GTA: Liberty City Stories Walkthrough

It's time to take over Liberty City yet again in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. GameSpot's Walkthrough has a complete walkthrough, along with plenty of tips and cheats.


By: Matthew Rorie
Design: Randall Montanari

Although Grand Theft Auto has appeared on multiple handheld systems in the past, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is perhaps the first attempt to recreate a true, current-generation Grand Theft Auto experience on a portable system. Sporting graphics that are arguably even better than Grand Theft Auto III, Liberty City Stories takes elements from that game and Vice City and mixes them together to create something that's sure to satiate GTA fans until the next home console entry in the series comes out.

In Liberty City Stories, you take on the role of Toni Cipriani, a low-level mobster in the Leone crime family. Like the nameless hero of GTA III, Toni is something of a patsy, content to do what other people tell him to do, with little ambition or desires of his own, outside of the ever-present desire to make more money. For most of the game, you'll be working for Salvatore Leone himself, the godfather of this particular mafia clan, although there will be other organized crime figures popping up here and there to give you ancillary missions, or just to harrass you.

GameSpot's Game Guide to Liberty City Stories includes a full walkthrough for the game's primary missions, as well as locations and tips for the bulk of the secondary pastimes and objectives that you'll need to find to get yourself up to 100% completion. For more info on the game, including maps that detail the location of all of the game's hidden packages, unique jumps, and rampages, check out the Liberty City Stories gamespace of


For simplicity's sake, we're going to list all of the missions for each mission-giver under their names. Note, however, that you usually won't be able to do all of these missions in one long series. You'll often do a few missions for a character, then find that they don't offer any more; when this occurs, you need to do missions for another character, and the first character will eventually call you on your cell phone to offer you more missions.


Vincenzo Cilli


One of Vincenzo's dealers seems to have gotten cold feet, and isn't bringing in any money. It's up to you to encourage him to get back on the stroll, so head over to his location and drop him off in Chinatown. On the way, he'll relate to you his worries about the Sindacco family, which has apparently been moving in on the Leone turf. Whatevs, it's not your problem - not yet, anyway. Just drop the dude off and be back on your way.

Dealing Revenge

Well, it would appear that your little dealer friend has been killed, and it's up to you to strike back. Your mission? Go back to Chinatown and hit the Sindaccos where it counts: you're asked to kill a few of their dealers. It's unlikely that you have any weapons at this point, but that's all right. The first dealer you come across will go down after a few punches, and the other two targets are on the sidewalks, allowing you to jack a car and run them down.

After you complete this mission, you'll be able to go over to the auto dealership in Harwood to start that particular side mission and earn a little extra cash, if you wish.


It's time to start pressing the attack on the Sindaccos; it appears that one of their small-time guys wants to come over to the Leone family, but he's being watched by an enforcer. You'll need to help grease the wheels by getting a gun and whacking the enforcer so that the Sindacco can join your gang.

Begin by heading over to the Ammu-Nation and buying a gun. Normally this would be a pricey proposition, but Vincenzo's going to spring for a handgun for you, so pick it up, then head out to the construction site. You're going to have to fight your way through a few Sindacco goons when you arrive, so have your gun at the ready and start blasting them when they pop up. Not all of them are armed, but those that are can put something of a hurting on you. Feel free to leave, get some health, and return if need be. The head goon himself is standing behind a car, though; if you stand on the other side of the car and get right up next to it, you should be able to avoid most of his fire while you drain his health.

After the goon's dead, you'll be asked by a mysterious caller on his cell phone to take the car he was using and drive it to the nearby Pay N Spray. One of the gates in the area will have opened up, so drive the car up the ramp to the Pay N Spray, get it repainted, and your mission will be over. You can now obtain missions from JD.

Smash And Grab

Here's a mission that can get kind of confusing if you don't read between the lines and do things in a certain way. Vincenzo's been aiming higher for his gang, and accordingly, he's sent his men out to knock over a gas station. He'll be the king of the underworld if he keeps this up!

Anyway, his enforcers have been cornered by the cops, and aren't going to make it through the firefight they're embroiled in unless you get over there right quick and help them out. There are three of them, so you'll need a four-seater car to fit all of them. It's very important that you get something that can be taken to a Pay N Spray, so no cop cars! Something like a Moonbeam, Kuruma, Sentinal; anything like that should do fine. If you don’t see anything near Vincenzo's, just start heading north from his place in whatever you can find, and keep your eye out for something applicable.

When you reach the gas station, you'll find that it's blocked off from the road by a number of cops and cop vehicles. You'll probably have to run over a cop to get into the area, but that's no matter, as you'll be picking up an automatic three-star police wanted level after you get near the enforcers. It's important to drive past the enforcers, towards the corner of the area, as if you stop before the car and wait for them to come you, one of the cops will likely run up and bust you, making for an anticlimactic end to your mission. You might want to kill a few of the cops here before moving in to pick up the enforcers.

When you get close enough to the enforcers to let them come to your car, they'll pile in; your unstated goal at this point is to get rid of your wanted level completely. Obviously enough, the easiest way to do this is to hit the nearby Pay N Spray, which should be marked on your map. If you're in a cop car, you won't be told what to do, so it can be pretty confusing. You can get out of a car that you're in and attempt to get all of the enforcers into another vehicle, but with the kind of pressure that the cops are going to be hitting you with, you're likely to lose one of the enforcers to a rundown, and that'll also fail your mission. It's best to use the same car to get into the gas station, get the enforcers, and then run to the Pay N Spray.

After your wanted level is clear, head back to Vincenzo to end the mission.

Hot Wheels

Well, Vinnie has a car full of dope that's apparently just sitting around in the industrial part of town. That makes sense - that's good business. Anyway, he wants you to find the car, and deliver it to his lockup.

When you do reach the car, you'll of course find that things are rarely as simple as they seem; you'll immediately get a three-star wanted level, and be asked to lose the cops. Doing so means hightailing it across town to the Pay N Spray, again, and stopping in for a new coat of paint. When you're painted and have ditched the cops, drive over to Vinnie's lockup, answer your cell phone, then take the car and ditch it in the nearby car crusher to end the mission. After this mission, you'll be able to get tasks from...your mom?

The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade

After you and Vinnie break ties, it'll be a while before you get another mission from him, but another mission you'll get eventually...if that makes any sense.

When you get a call from Vinnie, head over to his place to accept it, then find the freighter ship he's on and head into the yellow circle. Before you do so, be sure you have lots and lots of ammo for your SMG, and a suit of armor, if possible. When you reach the freighter, head downstairs to enter a modern-day abattoir, where dozens of Vinnie's goons will come at you with chainsaws. Technically this is a pretty inefficient way of killing you - we'd have just sent them all in with shotguns - but apparently Vinnie's just a sick bastard.

Anyway, you're going to be mobbed if you stay in one place, so flip over to your SMG and start running. You can run faster than the goons can, so just run from one end of the room to the other, turn around, lock onto one or two of the goons, and take them out before they can close in on you. Repeating this process a half-dozen times or so should clear the room out, but keep in mind that more goons will pop in to replace dead ones. When you do finally get down to one or two survivors, and no more are spawning in, grab one of the health pickups before dealing with the remainders.

After all of the chainsaw freaks are dead, Vinnie himself will pop in to finish the job. He's armed with an SMG, so try and get a little distance between you and him before shooting him up. If you have any sniper rifle ammo, you might want to try using that from across the room. Otherwise, your own SMG should do the job, provided you last that long.

JD O'Toole

Note that you'll need to be in casual clothes before you can get accept missions from JD. You can change outfits in your hideout.

Bone Voyeur!

JD's girls haven't been paying up; you're going to have to go out on the streets of the Red Light District and ensure that they're a bit less reticent about paying their daddy. To that end, get into JD's van and start hunting down hos; they're scattered around the area, but aren't marked on the map. You've got a few hours in which to cruise, though, so you should be able to find as many as you need to get the cash owed to JD in the time alloted. When you roll up in your van, the girls will run up and pay, simple as that.

Another way you can get cash here is to find the rival pimps and kill them; this is easiest to do if you just run them down with the van. When they're dead, you can hop out of the car and pick up the cash that they drop.

Don in 60 Seconds

This isn't exactly a difficult mission; it's more intended to introduce you to Salvatore Leone. To complete it, just get into the car with Salvatore, drive him to the Pay N Spray (it's right down the street, so this shouldn't be difficult), then drive him to his home. After you get this done, you'll be able to take missions from Salvatore.

A Volatile Situation

Some Sindacco toughs are attempting to put the kibosh on one of the Leone family's casinos in Saint Marks. It's up to you to protect the place. Doing so entails fighting off three waves of hitmen, just like you did when your mom called out the hitmen on you. They'll arrive in cars, get out, then run towards the building in an apparent attempt to lay explosives. It's generally easiest to be in a car before they arrive, then ram them just as they're getting out of their own car; you'll probably push their car over a couple of them, allowing you to ram the others as they attempt to regain their footing. Should mostly be a mopup operation after that. Alternatively, if you have plenty of ammo for your various weapons, you should be able to wait for the cars on the corner, and shoot them as they approach with free-look, thus hopefully blowing them up before the soldiers manage to get out.

After three waves of enemies, they'll drive up a huge truck bomb. You can't do much to this while it's driving in; attempting to ram it off the road is mostly futile. Instead, wait for it to arrive, hop into the truck, then drive it away from the casino until you reach the minimum safe distance. When you're clear, get out of the truck and sprint away from it before it blows!

Blow Up 'Dolls'

JD's missions will be rounded out by this one, another fairly easy one. Hey, it's still pretty early in the game; you can't be expecting everything to be challenging, right? Anyway, your goal here is to destroy a Sindacco whorehouse that's been bringing in the customers. Doing so entails finding a suitable car (most everything that's not a motorcycle or oversized will work), taking it to 8ball's shop near the auto dealership, getting it rigged with a bomb, and using it to blow up the Sindacco building.

After you have your car and have it rigged with the bomb, drive it back towards the Sindacco casino, but go slowly, as any damage you take will cause the bomb to become more sensitive. If you bang yourself around too much, your bomb will detonate, killing you and obviously failing your mission. If you can get to the casino without blowing yourself up, you'll find that the garage is guarded by a few thugs. You can drive over them and park yourself in the garage here, but they'll shoot you up while you run away, so be sure to go in with full health.

After you're a safe distance away from the casino, use the remote detonator to blow the carbomb, thus destroying the entire building in the process.

Salvatore's Salvation

When you get to JD's place again (this mission likely isn't accessible until you've finished most of Salvatore's missions), he'll let you in on a bit of a secret: Leone's been kidnapped from the club by the Sindaccos. As soon as you get the mission briefing, you'll be right back out on the street in front of JD's club, watching one of the Sindaccos drive away, so you'll have to grab a car and follow him. Doing so can be rough, since you're in Sindacco territory, and there may be a roaming gang of the bastards hanging around, waiting to shoot you. At least, that's what happened to us, so we busted one of our tires on our way out of the area. Not fun.

Anyway, this chase doesn't last long, and it'll take you right past the police station. If your car's a bit banged up, you might want to ditch it there and grab a cop car; shortly beyond that point, you'll find the car that they've stuffed Leone in. At this point, you'll have to stop the car before they get it to the car crusher; doing so is accomplished by the now-familiar ram-them-until-they-ditch-the-vehicle technique. There are three Sindaccos inside the car, so keep ramming them off the road until they get out of the car, then run them down.

At this point, you'll have to get into the car that the Sindaccos were driving, then take it up to Leone's house. You shouldn't have any problems during this trip, but if the car's been badly damaged, you might want to take it up to the Pay N Spray and get it repaired before heading to the mansion.

The Guns of Leone

Welcome to aggravation-ville. For no good reason, Leone is coming down to the Red Light District, in person, to wipe out a few Sindaccos. As his best man, it's your job to protect him. For some reason, this doesn't mean that you have to get up close and personal with the Sindaccos in the area; instead, you're going to find a perch atop one of the nearby buildings, grab a sniper rifle, and start plugging away at the Sindaccos as Leone makes his way down the block.

Note two things here: you don't have to use the sniper rifle, and you don't have to stay on the rooftop. If you have an SMG or an AK-47, then feel free to use it to lock onto the enemies here and blast them, as the sniper rifle can be a bit tricky to aim properly. If you do use the sniper rifle, be sure to zoom all the way in with it to decrease the sensitivity and allow you to more easily place the crosshairs over the Sindaccos.

Alternately, it may be easier to just drop down to the ground and go toe-to-toe with the Sindaccos, especially since Leone is going to have a couple of bodyguards with him already. Doing so will let you more easily use your close-range weapons, which is especially helpful since hitting the last couple of Sindaccos here will be difficult if you're still on the roof when they show up. If you do drop down to the ground, though, it might be worth waiting until you have a suit of armor before starting this mission, as you will be taking some gunfire.

