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GTA Online Getting An "Exciting New Adventure" This Year With Familiar Faces

Rockstar continues to expand and improve upon GTA Online.


In addition to announcing a new GTA trilogy bundle, Rockstar Games outlined what's next for Grand Theft Auto Online, and it sounds like a lot is coming, including an "exciting new adventure" later this year.

First off, GTA Online will be updated to add 20th anniversary celebration content for GTA III in the form of commemorative clothing and liveries later this fall. Players can collect this gear by taking part in various events, Rockstar said.

GTA Online continues to grow
GTA Online continues to grow

Outside of that, Rockstar said GTA Online will host new events later this month that contain "special surprises." This includes the "upcoming possibility of some unusual activity occurring in and around Southern San Andreas…" Rockstar said. This is presumably a reference to GTA Online's annual Halloween event.

Perhaps the most exciting piece of news is that GTA Online is adding an "exciting new adventure" later this year. This will feature "well-known contacts and familiar friends." Players will help them grow their totally legitimate businesses. "Many more surprises soon to be revealed," Rockstar said.

What's more, Rockstar discussed its recent decision to cycle in and out some adversary and player jobs in GTA Online. "By beginning to cycle the Rockstar-created Jobs in and out of the game over time, not only will we be freeing up space for new missions and modes in the future, but we are also improving the game's matchmaking by focusing the community on a more streamlined list of Jobs from week-to-week," Rockstar said.

Additionally, Rockstar said cycling these activities in and out will give the studio the opportunity to bring some back for special events and seasonal challenges. It also allows the studio to remove some jobs that players don't like and highlight sleeper hits and "quirkier favorites."

Finally, the developer said it is looking into how it can "improve the GTA Online experience" for new and returning players when GTA Online launches for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in March. More details about the improvements for GTA Online and GTA V for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S will be announced "in the months to come."

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