphere? The people who found them thought it was a "world changing scientific discovery" but they were wrong.

Avatar image for aovannor

@LonelyHippie27 @gufberg @AvatarMan96 Did you even read the post you just replied to ya moron?

Avatar image for DemocraticTroll

So this is cash?...something like a shortcut for noobs and kids who can't and shouldn't play GTA ? thx.

Avatar image for karnage27

Sorry Rockstar, i paid sixty five euro for your game and i will not be paying anymore, thanks for all the effort though.

Avatar image for LuckySavage

If people actually had a job that pays more than the minimum wage, they would know that microtransaction is not the end of the world.

In fact, it is a welcome addition to people who just cannot play for hours everyday.

Avatar image for ApocaLeepse

@LuckySavage Microtransactions themselves aren't a bad thing, it's just the way developers implement them. They make it so earning the stuff in-game is more difficult than necessary. If these microtransactions carry over to singleplayer, then this game is going to become a prime example of this, given the fact that there are hardly any decent paying missions in the game. It pretty much coerces the player into using IRL money and that's why a lot of people hate them so much.

Avatar image for MikeLirette

@ApocaLeepse There may not be any crazy payout missions, but the heists do give some... and there are MANY ways to make lots of money...

Avatar image for charlieboomboom

@LuckySavage sounds like game-turism...

Avatar image for mariokart64fan

lol ive had cops on me several times but theres one thing the crash modeling wth happened to it

Avatar image for Aphyosemion

Would you like to park your favorite car in the garage and save it for later? TEN DOLLARS, PLZ!!!!! K THX!!!

Avatar image for jwrebholz

You know what, I'm fine with microtransactions. They don't bother me. Will I use them? Maybe, maybe not. Depends on if there's anything worthwhile on the marketplace.

Avatar image for GrendelSP

I am having a lot of fun with GTA 5, but has anyone else noticed how much easier it is than previous titles? Not once have I accidentally had the police come after me. It used to happen all the time in GTA IV just getting a starting ride. Its fun, but its like they put the driving training wheels back on.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ae060efb3bf6

Good news for folks that have a job and don't play 12hrs a day.