After you've killed three or four waves of Sindaccos, and the single car full of cops that shows up at the end, Leone will relocate to JD's bar, and you'll pass the mission.

Calm Before The Storm

Well, here's another toughie. It appears that the Sicilians are trying to make peace between the Leones and the Sindaccos, but that Salvatore doesn't quite trust the negotiator that's been brought in. He wants you to follow the negotiator as he leaves Salvatore's mansion, so get up there and grab the PCJ-600 outside before heading into the yellow circle. Be sure you have plenty of SMG ammo before attempting this mission.

When you do hop onto your bike and enter the circle, you'll find that Massimo is travelling as subtly as possible, as he's taking a helicopter between his various meetings. Luckily for you, this means that you can get as close as you want to him without his noticing you, so there's none of that awkward follow-the-guy-at-a-safe-distance crap that's so often an annoyance to you. After Massimo stops off with the Diablos, he'll head up to the Chinatown to deal with the Triads. Hop off your bike and walk up the steps in the middle of the building to get an earful of his plans. Of course, this is the part where you'll get spotted, so bust out your SMG and start poppin' caps.

After dealing with the Triads on the roof (and don't get too close to the guys with sniper rifles, or they'll kill you pretty quickly), you'll still have a few more on the street below you. Your best bet is to just go back down the stairs you came up from, shooting anyone you see, then grabbing the health pickup in the alley before returning to the street to deal with the remaining Triads.

The Made Man

Well, it's time for JD to earn his just rewards for helping Salvatore so much. When you accept the mission, you'll be driving him to his Made Man ceremony. Unfortunately, the Sindaccos haven't forgotten about the fact that he betrayed them, so they're going to be gunning for him.

As soon as you see them pop up on the radar, head for the Pay N Spray. If you stick around in that general area, you'll be able to hit the bastards as often as you like with your car until they all get killed, with breaks at the Pay N Spray when your car gets too banged up.

After the Sindaccos have been dealt with, head towards the marker on your map...where you wind up killing JD. That's pretty harsh, saving his life just so you could kill him yourself. Ice-cold. Anyway, now that JD's leaking blood all over the place, the cops are going to get on your tail as soon as they see your car. Heading to the Pay N Spray won't help (but it'll still repair any damage to your car). Your goal now is to drop this Mickey character off at his house, then dump the car in "the river." Technically, this means any body of water, so just head west from Mickey's house, speed up towards the water on the far side of the north-south highway, then dive out of the car with the triangle button just before the car hits the water, and you'll be set.

Ma Cipriani

Snappy Dresser

After you get done talking to your mom, head back to your apartment to get your camera. You have to go, from there, to Giovanni Casa's deli. When you get close, you'll launch into one of the don't-get-too-close tailing assignments that should be second nature to you if you've played previous GTA games. Just stay close enough to see where Casa turns, and you should be fine. He'll wend his way through Chinatown before taking the highway that runs along the western side of the island south to Callahan Point.

After you reach Callahan Point and turn in behind Casa, you'll witness a little cutscene. When it's over, get out of your car, and take a picture of Casa in his little outfit. With that done, return to your mom and show her the photo. No need to actually get the film developed or anything like that; your mom has x-ray vision and can see directly into your camera to know that you're telling the truth.

Big Rumble In Little China

Your ma's convinced that you're intimidated by the Triads down in Chinatown, so you're going to have to bust some heads to prove her that she's wrong. There are two separate gangs roaming around the area, and you're tasked with taking both of them out.

The first gang you'll run into will likely be roaming the streets in an oversized fish truck. You have to set the truck on fire to encourage the gang members to get out so you can kill them; this is accomplished by ramming it as much as possible. When its engine block goes alight, the Triads will get out and be shootable, but they'll probably die when the truck explodes, leaving you with weapons to scavenge.

The other gang is in the blocked-off area of Chinatown, where cars can't go, so you'll have to take them down while you're on foot. If you still have a pistol, or if you stole one from the first gang, this shouldn't be difficult, since at least two of these guys are packing nothing better than cleavers.

When both gangs have been destroyed, you pass the mission.

Grease Sucho

Apparently your mom's a fan of the races; she knows about a street race that's taking place tonight, and commands you to enter, win, then kill one of the other competitors. What a lovely woman.

Anyway, the race starts and ends down by the docks, but it takes you through the bulk of the island, so you'll need a car that's both fast enough to win and hardy enough to take a few knocks along the route. The Leone Sentinal car that often spawns right outside Ma Cipriani's house is ideal for this, so if one's around, we recommend that you grab that and use it.

The race is similar to the races in other GTA games. You'll get a checkpoint in front of you, with an arrow inside the checkpoint pointing to the next one; upcoming checkpoints will also be displayed on your radar in grey. Still, most races are going to be difficult to win before you've given them a practice run, so feel free to try this race out once or twice before playing it "for real." You need to come in first to win; anything else results in a mission failure.

After you do win the race, you'll be asked to take out Sucho, or will do so on your own initiative; anything to make your Mom happy, I guess. You'll have to follow his car and knock him around a bit until he gets out. You don't have to do enough damage to actually set it on fire; just hit him a few times, and he'll ditch the car, allowing you to run him down to finish the mission.

Dead Meat

Well, your mom wants Casa dead, so it's up to you to deliver. If you drive over to his deli, he'll get into your car, making it an easy task to get him to the lumber mill. Unfortunately, he's not just going to stand around while you maneuver him under a sawblade; he's not that dumb. He's going to run like hell when he sees what you're up to, forcing you to chase him down and kill him with a hammer. Apparently you left all your other weapons in your other pants.

Anyway, Casa is quick for a big guy, so you're not going to be able to take him out just by giving chase. Instead, let him run from you, and notice where he stops. When he does stop, he'll usually turn around and face backwards, thinking that you're going to be coming up along the same path that he took. Instead, you'll have to move to the other side of the room, get around him, and approach him from behind. This is more difficult than it sounds, but since you have so much room to work with, you should be able to shift your approach eventually and sneak up on him to whack him. You'll probably have to do this twice in order to actually kill Casa.

When that's done, take the van outside, hit the Pay N Spray to lose the cops, and deliver the meat to Casa's Deli. That's what we call good eats.

No Son Of Mine

Well, you've done all you can to prove your manhood to your Mom, but she's just not having any of it. In fact, she's gone and called in a hit on you! As soon as you pick up this mission, you'll be facing off against a few waves of hitmen - apparently she's hired most of the hitmen in the city, as you're going to have to take down four waves of hitmen in all, with each wave consisting of four hitmen. What's more, each wave will come with progressively better weapons. The first wave will have pistols, while the third and fourth will start packing submachineguns and AK-47's, respectively.

This is a tough mission, but fun to try, and it should actually wind up earning you money each time you fail it, thanks to the cash that the assassins drop. Now, the first two waves here are easy to take out, if you use the shotgun that you get at the beginning of the mission; it'll be the third and fourth waves that will be much tougher, since they'll be able to kill you quickly if they manage to open fire. This is true whether you're in a car or on foot; four guys with AK-47's will blow up a car right quick. You'll need to engage in some trickery here if you want to live.

You have a few options at your disposal, most of them workable. First up, you can try to back yourself into a narrow alleyway or some other chokepoint and try to goad the cars that the hitmen arrive in into the passage, then unload shotgun rounds into the cars with your free-aim targeting to blow them up before the assassins can get out. This is a pretty efficient method of taking them out. Alternately, you can try to find the biggest, baddest vehicle you can access - a semi or firetruck are good options here - and ram the cars as they come after you. Or, you can try to get on a high spot, where the enemies will have a hard time reaching you, and shooting them from above. A good spot to try this is on the elevated train tracks; you can reach a station on the hill to the southeast of Ma's house.

If the assassins get out of their car, and then you get into a vehicle and try to drive away, they'll all carjack new cars and give chase, resulting in four different vehicles following you. It's pretty difficult to take back the advantage after this happens, so you might have to try splitting them up by driving into a confusing area, such as the junkyard near the car dealership, and attempting to get their AI confused and make them drive into walls. If you hide inside the auto dealership itself, you can often get the assassins to get out of their cars and just wait around for you to show up, allowing you to sneak up on them, blow the cars with your shotgun, and wipe your hands of the whole mess. Don't forget to pick up the weapons that they drop!

Overall, even if you lose this mission a few times in a row (we sure did), it's still pretty fun to play through a few times, if only because it's all killer, no filler action. And, like we said, even if you get your weapons taken away when you die, you'll still be picking up enough cash to more than pay for the hospital bills, and when you do survive the fourth wave, you should have more than enough weapons to make up for what you lost in previous tries.

After this mission, you'll occasionally be assaulted by more assassins, but this actually isn't a bad thing, as killing them will earn you more cash, ammo, and a vest of armor.


Shop 'Til You Strop

Salvatore's girl Maria will start giving you missions shortly after you hook up with Salvatore himself. Her first task for you sees you acting as chaffeur; she wants to go shopping, and wants you to drive her to the shops. There are only two stops here, but unfortunately Maria turns out to be a shoplifter, so you'll have police stars to lose. The first stop only gets you one star, so that's no big deal; you can just drive around a bit until it wears off. You might want to get a new car, though, or visit the Pay N Spray before hitting the next shop, as you're going to get three stars from that one, and will have a hard time getting back to her apartment, especially if your car has already been damaged before you roll up.

Taken For A Ride

You'll need a good car for this, so pick up a Leone Sentinal or a police sedan before heading over to pick up Maria. When you reach her dealer, you'll find that they're actually Sindacco thugs that are intent on kidnapping her.

In order to rescue her, you're going to have to follow their car and knock it around a bit. This shouldn't be too difficult if you have a decent car, but you'll have to be careful about random gangs of Sindacco's, since you're going to start out in Sindacco territory; it'll be a pain in the butt to complete this mission if you get a tire blown out from gunfire. Assuming that doesn’t happen, though, you just need to follow the car and bang it around a bunch until you can get the Sindaccos to pop out. They'll open fire on you, so the smart thing to do here is to start backing away from their car when you get the text indicating that they're out in the open, then, when you're far enough away, accelerate back towards them. They'll probably be running towards you in a straight line, allowing you to run them down with no problems.

After escorting Maria back to her apartment, the mission's done. Yay.

Booby Prize

This mission is just another race, save for the fact that this race is open to motorcycles only. You're going to need a bike to start the race, but you can find a PCJ-600 outside of Salvatore's mansion. Unfortunately bike racing is a bit more frustrating than car racing, if only because you can fall off your motorcycle so easily. This is going to happen fairly often, especially when the other competitors tap your rear wheel and make you spin around. That said, they'll never get too far ahead of you, so as long as you can keep it close on the second lap and not fall off before the finish line, you can screw up a bunch of times and still win.

Biker Heat

Apparently Maria's fallen in with a bad crowd, and this Wayne guy she's been seeing has been beatin' on her. Even if she is clinically insane, she's still your boss's girl, and you're not going to be able to let something like that pass. Time to deal with Wayne.

You can find him and his gang in Chinatown, in the area blocked off from the street by concrete pillars. When you confront him, he'll sic a few gang members on you, then take off on a bike. Be sure to grab the submachinegun pickup here, as you'll get a few hundred rounds of ammo to go with it, which will be helpful when you have to chase Wayne down.

As with most motorcycle chases in GTA games, this one likely ends with Wayne getting off his bike somewhere and facing you mano-a-mano, but we'll be honest and say that we never really got that far. Since you can shoot straight forward with an SMG while riding a bike, all you really need to do here is get behind Wayne and peg him in the back with a dozen rounds or so, and you'll win the mission. Actually getting behind him is the hard part, though, because he's going to be ducking and weaving through numerous back alleys and other non-street portions of the level. He will eventually straighten out for a while, though, especially when he goes through the long tunnel between 8-ball's shop and he docks. If you can catch up with him then, you should be able to shoot him out of the saddle. If not, you might have to resort to ramming him, or just waiting for him to get to the end of his route (if indeed there is an end) and killing him there.

Overdose of Trouble

Well, that doesn't sound like a pleasant mission title, and indeed, your last mission for Maria will be a handful. She's on the cusp of a major OD, and needs you to find the zap that'll flush out her system. To this end, you'll need a car that can go fast and take a beating; as per usual, we recommend grabbing a Leone Sentinal.

Your first stop here is the diner at Callahan Point. There's no zap here, but there is the remnants of Wayne's biker gang, looking for revenge for what you did to their leader. After you hit the diner, you're going to have mobs of bikers coming at you for the rest of the mission. They'll either attempt to ram your car, or get off their bikes and shoot you. You should be able to outrace them, for the most part, but they will catch up to you when you hit Hepburn Heights, since your next checkpoint is in the middle of a little building area, and is tough to hit.

