GTA Online Tips: Quick Start Guide To Money, Weapons, Vehicles, And Property

Become a Los Santos legend with our quick start guide to GTA Online.


Enduring since 2013, GTA Online is one of the most complex and daunting multiplayer games on the market, which is why you may be searching for some GTA Online tips so you can start strong and make an impact when you hit the ground running in Los Santos. In this guide, we're going to provide you with some crucial tips to help you get started with the game in 2021, begin earning money, and access all of GTA Online's most interesting content. One thing we should preface is that cash is king in this virtual world, which is why so many of our tips are focused on earning GTA$.

What version of GTA V should you purchase?

If you don't already own it, before you purchase Grand Theft Auto V to get access to GTA Online, you should consider your options if you want to give yourself a head start. For example, the Premium Edition of Grand Theft Auto V sold on digital storefronts offers access to GTA$1,000,000 and GTA$10,000,000 worth of businesses, weapons, and vehicles. Some storefronts like Steam also offer more expensive Shark Card bundles that will give you even more money to play with if you think you'll need it. However, if you already own the game or don't want to splash out on a premium edition, there are several opportunities to earn some free cash before you start.

Earning GTA$ before you start

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Before you do anything, you should set up a Rockstar Games Social Club account, and link the necessary accounts to it based on which platform you wish to play GTA Online on. Once you've done that, you should also add two-factor authentication to your Social Club account. Security is handy, but these steps will also let you access special in-game discounts and potentially some bonus cash when you get started. If you have Amazon Prime, you should also link your Twitch account to your Social Club to access a set of evolving Prime Gaming benefits, such as free businesses, vehicles, and GTA$100k every week that you log in to the game.

Follow the free money in-game

Once you're free to roam after the introductory tutorial (which you're welcome to skip if you're familiar with GTA V), there are many easy ways to earn money. For example, every day you should head to the casino and spin the wheel for the potential to earn GTA$, RP, cars, clothes, and more. There are also several easy solo tasks you should engage with for easy money.

You want to complete the Red Dead Redemption 2 collaborations such as the Navy Revolver Slasher hunt, Maude's Bounty Hunter Stone Hatchet missions, and the collectible Playing Cards, Action Figures, and Signal Jammers. If you can zone out to a podcast, steal a helicopter from a runway and drift around the map with a guide open, these collectathons will be over in a few hours and you will be flush with hundreds of thousands of GTA$, at very little cost to you.

Figure out the interaction menu

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Obnoxious but essential, GTA Online's interaction menu (accessible via the M key on PC or by holding the back button equivalent on Xbox or PlayStation) is worth exploring and will help you shave precious hours off of your playtime when employed correctly. The main menu lets you quickly find routes to landmarks with Quick GPS, enable Passive Mode to stop griefers, and change your Spawn Location so you can be in the right place when you log in.

The Inventory Menu is perhaps most important, as it's where you'll equip armor and eat snacks, an annoying but crucial part of surviving any heist or tricky mission, where player lives are finite. You can buy body armor from Ammu-nation and snacks from any convenience store, and you should stock up constantly to help you stay alive. The Vehicles menu also lets you summon your Personal Vehicle to your location (steal a car and insure it at Los Santos Customs if you need one).

Complete heists with friends

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The most fun way to earn money in GTA Online is to complete the heists in chronological order with a dedicated group of friends. The missions are so much fun and will teach you the ropes quickly. You'll also earn big cash bonuses and special assets for completing them for the first time, in order, with the same crew.

All you need is a Rank 12 player with a high-end apartment (the cheapest one is GTA$ 200,000 in the Dynasty8 app) to act as the Heist Leader. However, if you need to earn more money to buy property, you can always join heist teams at random from your phone without the need for any buy-in. Once you've made it through the first lot of heists you should have enough money to buy the businesses necessary to move on to the more complex heists.

Solo players have options, too

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Heists need four players who communicate, and what if you don't have a dedicated group of friends to play with? Luckily, Rockstar has added an extremely lucrative heist that you can complete as many times as you want as a solo player called The Cayo Perico Heist. However, to access it, you'll need GTA$2.2 million to purchase the Kosatka submarine from Warstock Cache & Carry. If you haven't been able to access that kind of money with our tips, you can earn more by joining random heist teams or becoming a VIP instead.

In the Interaction Menu, you should see an option called SecuroServ. If you have GTA$50,000 in the bank you will be able to register as a VIP and use the SecuroServ menu to take on VIP Work, which is fun and very lucrative. If you enjoy VIP work and want to earn more money, you can also purchase the Maze Bank West office from the Dynasty 8 Executive website on your phone for GTA$1 million. This will let you expand your empire and buy warehouses to sell stock and earn money without the need for heists. Even so, you should always have your fingers in as many money-making pies as possible in GTA Online. Explore, have fun, and always be on the lookout for new ways to diversify your cash flow.

Save up for important vehicles and property

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As you can probably tell, saving your money for the right things is important in GTA Online, given how much of its content is gated behind owning specific properties and vehicles. Have fun, but don't splash the cash on needless luxuries when you're close to being able to buy something really worthwhile. The armored Kuruma is a great starter car as it will keep you safe in a bind with its shielding, and you can reduce its price to GTA$525,000 when you complete the first heist, The Fleeca Job. A cheap and speedy motorbike can also be handy for getting around quickly.

If you don't want to be frequently searching for open-world aircraft then the Sparrow helicopter (GTA$1,815,000) is a worthy investment to help you get around, but really, if you're going to spend that much money, you may as well save up for an Oppressor Mk II, which is, objectively, the most useful (and the most hated) vehicle in the game.

The Oppressor is a hover bike with homing rockets that you can use as a personal vehicle--it will get you around the map in minutes and destroy anything in its wake. Unfortunately, it costs GTA$3,890,250, but if you're going to count your pennies and save up for anything in GTA Online, this would be it. Other than that, you want to focus on saving up for properties that will help you access more heists and high-level content like the Kosatka submarine mentioned earlier.

Choose your weapons wisely

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One thing you need to do in GTA Online is aim for the head and double-tap like you're in a zombie apocalypse. Enemies, especially armored ones, will fall to the floor and cry wolf, and if you don't finish them off they will get up and blast you to heaven with one shotgun salvo. With that in mind, you need a versatile arsenal for a variety of situations, as getting close to groups of enemies--especially when you're in the early game and don't have much armor--is a death sentence.

The Special Carbine is the bread and butter gun everyone swears by, and a lot of people love the AP pistol for its high rate of fire. You're also going to need a long-range weapon for thinning crowds from afar (I like the Heavy Sniper) and something up close and personal, like the ever-reliable Heavy Shotgun. Rockets can come later but are very handy for taking down vehicles. The Up-n-Atomizer is also a fantastic utility gun, as it's surprisingly useful for flipping cars and moving assets when they're stuck. Just make sure you've got all of the bases covered and you'll be fine if you remember the golden rules. Aim for the head and double-tap.

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