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GTA Online Bounty Hunting Update Gets Release Date, Trailer, And More

Maude Eccles is back in the trailer for GTA Online's next major update, Bottom Dollar Bounties.


Rockstar has revealed that its next major update for Grand Theft Auto Online, Bottom Dollar Bounties, is launching on June 25, bringing with it the return of GTA V's Maude Eccles--in the flesh this time. The new trailer shows Maude's bounty hunter daughter Jenette, new bail-enforcement action, and a range of new law-enforcement vehicles that'll be added in the next update.

The upcoming update will add Maude's bounty-hunting business, Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement, as a new business players can purchase and manage in Grand Theft Auto Online. While Maude is shown in the trailer conversing with the player-character, players will work with her daughter Jenette on the business, according to Rockstar's blog. Even if it's just for a brief conversation, the new content will mark Maude's first physical appearance in Grand Theft Auto Online.

The update will also feature returning GTA Online character Vincent Effenburger, who has some off-the-books Dispatch Work for players to complete. These will feature a range of new law-enforcement vehicles, with some featured in the trailer for the summer update.

For more of what's coming in the summer update, including payout increases for certain missions and activities, and new Drift and Drag races in the Rockstar Creator, check here. Rockstar hasn't yet released the full patch notes for the coming update, leaving some mystery around what new vehicles will be added to the game, as well as the particulars of Maude's bounty hunting business.

GTA Online is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, with the Bottom Dollar Bounties update arriving on June 25.

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