Thus, before you head towards the Hepburn Heights checkpoint, stop in at the Pay N Spray nearby to get your car's health topped off. The bikers will probably mass themselves outside and fire at you as you pull out, but if you back out rapidly enough you should be able to crush a few of them. From there, hit the checkpoint at Hepburn Heights, then head to Maria's apartment, then Salvatore's mansion. The last two checkpoints should be a bit easier to get through without taking major damage due to the straight streets between them.

If your car gets too damaged to continue, then you might have no choice but to ditch it and find another one. This is going to be difficult to do, since the bikers really never stop coming for you, and they'll jack your car if you ever get close enough for them to do so. Since Maria takes a while to get into a car when you pull up to it, you can see the problems here. It's far better to pick a solid car to use in the mission and just hit the Pay N Spray if you have to to keep it running.

Salvatore Leone

The Offer

Leone wants you to get him in good with one of the union bosses at the docks. To that end, you'll need to take her a bit of a bribe, but unfortunately, she's not exactly in a receptive mood, and indeed will send in her thugs to kill you when she's got your money. Now that's cold. Be sure to head into this mission with plenty of health, and armor, if you can find some, along with a bunch of ammo for whatever your weapon of choice is.

Fortunately for you, most of the dockworkers possess only melee weapons, so when you regain control of Toni, you can run out of the first little mob of dockworkers, dash away a bit, then do a quick turn around to take out any of them that chase you. From there, you'll have to make your way to the west, shooting dockworkers from as far away as possible when you spot them, or attempting to avoid them as best you can. When you leave the grounds of the docks, you'll pass the mission. Note that shooting the dockworkers will earn you police stars, though, so you might have to hit the Pay N Spray after you get out to get them off your tail.

Ho Selecta!

Since the union boss doesn't want to play ball, Salvatore is going to go around her back and attempt to undercut the base of her support. He wants you to gather up a few hookers and bring them to the picket line; hopefully the dockworkers have forgotten that you just iced a dozen of their union brothers.

Anyway, you need to get six hookers to the docks in a certain period of time, generally between five or six hours, to finish this mission off. Grab the Leone Sentinal in front of Leone's house to start with, or anything with four doors, as you'll be able to pick up more hookers this way; you want to drop off two loads of three hookers apiece, rather than having to drop off six individual hookers.

Most of the hookers on the streets are just walking around, minding their own business, and will jump in your car when you pull up to them, making it easy to ferry them over to the docks. Some of them, however, are in cars with johns; to retrieve them, you'll have to ram the car, which will encourage the john to exit, then run him down. After doing that, the ho will leave the car and run to yours. It's not brain surgery. Just make sure you have three hookers in the car before you run over to the docks, and you should be able to polish this mission off with time to spare.

After you complete this mission, you should get a call on your cell phone from Maria; be sure to pick it up so that you can start to accept missions from her as well.


This is another fairly simple mission. Salvatore wants you to put the fear of God - or at least the fear of the Leones - into three of the union bosses. Doing so isn't difficult. Each of the three union bosses is riding around in a car, so grab a car of your own, track them down, and ram them until they get out of their cars, then run them over. You can switch cars after each boss goes down, if you wish; just make sure you use something hardy, like a Sentinal or a police car.

Rollercoaster Ride

It's time to deal with Hopper, the head union boss that's been giving Leone such a hard time. You'll only have a couple of minutes to reach the radio station after leaving Leone's house, so grab a Sentinal or PCJ-600 from outside his house and get down to the radio station as quick as you can. When you arrive, kill the chaffeur and hop into the limo to begin the mission proper.

When you have Hopper in the limo, you'll need to scare the crap out of her in order to ensure that she's more of a compliant asset for Mr. Leone. Doing so entails going fast, making big jumps, or hitting other cars. Given that the limo can't go very fast, and that you don't want it exploding before you drop Hopper off, it's best to try and find a big jump somewhere and try to fill up the scare meter all at once.

Luckily for you, there's just such a jump in the area here. If you head back up to the road that runs north to south near Salvatore's mansion, you should see a little ramp on its southern side with a police badge. If you go north, near the mansion, then floor it south along the road and hit the ramp, you should land somewhere near the docks. Since this is a unique jump, you'll go into slow-mo as soon as you hit the ramp, giving you a bit more time to fill up the scare meter. It shouldn't matter much, though, as the jump is so big that you should be able to fill the entire thing up before you hit the ground.

If you go for a more collision-oriented scare tactic, be sure to stick near the Pay N Spray, as the limo's not indestructible. Either way, take her down to the Ferry landing when she's good and scared, but be ready for the dockworkers, as they'll attack when you break the picket lines.


Now that your problems with the dockworkers are resolved, it's time to restart the flow of goods into the ports. Leone's got a shipment coming in, and he wants you to help him bring it in safe and sound.

To that end, grab the Sentinal outside his home and pick up the three enforcers scattered around town. Apparently they can't actually get to work on their own, so you'll have to carpool. When you have all of them tucked away in your car, head to the docks. If you enter the docks from the main gate, note that there's a Police Badge in the row of warehouses just to the east of the entrance. Might come in handy.

Anyway, the dealers will come along soon enough, as do the cops; things predictably go haywire. Your backup will help you waste the dealers, so shoot them all down, then quickly hop into the humvee and go on your merry way. The amount of gunfire in the area greatly increases your chance of getting a tire blown out, but whether you do or not, you should still head to the police badge you passed by on your way in and pick it up; the difference between two stars and three stars is pretty big, especially when you still need to get to the Pay N Spray to get yourself completely clear of police chasers.

If you can survive the trip back to the Pay N Spray, then the rest of this mission entails simply driving to Leone's lockup and dropping the car off.

Sindacco Sabotage

Leone wants you to see to the Diablos in Hepburn Heights, who've been getting more and more ferocious in the absence of the Sindaccos. They've initiated a full-scale gang war, in fact, and you're the guy that Salvatore's sending in to clean up the mess.

You'll get a decent amount of SMG ammo, as well as a vest, in Sal's garage, so grab it before taking his Sentinal and heading down to Hepburn. If you can get there quickly, then you should find yourself in the middle of a huge battle between the Leones and the Diablos. At this point, all you can really do is lock onto the Diablos, pull the trigger until one of them dies, then repeat the process as quickly as possible and hope that you manage to kill all the Diablos in the area before they take out too many of the Leones. There are "life meters" for each gang on your screen. The Leones will begin at a hefty disadvantage, but with you around, you should be able to turn the tide after a while, assuming you don't get killed or shoot too many of your own guys.

If you wish, you can also try using your car to run down the Diablos as they pop up; this works pretty well when new waves spawn in, but before long, the Leones will run up to the Diablos and get pretty close to them, making it difficult to kill the Diablos without accidentally taking a few of your own guys with them. It's probably best to just stick to the foot soldiering; there are health and armor pickups scattered around the area, if you happen to run low on either, but the Diablos aren't particularly great shots.

This mission can be difficult to take down, and it'll be a squeaker even in the best conditions, but if you get down to Hepburn doublequick after getting your armor vest and SMG ammo, you should be able to pull it off. Just hold down R and O until someone dies, then click R again and go for the next Diablo.

The Trouble With Triads

Salvatore's got a "car full of money" that he needs you to pick up for him. It seems odd how Salvatore seems content to load these easily-destroyed vehicles full of precious materials. Anyway, it's your job to go to Callahan Point, grab the truck, and bring it back to Sal.

Of course, everything goes haywire as soon as you reach the Point, as the Triads destroy the factory near the truck, sending the cash into the building somehow, where it'll quickly set alight if you don't rescue it. So, you'll have to head into the burning building and pick up all the cash, while killing any Triad that remain in the area.

The first thing to note here is that you have way more time than you need to pick up the cash; the timer should be four or five minutes, so you're set on that end. Thus, your first priority here should be survival. Take out as many of the Triads as you can before worrying about the money, and be especially careful about the fires here, as stepping in one will cause you severe damage. When the Triads are cleared out a bit, start walking through the building, collecting the money. It's represented on your minimap with green dots, and in your field of view with green arrows bobbing overhead. You need to get every single pile of money before you can leave, but like we said, you have plenty of time, so be methodical and you should be all right, so long as you don't step in any fire.

Driving Mr. Leone

Well, it's finally time to bust out and make your mark on Staunton Island. After taking Salvatore to the ferry terminal (use a Sentinal), you'll have a whole bunch of heat on your ass. Your ultimate goal here is to make it to the bridge leading to the Staunton Island, but with three stars of police awareness, doing so might be difficult. You can stop in the Pay N Spray if you wish, or if you get a tire busted out and want a fresh start. The cops will temporarily ease off you, but as soon as you're spotted again, it'll be back to the three-star wanted level.

When you do reach the beginning of the bridge, get into the right-hand lane and floor it. You should be able to make the jump, no matter what kind of car you're driving, as it's a pretty short hop. When you land in Staunton, though, you'll still have three stars, so you'll need to book it to the hideout, which is, coincidentally, right near the Pay N Spray here.

Other Pastimes

Slash TV

Location: After completing Vinnie's "The Portland Chainsaw Massacre," you'll earn a set of overalls which you can change into at your hideout. If you wear these, then head to the freighter ship at the docks where you did the Chainsaw Massacre quest, you'll see another yellow circle indicating that a quest is available to you. If you enter this circle between 18:00 and 5:00, you'll be able to enter the ship and head down to the cargo hold and press Up to start the Slash TV mini-game.

This game is essentially the same as the Portland Chainsaw Massacre mission; numerous psychopaths will charge at you with chainsaws, and you have to avoid and kill them in order to survive. If you're looking for money, this can be a quick way to make it, as each wave will net you a certain cash reward, and most of the chainsaw freaks will drop piles of cash to boot. Of course, survival is something of another matter, since later waves (there are five in all) will start to spawn in a half-dozen or so enemies at once.

If you want to survive here, then bring in a full load of armor and health along with a huge reservoir of bullets for your M4 or, preferably, your minigun. The minigun won't be available until well after you unlock this mission, but then again, neither will the M4. If you try this mission with nothing more than an SMG, you can probably still beat it, but it'll require you to run away quite often, making it somewhat tedious. Running away will be required no matter what you use, but if you have a minigun, you should be able to kill multiple incoming targets, retreat a bit, get the remaining foes hung up on a crate, and then repeat the process until everyone's dead. Just be sure to pick up any health or armor that the baddies drop, as their drops fade away pretty quickly.

Wrong Side of the Tracks

Location: This Sanchez race can be found on the El Train station just to the south of Salvatore's mansion. You can start it by hopping on the Sanchez at the station while you're not on a mission.

Completing this mission entails making a complete circuit of the track while staying in front of the Wong brothers, who are going to be chasing you. Falling off of the track fails you automatically.

If you want to win here, you'll probably want to stay on the center of the track as much as possible, although doing so is difficult due to its narrowness. If you fall off, then you don't necessarily need to worry about hopping right back on; you can stay on the lower segment of the track and still get the checkpoints if you stay near the little ramp. Just be sure to avoid getting hit by incoming trains! What's needed here is more speed than caution, though, as the checkpoints are well spaced out, and you don't begin with much time on your clock. Luckily, though, the Wong brothers won't be much of a challenge to you, since they'll fall back and stay back pretty early on.

RC Triad Takedown

Location: There's a white Toyz van located under a Chinese awning on the eastern end of Chinatown. Entering it will star the RC Triad Takedown mission.

Your goal here is simple: find and kill as many Triad members as possible. Triads wear blue jumpsuits with red dragons emblazoned on them. You're supposed to kill 20 Triad members, which you can do by getting your RC car near them and hitting the O button to detonate it. You start with only 25 seconds or so to work with, but each kill you earn will add three seconds to your total.

Unfortunately, completing this mission is mostly a matter of luck. If you take a left after you gain control of an RC car, you should find yourself looking at at least one group of Triads, but sometimes the random spawning system just doesn't put any Triads in your immediate vicinity, so you're forced to drive off and spend most of the time on the clock looking for people to kill. If you're lucky and consistently manage to find Triads to blow up within a few seconds of getting into an RC car, then you should be able to get 20 kills fairly quickly, but you might wind up getting to 19 and then having the well run dry...

Noodle Punk

Location: You can obtain this mission by hopping onto the Noodleboy bike outside of Punk Noodles in Chinatown, a bit to the southwest of the police station. In it, you're tasked with delivering steamy hot noodles to customers around Portland.

