GTA Online Halloween Update Arrives Alongside Free GTA 3 Anniversary DLC

UFOs are flying over Los Santos, cars have come to life, and killers are on the loose.


Grand Theft Auto V is embracing Halloween with a themed update for GTA Online that brings back spooky multiplayer modes and adds more new content, including free GTA 3 anniversary DLC.

In general, all GTA Online players will notice UFOs flying over the skies of Los Santos. "Be on the lookout for large rotating craft at low altitudes, accompanied by inclement weather in the surrounding sky," Rockstar said.

Additionally, GTA Online is becoming populated by "phantom cars" that have no drivers, not unlike the Stephen King book Christine about a car that comes to life and kills people. On top of that, serial killers are flooding the streets of GTA Online while "psychotic slasher-types" with superhuman strength have been spotted attacking people.

The Alien Survivals mode returns
The Alien Survivals mode returns

In terms of the returning modes, the new GTA Online update brings back the Slasher, Come Out to Play, and Condemned modes for a limited time, and each pays out double rewards.

Additionally, GTA Online arcade halls have receive a new cabinet, Camhedz, which is a two-player shoot-'em-up. What's more, the Alien Survivals mode--which turns your character into an alien and challenges you to hunt down human soldiers--is back, and is paying out double GTA$ and RP.

Outside of the Halloween-themed updates, GTA Online players are getting another free item to celebrate GTA III's 20th anniversary. Everyone who logs in this week will get a t-shirt featuring GTA III's famous baseball bat weapon.

The free GTA III t-shirt
The free GTA III t-shirt

In terms of weekly discounts, players can buy a Casino Penthouse for 30% off this week, and the same discount applies to upgrades and modifications to the house. A series of vehicles are on sale, too, including the Up-n-Atomizer, the Widowmaker, and the Unholy Hellbringer.

Be sure to read Rockstar's full blog post to see a complete rundown of what's new in this week's GTA Online update.

In other news, GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition releases later this year, featuring updated versions of GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas. After that, Rockstar will bring GTA V to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in March 2022.

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