GTA Online Lives The High Life In Latest Weekly Update

Take a look at everything that GTA Online has to offer this week as it celebrates 4/20 Day.


This week's GTA Online update has gone live, and for anyone looking to celebrate 4/20 Day before it goes up in smoke, there'll be plenty of worthwhile rewards. Green clothing, an SUV that will make nearly everyone jealous, and automobile wrestling were all detailed in the latest blog post from Rockstar Games, which you can read the highlights of below.

Triple Rewards On Classic Sumo Modes

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If you're interested in taking part in the ancient Japanese sport of wrestling but with cars instead, then this week's Sumo event will be well worth venturing into the ring for. Just like the real sport, you'll need to stay in the ring, using either pure horsepower from a heavy-duty vehicle or a more nimble strategy with a sleek and sporty car to take control of the zone.

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Survive and you'll earn triple the usual cash and respect points in Sumo and Sumo Remix until April 21.

Double Rewards On Biker Business Sales

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The market is blazing right now with contraband sales, and any completed biker sales in this joint will see a double cash and reward points payout.

Double Rewards On RC Bandito Races

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More double rewards can be had with RC races over the next week, leaving you free to drive like a maniac without having to worry about injuring yourself in the process. Weekly time trials--including the RC time trial--will also pay out double for the next seven days.

4/20 Day Gifts And Bonuses

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To celebrate the cloudiest and hippest day of the year, visit Ammu-Nation to collect the rare High Flyer parachute bag. Binco, Ponsonby's, or Suburban shops will hand out the Green Space Horror Suit for free, and you can grab free green tire smoke on the house from LS Customs. Anyone who logs into GTA Online this week also gets the Fake Vapid T-shirt and the black Rockstar camo shirt for gratis, but you only have until April 20 to claim them.

Visiting Cayo Perico will net you double the cash payout as well for any weed smuggled in your loot bag. A free Vaper's Den T-shirt and Dark X-Ray Emissive mask can also be grabbed for free until April 21.

On The Podium This Week: Albany V-STR

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Pay a visit to the lobby of The Diamond Casino & Resort and you could stand a chance to win the Albany V-STR, a luxury sedan that only the rich and famous can normally afford. If you fail to win that coveted prize, you still stand a chance to claim to walk away with cash, reputation points, clothing, mystery prizes, and more this week.


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  • Progen PR4 racing car – 40% discount
  • Ocelot R88 racing car – 40% discount
  • Karin Kurama armored vehicle – 50% discount
  • Grotti Brioso vehicle – 30% discount
  • RC Bandito – 40% discount
  • Invade and persuade tank – 40% discount

Prime Gaming Bonuses And Benefits

Prime Gaming members will receive The Kosatka submarine's Sonar Station for free, $200,000 in GTA cash, 80% off both the classic Grotti GT500 sportscar and Pfister Comet Safari off-roader, and can save 70% off the price of the Pegassi Zorrusso.

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