Describing this is simple: you get a number of orders equal to the level of the mission, so at the first level, you'll have one order to deliver, and at the tenth level, you'll have ten. To deliver noodles, you have to perform a drive-by when you get close to a target. If you get the noodles close enough to them, they'll run over and grab it, and you'll be able to move on; miss, and you'll lose a set of noodles. You can only hold six boxes of noodles at a time, so if you run out before you make all of your deliveries, you'll have to return to Punk Noodles to get more. There are no time extensions here; all of the levels give you the same amount of time to complete them, so that you'll have to rush pretty quickly if you want to beat mission ten.

There isn't much that can be said to compensate for practice here; get good at throwing noodles and you'll find the earlier levels of this mission to be pretty easy. It's when you hit level seven and above that things get difficult, since you'll have more deliveries than noodle capacity, thus forcing you to return to Noodle Punk at least once during the middle of a level to restock. Check your map at the beginning of a level and plan a route then, rather than heading around haphazardly.

Car Salesman

Location: If you head to the auto dealership on the northern end of the island, you can attempt to make some extra cash by selling cars to the prospective buyers.

You have four different cars to work with here, each of which has its own particular selling point. To make a sale, you have to max out the sale meter, but dropping it to zero will cause you to fail the mission automatically. Crashing a car or damaging it too much will usually require you to repair it at the Pay N Spray before the customer will buy it.

As mentioned, there are four cars here. The Idaho requires you to smash pedestrians to raise the sale meter. This is easy enough to do, but it'll raise your wanted level, so unless you want to hit the Pay N Spray fairly often, you'll probably want to avoid it.

The Banshee requires you to go fast. Again, this is difficult, due to the fact that you're not in a great part of town to really blaze out at high speeds; there are too many cars in the area to go super fast. You might want to try going up the hill near Salvatore's house and then gunning yourself back down the hill, if you think you can control yourself and not crash.

The Kuruma buyer is in the mood for a nice, smooth ride, not too fast but not too slow. This is likely the easiest one of the bunch, as all you have to do is get onto a straightaway and start tapping the accelerator when you find the sweet spot of speed that causes the sale meter to rise. Don't turn too fast, don't crash into anything, and you should be able to max the meter fairly quickly and return to the dealership to repair the car.

The Bobcat owners want to go offroad, so take them down near the junkyard and start hitting the hills. You can earn a massive boost to the sale meter for flipping the car, but this is difficult to do without risking a simple overturning, which will destroy the car and end your mission. These buyers are more willing to buy a car that's been damaged than other buys, though.

As a general rule, no matter what kind of car you're driving, you'll probably be best off by driving towards the Pay N Spray when you start out from the dealership, just in case you wind up needing to repair it before you head back. Completing different levels of this challenge will cause upgraded cars to be available for jacking outside the dealership.

9MM Mayhem

Location: In the alleyway just to the west of JD's stripjoint, there's a Freeway sitting by the stairs leading to the roof. Hopping on it will let you start 9mm Mayhem.

This is essentially a rail-shooting game, where you're riding on the back of the freeway while an AI character drives it. You have three minutes and thirty seconds to kill ten targets with your SMG; you can go above that, obviously, but that's the minimum you need to pass. Your targets are initially fairly weak, and drive motorcycles or slow cars, but quickly begin driving healthier cars with gunners that'll shoot back at you.

There's not much to say here except that you need to execute. You won't take much damage in the first four or five rounds, since there's no one to shoot back at you, so fight through these rounds quickly and save your strength for the missions where enemies will actually put up a fight. If you're on a straightaway, you can use your fine-touch aiming with the L trigger to attempt to shoot out the gunner in the rear of a car before firing on the car itself, to reduce the amount of damage that you take while you're blowing it up, but for the most part, just aiming for the car will let you destroy it more quickly.

You do have three adrenaline pills that you can use by pressing the R button; this will slow down time and let you more easily shoot out the gunners in the rear of the cars. Save these until you get up to the ninth target or so, then start using them to shoot out the gunners to prevent taking damage before moving on to the next level of the game. After you've destroyed ten targets, you can use the adrenaline on the eleventh car, then just follow it around and not shoot it until time winds down to complete the game. If you max out your damage meter, you'll fail, even if you did kill ten people, so it's best to just get into a situation where you can't be damaged and let the timer run out.

Bumps & Grinds

Location: You can find Bumps & Grinds by hopping onto the Sanchez at the dirt bike track in Harwood, on the northwestern corner of the island.

Bumps & Grinds is a series of ten challenges that you have to complete on the Sanchez. These are just checkpoint races, in which you have to hit a series of checkpoints within a certain amount of time to move on. They do get more difficult as you unlock more challenges, but you can try them as often as you like, so beating them all is just a matter of tenacity.

Scooter Shooter

Location: This mission is found in the middle of the building with the helipad atop it in Chinatown. You'll recall this mission as being one of the places Massimo landed in the "Calm Before The Storm" mission for JD O'Toole. Hop on the Faggio to start it.

This mission is essentially identical to the 9MM Mayhem mission, save for the fact that you ride a Faggio instead of a Freeway.

Scrapyard Challenge

Location: Head to the junkyard on the north end of the island and find the Sanchez parked there.

This mission is another of the somewhat annoying jump-into-the-coronas missions, using the Sanchez to reach variously colored points around the junkyard. You get one point for green, two points for yellow, and three points for red coronas, but the red coronas are obviously going to be the hardest ones to get. You need to get 20 points within a limited amount of time to pass the mission.

Like many of the other skill-based mini-games, this one's all about the practice you put into it. Don't even worry about the time limit initially; just focus on learning how to make the jumps required to get the red coronas, and practice them until you can hit them reliably. When you're ready to pass the mission, start it over, grab the red ones that you've been practicing, then see about getting the less difficult ones that you need to get up to 20 points.

Staunton Island

Salvatore Leone

A Walk In The Park

Salvatore wants Mayor R.C. Hole taken out of the picture, for crimes real and imagined. He's on his morning run through the park when you take this mission, escorted by roughly a billion armed guards. The kicker here is that Salvatore also wants the mayor's cell phone, so you can't just run the mayor down and be on your merry way. Or can you???

Anyway, if you enter the park with a weapon equipped, the guards will open fire on you. If you drive a car into the park, even if you don't have any weapons on you, they'll also open fire on you. If the guards are alerted to your hostile intentions, then they'll mob you and take you down pretty quick, and the mayor will start to run for his motorcade on the eastern side of the park. If he makes it to his cars, he'll take off and you'll have to chase him down and ram the car, etc., to kill him.

Any way you look at it, this mission's probably going to cause you to die a few times before you pull it off, especially since you have to grab that cell phone as well. Just killing the mayor isn't all that tough (although his sweats are apparently bulletproof, making him pretty resistant to gunfire, albeit not unkillable). Getting the cell phone while coming under fire from all the guards, then escaping alive; that's tough.

We found that the best tack to take here was to enter the park with a vehicle, something like a Banshee, Taxi, or a cop car, and just run the mayor down before he gets to his motorcade. You can enter from the south, if you like, or, if you want to be sure you get him, you can ram some of the motorcade cars out of the way and head in from that entrance, since that's where he's heading. If you can run him down, then you can try to lure the guards away a bit by running in any given direction, or even driving well away from the park and hoping that a few of them follow you. Just try not to get shot up too much.

When you reach the cell phone, grab it, then quickly beat your feet for the street and jack a car. If you're still in the park, you can head for the lake on the north end and take the Landstalker there instead, which should serve you fine until you reach Salvatore. We're not kidding, though; getting to the cell phone and escaping alive is going to take some doing, simply because there are so many damn guards around. If worst comes to worst, you can try buying AK-47 rounds at the Ammu-Nation here and using that weapon to try and clear the herd a bit. You can also buy body armor at the Ammu-Nation, which will help you survive long enough to get the cell phone.

Making Toni

Nothing to see here, move along, move along.... Well, it's true; this is basically just a cutscene. Congratulations on being made. After this mission, your Ma will call off the contract she put on you, meaning no more random hitmen attacks, and you'll be able to start accepting missions from our old friend, Donald Love.

Caught In The Act

Another rail-shooting mission. This one sees you and Sal take a boat out into the bay, kidnap a gentleman, then attempt to make your getaway through the hordes of Secret Servicemen that are watching over him. As with sniping, you can hold the L button to fine-tune your aim, but really, winning this mission is something of a matter of luck, simply due to the fact that your viewpoint will be bobbing and weaving while Sal drives the boat. It's extremely tough to kill off the enemy gunners as they come in, but you can do the next best thing and aim for the boats that most of them are on; destroying the boat will obviously prevent anyone on it from shooting at you.

When you go past the docks, you can likewise aim at the explosive barrels scattered around instead of at the gunners themselves. You'll know that you're almost at the end of the mission when you see the incoming helicopter, so finish off any remaining ground forces before concentrating on it. When we beat this mission, it was by the slimmest of margins; completing it may require you to just play it a few times until you learn where all the enemies first appear and anticipate their arrivals. Without any kind of lock-on help with your gun, it's exceedingly difficult to beat it on your first go-through.

Search And Rescue

Yeah, Salvatore's pretty damn smart; he decided to go spying on one of the rival gangs, only to find himself stuck in the middle of a huge gang war. Brilliant man, this. It's a wonder he survived this long.

Anyway, you'll need to grab Salvatore's bulletproof limo to go pick him up, but doing so will also entail outfitting yourself properly. Body armor? Check. M4 or AK47 ammo? Check. Sniper rifle? At least 20 or so rounds for this will be quite helpful here, so check. Now there's just the little matter of affording all of this. If you need some cash, you might want to try selling some bikes or cars before attempting this mission.

When you're set up with your equipment, grab the limo from the parking garage and head over to where Leone is. He's in an alley that's blocked off with concrete posts, so you'll have to ditch the limo to reach him, but as soon as you leave your vehicle, the entire alley will fill up with mafiosos. Here's the part where your sniper rifle will come in handy.

Now, all of these enforcers are using SMGs, but they seem to be able to fire at you from a bit further than those weapons normally allow. If you use an M4 or AK47, you should be able to extend yourself and fire from beyond their range, but the sure bet here is a sniper rifle. Since you have a clear view down the length of the alley, you can snipe away at the soldiers from a good distance away without having to worry about taking any fire. You can get police stars from doing this, though, so be careful of cops. There is a police badge near your position, in an alley across the street from where you parked, so grab it if need be.

When the first alleyway full of soldiers is clear, switch over to your M4 and head in to find Sal. He'll be in a dead end off the main alley, so round the corner, kill the enemies near him, and let him latch on to you. Of course, the alley you just came from will magically refill with enemies, so you'll have to fight your way back to the limo at this point. Doing so is going to be difficult, but if you walk up one side of the dead end back to the main alleyway, you should be able to make it so that only one or two gangsters have a shot at you at any one time. If you can prevent them from getting a good view of you, then you should be able to take them down in small firefights; if you charge out into the alley, though, you'll get cut down before you can squeeze off any shots. If you have any grenades, you might want to try throwing them out into the alley and hope that you hit some targets before having to run out there.

When the coast is relatively clear, move out into the alley and finish off any remaining enemies before moving back to the limo. If the cops are onto you, you might have to move quick to avoid getting busted, but when both you and Sal are inside, you'll be able to drop him off at a lockup near your hideout to beat the mission.

Taking the Peace

This mission sees you taking control of one of the Sindacco's cars as the driver attempts to broker a peace treaty between his family and the Forelli's. You've got satellite control over the car, but it's going to be somewhat less responsive than driving a normal car due to input lag. You're also going to be restricted to a straight-ahead cockpit view that's tinted green, making it difficult to actually see what's happening around you.

Anyway, when you have control of the car, you'll have to head over to the alleyway where your targets reside and start running them down. There are a couple dozen targets to hit scattered throughout the alleyway, but you've got waaay more time than you actually need to hit them all, so there's no need to rush. The damage meter is what you need to worry about here, since all of the soldiers here will be firing at you, and you'll also take damage when you hit the cars in the middle of the alley. There's not much you can do about the damage - taking the car to the Pay N Spray doesn't work - so you'll just have to kill the enemies quickly at the beginning, and then, when there are only a few targets left, take your time tracking them down to avoid taking damage from collisions with cars and such. The first time you reach the alley, you might want to zoom down the small corridor between the pillars and the far building to clear out the gangsters there, as they're tough to hit when you're moving around in the alley itself.

Luckily, even if the car blows up prematurely, there's no way you can get wasted or busted from this mission, so you'll be able to try it again almost without penalty.

Shoot The Messenger

For this mission, Sal wants you to take out a messenger that's heading to Franco Forelli to let him know about the Sicilian involvement in their feud. Since it's in the Leone's best interests to let the war between the Forellis and the Sindaccos continue, he doesn't want that messenger making his trip; for some reason, in a world full of cell phones, the messenger is travelling by boat. Smart.

