GTA Online: How To Get The GB200 Prize Ride For Free

GTA Online's newest Prize Ride can be acquired for free as long as you meet some requirements.


On June 2, Rockstar Games released a new patch for GTA Online, which added a new reward at the Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel, a fresh test ride at Hao's Special Customs for next-gen console players, and new discounts on various items. What some players might have missed in the patch notes, however, is the addition of a new Prize Ride. In GTA Online, Prize Rides are rewards from challenges that can earn players a new vehicle for absolutely no cost at all. This week, from June 2-9, players can earn the GB200 from the Prize Ride challenge.

Normally, the GB200 costs $940,000 from the GTA Online marketplace. If players complete this week's Prize Ride challenge, though, the luxury vehicle will be added to their garage at no cost. Of course, the challenge to earn the GB200 is no cakewalk. Below, you can see exactly what you need to do in order to acquire the GB200.

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Earning the GB200 for free

Before you think about completing the Prize Ride challenge, you first need to physically start it. To do this, you'll need to be a member of the LS Car Meet. This can be done by getting the email from Mimi and going to the location she marks in Cypress Flats. Once there, you'll trigger a cutscene, after which you'll pay $50,000 to join the meet, and then you're free to wander around the area, interacting with NPCs and their different cars. You can always go back to this location to start races, earn Reputation, and participate in other events.

The GB200 is a luxury vehicle in GTA Online.
The GB200 is a luxury vehicle in GTA Online.

Once you're a member of the LS Car Meet, you can bring up the Interaction Menu to access the LS Car Meet tab. Here is where you'll find the Prize Ride challenge option, which begins that week's task. To unlock the GB200 for free in GTA Online, you will need to finish in the top three places of Street Races, three days in a row. You can compete in any Street Race you'd like, the only requirement is to finish top three in that specific race category. This can take as many tries as necessary, just as long as you place top three over three consecutive days.

Once that's done, you will have completed this week's Prize Ride challenge and acquire the GB200. The official in-game description of the vehicle is as follows:

“The GB200 is an icon of that golden age of sports car design: a mid-engine, four-wheel-drive rocket built with the power of a modern supercar and the handling, brakes and safety features of an angry dog. You can play it cool all you like: no matter how many times you take it over 100, the moment the turbo kicks in will have you clenching so hard you won’t know if that was an ecstatic climax or a messy follow-through.”

This specific Prize Ride challenge concludes on June 9, so you only have one week to get your placements done in the Street Races. If you don't complete the challenge on time, you'll have to purchase the GB200 for its full price.

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