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GTA Online December Update Adds Quality-Of-Life Improvements

Ray tracing will be available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X players.


Rockstar has announced new improvements are coming to GTA Online in this month's update. The upcoming update will focus on criminals, creators, and competitors in Grand Theft Auto Online and more.

Last month the GTA Online community was able to earn $4 trillion via The Heists Challenge. Because of that, a new retro-styled Declasse Tahoma Coupe will be purchasable to players for a limited time this month. A lot of the improvements that will be implemented in the December update were primarily based on player feedback.

Players can expect a wide range of changes to be made in Freemode and various other modes. For example, players on the Xbox Series X can now enable ray tracing, vehicles will appear faster in a player's garage after purchasing one, and Shark Cards will give players more money.

In addition to all the changes, players can earn double rewards this week for completing Short Trips and Biker Sell Missions. They'll also be able to play as Franklin and Lamar when they hit some of Lamar's strongest products in the back of Record A Studios.

Listed below are all the improvements that will be made.

General improvements

  • Players can now select which contacts they want to see in their iFruit Contacts.
  • The Benefactor Terrorbyte can now be used to activate Business Sell Missions in all types of lobbies, including Invite-only Sessions.
  • Players can now complete Agatha's Casino Story Missions solo by visiting the Management Office of The Diamond Casino & Resort.
  • PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X players will now have ray-traced reflections from the Fidelity Mode graphics setting.

Vehicle improvements

  • Vehicles will appear faster in a player's garage after purchasing.
  • Specific custom weaponized vehicles can now be used in Races, and the weapons will be disabled outside GTA Races.
  • Bicycles can now be requested when selecting a vehicle from a garage.
  • PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S players can use Hao's Special Works without needing to complete Hao's introductory race.

Economy improvements

  • Players will be rewarded a High Demand Bonus whenever a Vehicle Cargo Sell Mission is completed in a public lobby.
  • Starting today (December 6), all Shark Card values have been boosted by 20-25% when purchased in GTA Online or other platforms. Special GTA + Members Shark Card will be on top of their 15% GTA$ bonus.

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