Anyway, you have a boat of your own for this mission, so go grab it, and make sure you have plenty of SMG ammo. You can theoretically ram this guy to death, but it's easier to just perform a few drive-bys after matching speed with the other boat here, although the drive-by mechanic is still rather complicated on the PSP. The boat the messenger is in is pretty tough, but if you match speed and unload a few clips of SMG ammo into the hull, it'll blow up eventually, winning you the mission.

Donald Love

The Morgue Party Candidate

Donald Love is Leone's chosen candidate for the now-vacant mayorship of Liberty City. Unfortunately, Love's a bit of an...odd duck, as denoted by his first task for you. He wants you to steal a hearse that’s transporting a body to the morgue, for his own personal needs. Yum.

Anyway, the basic drill here should be familiar; knock the hearse around until the driver ditches it, hop in, drive to the Pay N Spray, drop it off at Love's place. Luckily for you, the hearse should drive right by the parking garage near the Pay N Spray, so you can just wait for it to drive past there if you want a quick drive from there to the PNS. When you have the hearse in your possession and are free from any police interference, head back over to Love's place and drop the hearse in his underground garage for the win.

After this mission, you should be able to get more missions from Sal, as well as missions from the Church Confessional.

Steering The Vote

Another toughie from Donald Love. He wants you to take his official election van and spread the good word of his campaign through the marginal voting districts, of which there are nine or ten on the map. Unfortunately, his opponents have the same idea, so you'll have to fend them off while you try to hold onto the points of the map where you've made inroads. Be sure you have plenty of SMG ammo before attempting this mission.

Your ultimate goal is to convert five of the points on the map to Donald Love's campaign at once. This is going to be tough, since the opponents have two vans to your one, and they'll be converting the points back to their control as they drive around the city. With a little sweat, though, you should be able to take five points at once; it might just require some creative driving.

To begin with, you should be on the map by yourself. The two enemy vans won't appear until you hit two of the points on the map, and they always seem to appear in the southern end of the map, so they'll almost always reconvert all four of the points there back to their side of the equation if you spend all your time working on them. We found it a little easier to just hit two of the points to spawn them in, then immediately head north to work on the points up on the northern end of the map. These are much more spread out than the points in the south, meaning that they'll take longer for the vans to convert back to their side of the equation. If you can hit all of the northern points, then quickly return to the south and convert the four points there, you should be able to get five of them under your control simultaneously. If not, then you'll just have to hustle a bit more until you manage the feat. If worst comes to worst, you can try feinting the vans out by heading all the way to the north before hitting any points, causing them to rush north after they spawn, then bypassing them on the way south and attempting to hit all of the points there to win.

After you have five points under your control, you'll have to destroy the other two vans in the time remaining to you. This is where your SMG ammo comes in. Although drive-bys are a bit more complicated in Liberty City Stories than they are in most GTA games, they're still doable, especially when dealing with slow-moving vehicles like these vans. Get alongside them, hold the L button, move your analog stick to the side, then hit O to fire away at the broad side of the van.

After both vans have been destroyed, you win the mission. Note that you can get extra cash by holding more than five points, but this seems to be a fairly minor reward for the pains you'll have to go through, especially since you only have a limited amount of time to destroy the vans in the first place.


For this mission, you'll have to take out a few of O'Donovan's campaign parties that are happening across the city. You'll have a time limit for this, but apart from that, it's mostly just good, old-fashioned killing. Be sure to have plenty of body armor and ammo before you attempt this mission, though. SMG rounds will be required, but if possible, an AK-47 or two would be ideal.

There are three parties that you need to hit, each possessing a few campaign workers and guards. The guards here are going to be tough, as they'll possess SMGs that they're not afraid to use, so getting up close and personal will sap some of your health and armor, no doubt. For the southernmost party, this is somewhat unavoidable, since you can't get a vehicle up to the party to help you run down the guests; it's on the roof of a building. The stairs leading up to the roof are in the southwestern corner of the building, so hit those, then make your way to the roof and bust a few caps in the people there. You'll definitely want to focus on the guards first, as they'll chop you up if you try to take out the campaigners first.

The middle party is on a sidewalk, so you should be able to get a couple of kills by just busting through with a car. Any surviving campaigners will run to the street, making them easy kills, if you can avoid getting blown up by the fire of the guards. If, at this point, you're running low on health or armor, you might want to make a quick run to the Ammu-Nation for armor, or the park for health, if you think you can spare the time.

The third party is to the north, on Liberty Campus. These guys are partying on a little patio that's mostly going to be inaccessible to vehicles, so again, you'll probably have to hop out of your car and get busy with the gunfire to kill them. If you have a grenade, you might want to try using one of those, since these guys are a bit more compressed than the other groups were. When everyone's dead, you'll win the mission. Joy.

Friggin' The Riggin'

Of all the low-down dirty things to do...the Forelli's are apparently resorting to vote-rigging to win the election, and in fact have their own little ballot-falsification plant set up on the northern part of town. Your task is to head up there and destroy both their printing presses and the fake ballots they've made.

To begin with, stop by Cassidy's shop to pick up your free flamethrower, then get into a beefy car and head up to the factory. The door will open up when you arrive, letting you head inside and run down any of the guards inside. (Note that if you destroy the vans outside, you won't have to track them down later.) When the coast is relatively clear, pop out of the car and start torching anything with a red arrow atop it. Note that there are going to be plenty of Forellis coming in through the door here, so you won't be able to rest on your laurels, but thankfully, your flamethrower will make quick work of anyone that gets close to you.

Unfortunately, you'll probably run out of flamethrower fuel before you destroy all of the palletes and printing machines, so you might have to run back to Phil's place and grab another flamethrower to continue your work. So long as you expend all your fuel, though, the second flamethrower will be free, as well. When all of the machinery has been destroyed, you'll probably have to track down a pair of Forelli vans and destroy them as well. If you remember Steering The Vote, then you should remember how to perform drive-bys. Take both of the vans out to win the mission.

Love & Bullets

Get ready for some frustration, as this mission is going to be quite, quite difficult to pull off. As soon as you regain control of Toni, you'll have to take down a number of assasssins that are gunning for the limo you were riding in. Doing so isn't overly difficult, so long as you take note of their positions and take advantage of the L trigger for increased touch over your scope. So long as you can take down all the gunners before the limo explodes, you'll be able to move on to the next part of the mission. (If you're having trouble taking these guys out quickly, try using an M4 or AK-47 instead of the sniper rifle.)

Unfortunately, it's the next part, where you have to get the limo back to Love's building, that'll cause you to restart the mission a few (dozen) times. As soon as you hop into the limo, another hitman in a truck will start coming after you from the alley nearby. This guy's a double threat; he can either kill you by ramming you, or kill you with gunfire from the gunner in the back. Either way, it won't take much for him to take you out, since your limo isn't all that hardy. You won't take much damage before getting blown up, and it's virtually impossible to actually lose the hitmen, so this is where things get tough.

If you hop into the limo and start driving, you'll soon notice the hitmen driving up behind you. If you attempt to turn, they'll take advantage of your slowdown and ram you, which will usually cause you to spin out and let them do even more damage. If they match your speed, the gunner will also open fire on you. All of this can cause a number of headaches for you, but if you want to try eliminating the problem before it really becomes one, you might be able to do so by destroying the car before it reaches the limo. You can also attempt to hijack it, if you're particularly daring.

After you kill the snipers at the beginning of the mission, you'll be prompted to get back into the limo, but if you choose not to, and instead start moving up the alley that runs to the north, you should see the hitmen's truck sitting up there, and eventually start coming your way. If you aim at it with an M4, AK-47, or a rocket launcher, you may be able to destroy it, but then again, it might be bulletproof. We didn't manage to destroy it on our winning run, but if you let it get past you, you'll be able to shoot at and kill the gunner in the back, leaving only the truck itself as a threat.

Without the gunner, the truck can only hope to ram you, so you'll need to quickly get the limo back to Love's building without letting the truck get any clean shots at you. This may entail going something under the maximum speed of your vehicle, and just letting the truck sit behind you while you travel; it won't be able to do serious damage to you unless it hits you from a distance, so if it just wants to grind on your bumper, you should be able to survive. Just take it slow, and watch out for incoming rams when you turn. Alternately, you can just floor it and try to lose the truck in traffic, but it sits right on your ass and sticks on you like glue, so this something of a tall order.

Alternately, if you want to save some damage to the limo here, you can buy an M4 from Cassidy's shop before starting the mission, and use that to kill all of the snipers. It should help you kill them super quick, and let you get into the limo with much more health than it would have otherwise.

Counterfeit Count

Well, it's election day, and Donald Love is a bit skittish about the early polling. He wants you to collect the uncounted ballots from the election and replace them with fixed results. In truth, all you have to do for this mission is steal the ballots; there doesn't seem to be much replacing going on.

All you really need here is a fast car, or a fast bike (the PCJ-600 works extremely well for our purposes here), and a lot of SMG or AK ammo. Your task here is to follow the ballot van to four rendezvous, wait for a courier to grab ballots from the van, kill the courier, and grab the ballots. The truck actually stops in four different locations and waits for the courier to run up to it, so if you follow the truck to its various rendezvous, you should be able to kill the couriers just by hopping out of your car, standing by the driver's side door of the car parked near the truck, waiting for the courier to hop out of the truck, and shooting them in the face.

If a courier gets into their car, things get complicated, as you'll have to chase the car and blow it up with your SMG, or ram it enough to get the courier to jump out. This takes a long time, though, and the ballot van will be proceeding onto its other drops in the meantime. You can only miss one of the four drops and still win the mission; any more, and you'll fail. So, again, the best thing to do is shoot the couriers while they're jogging from the truck to their cars, grab the ballots, then follow the van to its next drop, and so on.

Love On The Rocks

With no iiiiiiiiice! Donald Love is worried that there's evidence tying him to Salvatore Leone, and that said evidence will be given over to the authorities. It falls to you to find this evidence and get it out of the hands of the mysterious do-gooders.

Before you meet up with Love's informants, first stop off at the Ammu-Nation and pick up a good amount of sniper rifle ammo. You can probably get by with the 30 rounds you get with one purchase, but more is always better. When you do find the informant, he'll tell you that the evidence is being stored in a truck on the docks nearby. A whole truckload of evidence? Guess you've left something of a paper trail behind.

Anyway, you'll have to gear up for an end-of-The-Wild-Bunch-esque walk here down the docks. The entire place is crawling with enemies, though, but this is where the sniper rifle comes in. You should have pretty clear lines of sight to everyone in the area, so just pop them in the face as soon as you see them without getting too close. They all have AK47s, and will fire from a pretty good distance away. Even if they never manage to hit you, it's still pretty annoying to fire on guys while they're shooting back, so just stay away and snipe from as far away as possible.

After you're past the roadblock of the area, move the cars out of the way (or destroy them), then walk forward a bit until you spawn in more enemies, then retreat and repeat the process of sniping. This process will have to be done a few times, since more enemies will magically appear as you move towards the truck here, but so long as you move slowly (on foot), you should be able to turn around and run backwards a bit before making another about face and popping heads.

When you do reach the truck, you'll have to bring it back to Donald Love's place, but doing so will be difficult, as another car with a gunner in the back will attempt to track you down and shoot you. You can head straight to Love's place if you wish, but we found it easier to head straight for the Pay N Spray and use that as a safety valve in case you take too much damage. The gunner's car probably won't be able to follow you up the ramp, instead getting stuck in the corner below the Pay N Spray, so you can hop out of the van and use your AK or M4 to kill off the soldiers within, resulting in an easy drive to Love's building.

Church Confessional / Father Ned

L.C. Confidential

Time to kick ass for the lord! The Father wants you to find an FBI informant that's supposedly confessed to him that he's submitting a falsified report. He needs you to get the report back by masquerading as an FBI agent, which in turn will require you to find an FBI car.

The crime scene that the FBI car is at is on the bridge between Newport and Fort Staunton, so reaching it will require you to drive south from the church, wrap around to the east onto the two-lane highway there, and head north until you reach the bridge itself. The crime scene is well-protected by cops, and they'll automatically start shooting at you if you attempt to run past them, so you'll have to do the next best thing and just run over anyone you see. This is going to get you at least two stars, with three being much more likely, but you don't have much choice, since you need this FBI cruiser. (Note that there's a boatload of cash on the ground near the hijacked truck here.)

When you do have the car, though, it's a short ride to the meeting spot. When you arrive, the informant will come in, but quickly start running away, leading to another kill-the-mayor scenario. You'll have to run the informant down, grab the report that he drops, and get the heck out of dodge, all while not getting killed. With three stars of police pressure on you, this can be somewhat difficult, obviously enough, but it is doable, especially if you run the informant down, then drive away a bit to lure the cops off before driving back to the report and picking it up.

