GTA Online Celebrates Valentine's Day With Special Events And Sales

Here's a rundown of how GTA Online is celebrating the romantic holiday.


Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V is among the many games that are celebrating Valentine's Day with an in-game event. The open-world game's multiplayer mode, GTA Online, is marking the romantic occasion with new events, sales, and more.

The Till Death Do Us Part multiplayer mode is back in the game this week, and it's paying out triple GTA$ and RP. In this mode, two teams of two players each go head-to-head, but if your partner dies, you die. "Remember: codependence is dramatic and romantic," Rockstar said. In another lovey-dovey twist, players will regenerate health faster if they stay in close proximity to one another.

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Here's how to find the mode in GTA Online: PAUSE > ONLINE > JOBS > PLAY JOB > ROCKSTAR CREATED > ADVERSARY MODE.

The Shotgun Wedding multiplayer mode is also paying out 3X GTA$ and RP this week. In this mode, you duke it out near a chapel with shotguns only.

Here's how to find the mode in GTA Online: PAUSE > ONLINE > JOBS > PLAY JOB > ROCKSTAR CREATED > DEATHMATCHES.

If you'd like to take your loved one to the club, DJ missions are paying double GTA$ and RP this week, while nightclubs are offering free champagne for you and your special someone.

All Valentine's Day-themed content in GTA Online is 30% off this week, including clothing and the Gusenberg Sweeper submachine gun.

Outside of the Valentine's Day-themed events and promotions, Rockstar is giving everyone who completes the Cayo Perico heist--or any heist--the Buckingham Luxe t-shirt for free.

Head to Rockstar's website to see a full rundown of this week's events and sales.

GTA V and GTA Online are still doing exceptionally well for Rockstar Games, with GTA V recently surpassing 140 million units sold. Incredibly, 2020 was the game's best year for sales since 2013, the year it originally launched on PS3 and Xbox 360. GTA V and GTA Online are poised for another breakout year in 2021 with the launch of GTA Online's standalone edition as well as bespoke editions of GTA V for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X that take advantage of the power of those consoles.

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