Alternately, if you're having trouble completing this mission because of the heat that's on you after jacking the FBI car, try getting the car, then returning to your hideout and letting the timer run out before saving your game with the car in the garage. If you try the mission again with the car already in your possession, you should have an easier time of it, if the car doesn't vanish when you go inside the church to get the mission, that is.

The Passion of the Heist

Ah, time for an easy one! Heist missions - those are always easy! Yeah, that's the ticket!

Well, no, not really. This is going to be a tough one. Before you accept it, you'll want to hit the Ammu-Nation and invest in some AK-47 rounds, perhaps a sniper rifle, and some body armor. When you have at least an AK-47 by your side, get the mission, then head north to the landing where you're being pointed at is.

As soon as you approach the landing, a dozen or so guards will spawn in, as well as a helicopter. All of the guards here will have AK-47s, so you're going to get mowed down if you attempt to drive into the compound. It's far better to be deliberate about things, and circle around to the landing's western side, which is open to the road there. From the road, you'll be able to engage the guards at the maximum range of your own AK-47, at which range they'll barely be able to hit you due to their own accuracy issues.

The main trouble here, then, is the helicopter, but even that's not such a bad thing, as if you can lock onto it, you should be able to take it down with a single 30-round clip from your AK. There's no time limit here, so feel free to back away for a bit if you happen to need to find some health (there's a health pickup in the parking lot near the stadium). Just take it slow and use your AK at maximum range until everyone's dead.

When you do manage to grab the case, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the three-star wanted level that pops up. Whether you hit the Pay N Spray or not, you'll have to make it back to the dropsite with the case without getting busted to win the mission.


Now this is what we call fun. The Father wants you to show the people of Liberty City just how evil their cars are; it's up to you to deliver the message as forcefully as possible. To that end, you'll have to grab one of the firetrucks down by the fire station and start ramming cars left and right.

You can earn extra points for smashing multiple cars into one another, dismounting people from their motorcycles, flipping cars over, sending cars high into the air, or destroying them altogether. Although Father seems to be particularly irate about greenhouse gases, you also get points for smashing pedestrians. Your firetruck here is all but indestructible, so ride around in the oncoming lanes as you make your way around the perimeter of the island and just ram into anything you see as hard as you can for maximum pointage.

After you finish this mission, you can return to the same firetruck as many times as you like to try it again.

False Idols

One of the church's more difficult missions is False Idols, which sees you attempting to take out three celebrities before they can make it to the Free Radio station. All you have to prevent them from making it to their goal is a rocket launcher, which you can pick up, for free, at Phil Cassidy's shop near the church. You'll need to use it to blow up the vehicles the celebrities are travelling in before they reach the radio station, which is one block south of the church.

In order to hit all three celebrities, you'll need to know which paths they take. Both cars take a pretty similar path, coming south along the road near your hideout and the Pay N Spray, then heading west across the south end of the park before heading south along the road near the church. If you stand near where you get the church missions, they'll both pass by you, but in order to get enough time to take down the helicopter, as well, you'll probably want to move up north and blow them up while they're passing by the south end of the park.

Any cops that see you fire a rocket launcher will attack you, though, and there's nothing that quite manages to screw up your aim like a cop beating on you with a nightstick, so before you get into position for the killshots on the two cars, you'll probably want to jack a car yourself and stand atop it, to prevent the cops from reaching you. So long as you only have one star, they won't shoot you, so you can take your time sighting the two cars and blowing them up.

The helicopter will be the real sticking point, though. It doesn't follow the roads here; instead, it'll fly east over the park, then head west back to the western highway and fly south towards the western side of the radio station, then land on its roof. In order to take it out, you'll want to run down the same highway underneath it, wait outside the radio station, then peg it with a rocket just as it flies over. It's easier to hit if you stand directly in its flight path, so that you only have to compensate for its movement in one dimension. Unfortunately, if you have one or two police stars at this point, it can be difficult to hit it while you're getting wailed on, so you may have to do the old jump-on-the-car-roof trick to keep the cops off your back. After all three celebrities have been taken out, you'll have to return to the church to let Father Ned know before the mission is over, so outrun any cops and try not to die!

This mission will take a few dry runs before you get the timing down, most likely, but on the bright side, you get to keep any excess rocket ammo if you fail the mission due to one of the celebrities getting to the radio station.


Sayonara Sindaccos

Sindaccos? Didn't you get rid of them way back when? Apparently not, because McAffrey wants to take you to their territory and help you put the hurting back on their street-level enforcers.

After you reach the marker here, it's a pretty simple matter to kill the Sindaccos on the ground. McAffrey will have given you an M4, so use it from long-range to take out the grunts, and be sure to grab the ammo from the AK's that they drop.

When you're prompted to get back into the car, do so...and welcome to another rail-shooting mission. Nooooooo! Oh, stop complaining; this one's much easier than Leone's Caught in the Act mission, if only because most of your opponents will eventually get behind you and chase you, making it easier for you to shoot them, since you don't have to constantly move your view in a 360 degree arc. Just stay trained on the cars behind you, focusing on shooting their engines in the case of actual cars, or using your fine-touch control with the L trigger to shoot the gunners from off of motorcycles. Also like in Caught in the Act, you'll wind up this one with a helicopter, but it shouldn't be much of a threat to you if you shoot it quickly.

The Whole 9 Yardies

This one's relatively simple. McAffrey wants you to trap some of the Farellis by stealing one of their bikes and leading them on a chase that just happens to wind itself up in the territory of another gang.

You can find the Forellis at the waypoint you start out with. Bring some armor along, because they'll definitely shoot you as you run up to their bikes. None of them will actually be on the bikes, though, so if you can mount up, you should be able to start burning rubber pretty quickly. After you actually get on a bike, finishing off the mission solely requires you to find the checkpoint on the northern end of the island and getting your bike inside of it. When you're there, you'll dismount and shoot the Forellis for the win.

Crazy '69

It appears that McAffrey has a new partner. It's nothing that you need to worry about...yet. Instead, McAffrey wants you to kill some more Forellis. For some reason, these guys are congregating in the park in the middle of the city, and for some other reason, you're only going to be able to kill them with the katana you've been given if you want to pass the mission. You need to kill 20 Forellis within three or four minutes if you want to pass.

The key thing here is heading in with armor, as you're going to take some damage during all of this fighting. All of the Forellis have cleavers, so you're not going to be taking gunfire, but melee fighting will sap some of your health if you don't come prepared. You can start at one end of the park and work your way through it, but the Forellis will respawn after killed, so you might just want to park yourself by the obelisk in the center of the park and let them come to you. You can kill people fairly quickly with the katana, but sometimes you'll whiff when you swing it, so try repositioning yourself when you're having trouble killing someone, or just forego locking onto them and swing your weapon while standing next to them; you can still kill them this way.

Night of the Living Dreads

This one's tough. It would appear that some of the Yardies are being attacked by Sindaccos that are intent on retaking the turf that was stolen from them fair and square. You're going to have to get over there and help out the Yardies before they get wiped out.

Luckily for you, they're going to be stuck in an alley right near the Ammu-Nation, allowing you to enter it and stock up on goods before you try and help out the Yardies. Body armor is non-negotiable, and you'll probably also want some AK or M4 rounds. If you have a large amount of ammunition for your weapons already, you might want to save your game before attempting this mission, as it'll get kind of hairy.

Anyway, when you have some kind of automatic weapon in hand, head into the alley near the Ammu-Nation and kill the three Sindaccos that are standing nearby. They'll gun for you as well, so try to stay as far away from them as possible while firing; they only pack SMGs, so their aim won't be quite as good as yours is.

After the three Sindaccos are down, you'll be tasked with escorting the remaining Yardies out to a nearby ambulance. Try to stay behind the Yardies just after this section of the fight begins, as more Sindaccos will be coming towards you. Kill them, then start cautiously moving down the alleyway here, watching your radar for more Sindaccos. Although most of the stationary enemies will appear on your radar, some of them will pop out of cars or what have you, before which they'll be invisible to your radar, so just keep an ear open for new arrivals.

When you hit the longest alley here, be sure to watch your back for enemies, then start moving forward, shooting as you go. A flaming motorcycle will pass by, so flatten yourself against one of the walls and be sure you're a good distance away from it before it explodes; if you can, shoot the rider off of it before it gets near you. After you pass this section, the rest of the level is pretty much a straight run-n-gun. You'll get an armor refill in an alcove off the main section of the alley, which will be helpful, since there are still plenty of Sindaccos to kill, but once you hit the street, you're done.

Munitions Dump

Another tough one from McAffrey. He'll let you know that the Sindaccos have been skimming off of arms shipments that they've been brokering, and saving the excess weapons to gear up for their own conflict with the Forellis. To prevent the balance of power from shifting too far, it'll be up to you to find and destroy the two trucks that they're bringing into Fort Staunton before they reach their destination.

If you can swing the $9,000 asking price, you should find that a rocket launcher will be a big help here, as you'll be able to just see which route the trucks are taking, wait for them to roll up on you, and shoot them with a rocket as they drive up to your position. You can also attempt to perform drive-bys on the trucks, but this is difficult, since there are gunners in the rear of the trucks that'll fire on you as you fire on the truck, forcing you to switch cars fairly often as your old ones catch fire. To make matters worse, after you fire on the first truck, they'll call in for backup, resulting in a fast-moving car that'll come along and attempt to ram you off the road and distract you from the chase.

No, rocket launchers are definitely the way to go here. The first truck will move up the road just to the east of Cassidy's shop and then turn when it reaches the park; if you can head it off, you should have a clear shot at it when it approaches. When it's dead, grab a car to outrun the backup, then try to get to the road that runs along the eastern edge of the island, near the large oval loop on the southeastern corner of the island, where the second truck should be moving. The backup car will probably still be chasing you down, but if you can outrun it long enough to get a clear shot on the second truck, blowing it away will end the mission immediately. If not, you should have a good amount of time to try and ram it with cars and such, so get to work and take it down.

Other Pastimes

Bike Salesman

Location: The Hogs n' Cogs bike ship is in Belleville Park, just to the southwest of the stadium, near the fire station.

If you head to the HnC bike shop during daylight hours, you'll be able to find the Bike Salesman mission. This is essentially a replica of the Car Salesman mission from Portland, save for the fact that it's actually a bit easier.

There are, again, four bikes here. PCJ-600s want to go fast, Faggios want to go relatively slow and steady, Freeways want to run over pedestrians, and Sanchez bikers want to go offroad. The easiest ones to use here are PCJ-600s, which are pretty easy to sell; just zoom off to the south a bit, then wheel around and drop your customer off at the bike shop. So long as you don't ram into anyone (which is easier to avoid on a bike than it is in a car), you should be able to complete a trip within 30 seconds or so, although the customers will get more picky as you increase in level. Faggios are also easy, for opposite reasons; all you have to do is keep a slow and steady pace, and their sales meters will go up automatically.

You can earn commissions of up to 300 dollars or more from a single sale if you do it quickly and without damaging the ride too much, so bike selling is a good way to quickly earn cash. If you want to complete the bike shop as an extortion asset, then you need to sell 10 of each type of bike without leaving the lot.

Go Go Faggio

Location: If you can find the Faggio that's parked at the Newport docks, on the eastern side of the island, then this mission will begin.

Your objective here is to hit 25 checkpoint markers before the time limit runs out; it starts at just under two minutes. Completing this objective is going to take a lot of practice; just try and go for the hardest coronas at the beginning of the trial, try to get as many of them as you can before time runs out, then refine your path through the area when you feel confident that you can get the hardest ones consistently to beat the time. This is difficult to do, since a lot of the really hard coronas are hidden away atop crates, forcing you to ride up narrow wooden planks to reach them.

Well Snacked Pizza

Location: Found on the Pizzaboy scooter at the Joe's Pizza joint, just to the west of Phil Cassidy's shop in Bedford Point.

This is essentially identical to the Noodle Punk mission in Portland, save that you have more area to cover, and six minutes to complete each level in. If you complete 10 levels of the game, your maximum health will increase by 25% and you'll be able to earn extortion money from the pizza shop. That'll show them the dangers of hiring efficient and speedy drivers!


Location: Grab the firetruck on the northern side of the fire station in Belleville Park.

This is the same mission that you completed for Father Ned earlier in the game; it's only unlocked after you complete that mission. You have a damage meter to fill up, but unlike most other pastimes, the damage here is being done to other cars; flipping them, ramming them, spinning them, etc. will fill the meter, with cars that are destroyed or knocked into water being the biggest additions to your meter. We found it helpful to start at the fire station, then head northeast and wrap around the northern end of the island until we hit the bridge near Fort Staunton; you should be able to knock cars into the water from the bridge and quickly fill the meter up.

Car-azy Car Giveaway

Location: In Bedford Point, a few buildings to the west of where you get missions from Donald Love. You should find a large garage to the east of one of the roads here, with an Information marker floating around in front of it. Walk over it to learn about the car collection scheme.

Love Media needs sixteen cars to give away in their sweepstakes, and they don't car how they get them. Finding the cars and bringing them back to the garage will net you cash rewards; finding all of them will spawn in vehicles permanently at your hideout here.

Here are the sixteen cars you need:

  • Hearse
  • Faggio
  • Freeway
  • Phobos VT
  • Infernus
  • Sentinal
  • PCJ-600
  • Deimos SP
  • Manana
  • Hellenbach GT
  • V8 Ghost
  • Thunder-Rodd
  • Banshee
  • Landstalker
  • BF Injection
  • Patriot

Many of these should pop up randomly as you drive along, but the sportier sports cars may only be found in Shoreside Vale. A BF Injection can be found on Portland Beach, near the dock end of the beach. A Hellenbach GT will eventually spawn outside the Portland car dealership if you complete enough levels of the Car Salesman mini-game. The Thunder-Rodd is tough to find; Sucho has one in Grease Sucho, if you managed to keep it. Otherwise, you might want to hang around in the Diablos turf in Portland to see if one pops up.

Shoreside Vale

Donald Love

Panlantic Land Grab

Well, Donald's on the skids at this point, living in a hovel, growing out his beard, cats and dogs living together; the whole nine yards. He does have a plan, though; he wants you to take him to the airport before he tells you what it is, though. Grab a fast car, or preferably (to us, anyway) a PCJ-600 and head on over there.

When you arrive, you'll witness Avery Carrington driving away, ominous suitcase in hand. Donald needs you to kill Avery and take his briefcase, but you can't kill him while he's in his car, and there are also two trucks full of gunners to worry about. We probably got lucky with this mission, since it seemed a bit easier than it should've been, but here's what we did. We approached on a PCJ-600 with an SMG equipped, and lined up behing the rear truck, then fired enough shots to kill the rear gunner in the flatbed.

At this point, Avery took off, but both the front and rear guard trucks stopped to deal with us. After you see the soldiers start pouring out of the cars, floor it and start chasing Avery. If you time this correctly, you should leave all of the soldiers behind, and they and their vehicles will despawn when you get far enough away from them, essentially eliminating them without making you fire a shot. If worst comes to worst, you can get out and shoot all of them before resuming your pursuit of Avery.

When you do catch up to Carrington, you'll need to drive-by him until he pops out of the car, then shoot him in the flesh to make him drop the briefcase. After that, escort Donald back to his place to finish the mission.

Stop The Press

Well, it would appear the Ned Burner, aka Father Ned, has pictures of you and Love killing Avery Carrington. Retrieving them isn't overly complicated. First, head to the church on Staunton Island and point a gun at Ned until he scares completely, then bring him in a car or motorcycle to his lockup. If you happen to see a PCJ-600 around, use that to escort him.

After you get into the lockup, Ned will escape on a Faggio. There'll be another Faggio waiting for you, so if you have to use it, you can. You shouldn't use a car to pursue him, though, as he'll be heading through alleys and the park, where you probably won't be able to follow. A PCJ-600 will be ideal for this, though, as it'll let you easily keep pace with him and fire on him from behind. Regardless, you're going to need to either knock him off his bike, or get behind him and shoot him, or just kill him somehow, before you can get the mission complete. We got lucky and watched him hit a Landstalker head-on, then ran him down.

Morgue Party Resurrection

Your goal here is to find both Avery's body and Ned's body and get them to the lock-up at the Shoreside Vale Airport before a certain amount of time has elapsed, usually on the order of eight minutes.

You might want to head down to get Avery's body first, if only because it's closest. It's in an ambulance that's driving around Wichita Gardens. If you recall the Paulie Sindacco assassination mission, you can perform the same jump from the Pike Creek broken guardrail ramp down to Wichita Gardens, assuming you can find a fast enough car. If you do this as soon as you begin the mission, you'll likely find that you land right near the ambulance that's apparently driving around with Avery's corpse. We're sure there's a good reason for that.... Anyway, jack the ambulance and find the quickest route back to the airport, then park in the dot.

Next up is Ned. Ned's being held in a hearse way over by the church on Staunton, so find a fast car, or preferably a PCJ-600, and head back over the bridge to the middle island. When you get past the loading screen, take a right and jump over the ramp just where the bridge road starts curving down to the left; this'll get you down onto the ground below you and save a couple of seconds off of following the ramp, assuming you land upright. When you reach the hearse, jack it, and head back north to reach the ramp back to Shoreside Vale. You'll have cops on your tail, thanks to your two-star wanted level, but if you avoid accidents, you should be able to outrun them most of the way to the airport.

When you drop off the corpse of Ned, you'll pass the mission and move on.

No Money, Mo' Problems

This isn't really a mission so much as it is a cutscene. 8-ball will let you know that he can do what Donald wants, but it'll take time and money. You'll need 20,000 dollars to pay him off, and the next mission won't unlock until you complete a number of missions from Salvatore and Toshiko.

After you finish off Tashiko's missions, you might find yourself having to walk around for a bit before 8-Ball finally calls you back, but call he will, in time.

Bringing The House Down

After 8-Ball does hit you up on your cell phone, you'll have to go meet up with him, and he'll give you a van loaded with high explosives. Now comes the hard part: getting it over to Staunton Island in one piece. As per usual, the van has a damage meter, and if you max it out by colliding with other cars or flipping the van, it'll explode, you'll die, mission over, etc. Not something you want to have happen.

Unfortunately for you, it seems that someone's tipped off the Forellis about your little illicit trip, and you're going to have to deal with two cars that'll attempt to ram you throughout your trip. The AI on these cars isn't your standard enemy car AI, though; they'll come up and hit you, then drop back and get some distance on you before accelerating and ramming you again. You're going to have to head through one of the Portland Tunnels to reach Staunton, but you can use this to your advantage in dealing with these cars.

First off, since all of your tunnel options wind up merging into the same path, there's no need to go out of your way here; just head for the entrance to the tunnels near the airport, staying in the correct flow of traffic, and trying to cut off cars you go past to have them act as metal shields against the ramming of the Forellis. Your quarters are a bit tighter when you reach the tunnels themselves, as you're only going to have two lanes to work with, since there's a metal divider between the traffic flows. You can theoretically jump the divider, if you want, but you stand a chance of flipping your van, which dramatically raises your damage meter. It's best to stick with the flow of traffic, ducking and weaving between cars when possible.

Eventually, you'll have to make a right turn into an unfinished section of the tunnel. It's here that your luck should improve a bit. Although there's no traffic to maneuver the Forellis into, the tunnel is periodically blocked by loads of stone, so you'll have to duck through the gaps in the divider pretty often to avoid them. The Forellis aren’t as adept at quickly moving through these gaps as you are, so as long as they're not directly behind you, they'll often cause damage to themselves by attempting to jump the divider or by rubbing up against it for long sections of the tunnel. If you're lucky, you can get them stuck behind one of the stone piles, or even destroy both of them if they manage to flip themselves. When they blow up, they're gone for good. Regardless, you need to get rid of them somehow before you reach Staunton, so you might want to be aggressive and push them into the dead ends created by the stone piles before moving through the gaps in the divider.

When you do reach the end of the tunnels, you'll have to find three positions for your explosives and lay them. This is done automatically when you find one of the placement points, so just drive through all of the objective markers until you hit all three marks. There are going to be workers down here that you need to kill - no witnesses, after all - but you can just run them down to accomplish that objective; no need to get out of your car.

You only have two and a half minutes after setting the first bomb to set the other two and escape, but that should be around a minute more than you need if you work quickly. After the third bomb is set, hop into the Bobcat nearby and make your way out of the tunnels. You'll find that one path is blocked by the Forellis, so you might want to get out of your vehicle and kill the two soldiers there. Since you need to drive out of here, you can steal their car, take it up the ramp next to the blockage, and get the heck out of dodge with time to spare. (Hopefully.)

Love On The Run

For this mission, you're going to need guns. Lots of guns. Be sure to stock up on armor, M4 rounds, and a minigun before attempting it.

When you reach Donald (who's been relocated to the biggest mansion in Shoreside Vale, courtesy of his newfound wealth), you'll be tasked with defending him from the rampaging Colombians, who, for some reason, are incensed by something or other that he did. They're going to be coming in force, in a few different cars, so your best bet is going to be to have a minigun ready and willing before you head out to meet with Donald.

If you do, then this mission becomes somewhat trivial, although it can still be difficult if you don't take steps to protect yourself. The Colombians will be arriving in cars that come through the main gate, with four soldiers to a car, packing everything from pistols to M4s. If you just stand in front of the house and try to take them out as they come, they'll likely overwhelm you with the fury of their assault, or something. It's far better to retreat a bit and let them come to you, so that you can mow them down as they arrive.

There are a few good spots for this, but most of them will put you out of sight of the main driveway. (Don't worry about protecting Donald, as none of the Colombians fire on him.) We personally had a lot of luck standing near the mansion's western wall, across from the garage. If you force the Colombians to come around the corner to fire on you, you can aim your minigun just to the right of the corner in free-aim mode and hold down the button just before you see the radar blips reach it; you'll usually be able to kill your foes without even having to lock onto them, since they'll run right into your stream of bullets and be killed instantly.

Another favorite spot is in the empty pool outside the mansion. If you hide yourself in one corner of the pool so that the Colombians can't see you from their approach vector, they'll usually run to the far corner of the pool, where the steps are, allowing you to lock onto them and blast them as they run past. If they approach you directly, though, on the land above the pool, you can have a hard time hitting them.

After all of the damn Colombians are dead, you'll have to escort Love to the airport so that he can make his final escape from Liberty City. This is kind of anticlimactic, since nothing much happens on your trip, unless you picked up a bunch of police stars during your fight with the Colombians. If that's the case, stop off by the Pay N Spray on your way to the airport to ensure that you don't get busted and have to do all this over again.

Toshiko Kasen

Although almost all of Toshiko's missions take place on Staunton, you can't unlock them until you reach Shoreside Vale, they are.

More Deadly Than The Male

Apparently Toshiko isn't a big fan of her husband, who runs the Yakuza operations in Liberty City. She wants to begin a slow process of humiliation and defeat for him before she finally drives the knife home and kills him. To begin with, she'll let you know that although you destroyed the Rhino tank that was the centerpiece of his armory, he's still taking in shipments of weapons, one of which is coming into Bedford Point. She wants you to steal it.

If you head over to Bedford, you'll find that the entire dock area is crawling with Yakuza. Having a sniper rifle here makes things much, much easier than they would be, as you can follow the dock area to the north until it runs into the hill. If you can drop down from the hill onto the tip-top northern edge of the docks, you should have a clear view of most of the Yakuza in the area, allowing you to snipe them as they stand or pace around. Some of them might make a run for you, so bring along an AK or something similar for backup. Also be sure to snipe out the Yakuza on the speedboats in the harbor, aiming for the gunners first.

When the area's clear, grab the rocket launcher, armor, and health, then hop into the boat with the weapons. If you destroyed the Yakuza in the other boats, then you should have a mostly free run to your checkpoint at the docks on the northern end of the island. There will be other Yakuza gunboats that pop up as you travel north, but their attempts to intercept you will cause them to head south, allowing you to run past them and zoom to the nothern end of the island, leaving them in your wake as they attempt to turn around and give chase. Just be sure to slow down as you approach your target and hit it correctly, as turning around to find it if you shoot past it can be a pain.

Completing this mission will unlock the Minigun at Phil Cassidy's place, which is pretty much the most badass weapon in the game. Although it costs 10,000 bucks, you'll get a thousand rounds for it, which will last you much, much longer than the eight rounds you get for a rocket launcher when you buy that. Plus, in a nice little twist, it can now lock onto human targets, making it ideal for complete and utter anti-personnel devastation.

Cash Clash

Another destruction mission; Toshiko here asks you to track down and destroy three armored cars that are carrying cash from her husband's casino. Each of these cars are going to be resistant to damage, but you do have an advantage, in that they initially travel in a group.

As soon as you attack or ram any of the cars, though, they'll split up and take different paths to the Yakuza compound (where you stole the Rhino tank). You'll also get a two-star wanted level at this point, making it difficult for you to serenely fire away at the armored cars. If possible, take out two or all three of the vans with your initial blow; a minigun will help here, since it'll destroy a van in a few seconds of fire, but a rocket launcher might also do the trick. It's a pretty good bet, however, that at least one of the vans will get away from you. If this occurs, then you'll need to hop into a car, follow it, and take it out with a driveby. The vans don't move especially fast, so this shouldn't be overly difficult, if you can compensate for the police interference.

Even if more than one vans splits off from the group, you still have the advantage of knowing where they're heading, so you might be able to head to the Yakuza fortress and just intercept them before they reach their destination. Just watch out for the Yakuza foot soldiers, who'll be gunning for you, and won't hesitate to blow away a vehicle you're in.

A Date With Death

Time for you and Toshiko to go out on a date - she wants to give the implications that are flying around a little concrete weight, and to this end, she's arranged for you and her to be seen in public together. Hopefully this will cause her husband to do something he'll regret.

To begin with, bring Toshiko's car around from the parking lot at the rear of the building, then head out to pick up your tuxedo at the nearby clothing shop. From there, you'll have to hit the opera, which is on the northern end of the island. You'll probably only have a couple of minutes to get up there, so move quick, but don't bang around the limo too much. It's usually best to turn around at the clothing shop and head up north through the central roads of the island, rather than heading west and following the coastal road, if only because it'll save you time.

After you reach the opera, you'll find that the Forellis have suddenly become racists, and are in the progress of destroying your limo. You'll need to kill them, then escape; luckily for you, they appear to be stuck in molasses, so switch over to your M4 and get busy. Try not to destroy the Forelli car here, though, as your limo will need all the health it can get on the drive back to Toshiko's place, due to the fact that more Forellis are going to be coming at you, ramming you, shooting you, etc. They're apparently incensed!

We found it best to just head for the Pay N Spray as soon as you get out of the opera here, to repair any damage you've done to the limo thus far. This also has the benefit of luring the Forellis into the little maze of alleys near it, where they may wind up getting stuck and being unable to follow you. Bonus! If not, get back on one of the four-lane roads, and stick to the far right lane; Forelli cars coming at you from the opposite direction will slam into you head-on if you're not out of the way a bit. Your limo can take a good amount of damage, though, so just speed down to Toshiko's pad to complete the mission.

Cash In Kazuki's Chips

Well, it's time to deal the killing blow to the Yakuza by striking down their figurehead, Kazuki Kazen. He knows about your relationship with his wife, though, and is massing an army to take you down. Instead of waiting for him to come around, you'll have to take the fight to him!

Obviously enough, there's going to be combat in this fight, so be sure to equip yourself adequately, with body armor, some M4 rounds, a sniper rifle, and a minigun, if you can afford one. When you're geared up for war, head out to the checkpoint on the northern end of the island (this was your safehouse in the original GTA III, if you recall).

When you arrive, you'll be ambushed by Yakuza, of course, with a few popping out of the elevator in front of you, and a few more arriving in cars near the alley entrance. Not much to say about these guys save for the fact that you have to kill them. If you can start using your minigun here, go ahead and do so to quickly kill everyone, then grab the armor pickup to restore yourself a bit.

Now that you've taken out the vanguard, it's time to head to Kazuki's casino, near Toshiko's apartment building, and kill him. On your way down there, you'll be attacked by more Yakuza in Yakuza Stingers, so it'd be best to get a vehicle with a decent mixture of speed and durability. The Yakuza Stingers that you find in the alley are decent enough, but they'll probably explode before you make it to the casino. Still, if they're all you have to work with, you don't have much choice in the matter. Don't dilly-dally on the streets; just book it to the casino, and get out of your car a block or so away. Most of the Yakuza that are following you don't seem to follow you all the way to the casino, but all the same, make sure you kill them before you start making your way towards Kazuki.

Of course, his casino is heavily defended by more Yakuza troops. If you have your minigun handy, here would be the place to use it; kill everyone on the streets, then whip out your sniper rifle and deal with anyone out of range of the minigun. You'll have to make your way to the roof of the casino, via the stairs, but every hostile in the area should appear on your radar, making it relatively easy to find them and kill them.

Before you head into the yellow target circle near the roof, be sure you have plenty of health and armor, as this is the part where things get sticky. Kazuki insists on killing you himself, with a katana, but he's got two soldiers standing nearby, ready to shoot you at a moment's notice. You'll be able to use your normal weapons here, but your minigun will magically disappear from your inventory at this point, so you won't be able to liquefy his guts instantaneously. Kazuki has the usual boss character health, so he'll take a good amount of damage to kill.

Anyway, although he initially orders his guards to hold their fire, they will eventually shoot you if you deal enough damage to Kazuki. If you're worried about this, you might want to try killing them before you wound Kazuki too much. Doing so entails knocking him down, aiming at one of the Yakuza, killing them, then repeating the process so that both soldiers are dead. You can knock down Kazuki with a Magnum, if you have one, or a shotgun, if you buy one from Cassidy's shop. Alternately, you can just try for a straight shot, and whip out your M4 at the beginning of this fight to deal the killing blow. You'll probably have to melee Kazuki down to the ground, then run away before you can actually shoot him, since you default to melee attacks when he's up close and personal. We managed to kill him in this manner just after he told his guards to shoot us.

If you need to take a breather during this fight, you can always try to just leave the helipad and get some more armor before heading back up. There doesn't seem to be a time limit on killing Kazuki, so this should work if you think you need to repair yourself. You might want to try chucking grenades up there from the top of the stairs, or something like that, as well.

When Kazuki's dead, bring his sword to Toshiko to wind down this sequence of missions.

Salvatore Leone

Rough Justice

To spring Leone out of jail, you'll need a lawyer's suit; you'll be pointed to a clothing store near the police station the first time you atempt this mission. The suit itself is free, so grab it and return to the police station to grab the mission.

Leone wants revenge, first off, because obviously someone squealed on him. To that end, you're going to have to lay the smack down on the Sindaccos and the Forellis. Luckily for you, you have allies in this noble cause: the Hoods. These homeboys are willing to do pretty much anything you say, so if you get a four-door car and head over to where they dwell, they'll pile in and become your hitmen for the duration of the mission.

With the Hoods along for the ride, head down to the enemy cars and ram one of them. This will cause numerous gangsters to spawn in, looking for justice. These fights can get pretty rough and tumble if you're on foot, but for our part, we found it much easier to just stay in the car and start running down the opponents as they spawned in. The Hoods will get out automatically and start shooting, but they can take plenty of damage; just avoid running them over if at all possible. They don't seem to have to survive the mission for you to win, but it'll be easier for you to survive if they're up and about, distracting the enemies from your car.

After the first wave of enemies is dead, you'll probably need to replace your car before heading to the other car and hitting it as well. You have plenty of time here, so if you need to run off and get some healing or armor, feel free to do so.

Dead Reckoning

If you nab a motorcycle or small car and head north of the police station, you should find some factories a few blocks to the north. One of the rooms here is open, with a ramp leading up to a window. If you jump the ramp, you'll find a Unique Jump, and what's more, this unique jump happens to bring you straight down to the Dam Power House, where you need to be. Note that there's a rocket launcher and a Sanchez parked nearby....

When you go into the circle here, Paulie will arrive in a boat, and just as quickly drive away. You'll have to catch him before he heads out to sea and blow his ship up. The best place to do this is in Wichita Gardens; to get there, grab the rocket launcher and get on the Sanchez, then follow the road that leads up the cliff towards Pike Creek. When you hit the city again, take a left turn, and you should see a busted guardrail leading to a ramp. If you go fast enough off this ramp, you'll clear the water and land in Wichita Gardens, right near the little gap in the water that Paulie will be sailing through. If you equip your rocket launcher and wait for him to come by, you should get a few good shots in before he can get out to sea. Even if the rockets don't take him down, you can fix in on him with your M4 or AK, and that should finish the job right quick.

Shogun Showdown

Leone wants you to make sure that the Yakuza don't manage to stake a claim on any of the territory in Liberty City, which they're trying to do since they know that there isn’t any real leadership active in the organized crime scene. He knows that they have a supply of weapons in Staunton, but isn't sure how to proceed. So, it's up to you to figure out how to move forward.

On your way back to Staunton, keep an eye out for any Yakuza Stingers that are on the roads, and try to jack one if possible. They look somewhat like Banshees, but possess a red-and-light blue color scheme and don't have the racing stripe. If you see one, jack it, but if not, don't worry; just get to your checkpoint.

Said checkpoint is just outside the Yakuza stronghold. Unfortunately, you won't be able to get inside without being in a Yakuza Stinger, so if you haven't found one by now, you're going to have to drive around a bit until you see one on the road. Just do laps around the block that the stronghold's on, and it should only be a matter of time before a Stinger shows up (although it can be a couple of minutes). When you see a Stinger, you'll have to jack it, but this can be difficult since they generally don't stop for pedestrians or red lights. You may have to race ahead of one, get out of your car, and wait for the Stinger to catch up to you. If you're standing right where the driver's side door will pass you by, you'll hopefully be able to nab the door, chuck the Yakuza out, and speed off into the night without a problem.

Upon returning to the stronghold, drive into the gated area, then hop out near the Rhino and take control of it. Your goal now is to destroy it, somehow. Since almost nothing can dent the tank, you'll have to either bail out of it after rolling it towards the sea, or install a carbomb in it and detonate it. We found it easier to just drive towards the water and bail out; worst comes to worst, it doesn't roll into the water and you have to try again.

Shoreside Redemption

This penultimate mission is difficult, but luckily fairly brief, and even if you fail it, you probably won't die, making it easier to retry it. There's no real combat involved, but you may perform some drive-bys, so be sure to have some SMG ammo on hand.

To begin this mission, grab the police car near Salvatore's mission marker and get into the waypoint to begin escorting his paddy wagon to the courthouse on Staunton Island. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, you're going to come under attack from the Sicilians, who want to rub Sal out before he gets to his arraignment and is let out on bail. To that end, you'll have to defend his paddy wagon, using your own cop car to run interference against the Sicilians. They're going to try and ram the wagon, as well as set up road blocks consisting of two cars parked across the road.

Your primary goal here is to keep the Sicilians from ramming the wagon, but you should also make sure to disrupt the roadblocks by getting in front of the wagon and hitting the cars in the center of the road, near where their hoods meet, so that you can knock them both off of the road at the same time. They'll likely start moving and add themselves to the pack of cars chasing the wagon, though, so you'll need to quickly drop back and do your best to protect it, usually by getting in front of a Sicilian and just using your own car to prevent him from moving forward.

This mission seems almost unwinnable when you move through Pike Creek, simply because there are so many Sicilians there; you're probably going to be facing off against four cars simultaneously for most of the trip through Pike Creek, and they'll all be swarming the wagon here, so it's going to take some damage. That's unavoidable. Things do lighten up, though, especially when you get nearer to the bridge connecting to Staunton. At this point, you should leave most of your pursuers behind, allowing you to focus on the two remaining roadblocks. One of them is on the bridge itself, and one of them is at the bottom of the ramp that spirals down from the end of the bridge. Be sure to ram both of these roadblocks, then drop back and protect the wagon while it makes its path to the courthouse.

There's not much in the way of magical tips that can make this mission easier. You'll probably want to avoid attempting drive-bys, if only because the key combination is so involved; it's easiest to just focus on putting your car between the enemies and the wagon and bodily forcing them away, preferably using other cars on the road to set picks with. Still, the wagon is more durable than it looks, and even if it takes a bunch of damage in Pike Creek, it should still be able to survive the rest of the trip so long as you can keep the enemies off of it from the bridge on.

The Sicilian Gambit

Alright, it's time to ensure that Leone's on top of the mafia scene in Liberty City for the conceivable future. The Sicilians are suing for peace, but he's having none of it. It's his way or the highway.

You'll begin this mission by heading out to the Mayor's office. It's over in Staunton, so it's something of a trip. Grab the Leone Sentinal outside of Sal's house, and don't be surprised when Sicilians appear and start firing on your car. We apparently got lucky and just managed to outrun them, as they didn't manage to follow us once we got out of Sal's neighborhood, but if you're worried about them dealing too much damage to you, get over to the Pay N Spray and work on destroying them with drive-bys, while repairing yourself whenever you start to smoke. These guys don't seem to respawn after they go bye-bye, so getting rid of them should allow you to make your trip to the mayor in peace.

When you do reach the mayor's office, though, you'll find that he's already been kidnapped by the Sicilians, for whatever nefarious reasons they have for doing so. Kill the Sicilians outside the office, then find some transportation. You'll likely gain some police stars during this fight, and you might have to kill a cop to safely jack a car, so if you get two or more wanted stars, head for the Pay N Spray to lose the heat before heading to the pier. There's no time limit here, so feel free to stop by the Ammu-Nation or Phil Cassidy's place for extra armaments at this point, as well.

More Sicilian Gambit

After you hit the pier, you'll be launched into another rail-shooting mission, but this time you at least have the services of an infinite-ammo minigun. The minigun here can slice through the enemy speedboats in just a second or two of sustained fire, but there are a lot of enemies here, and it's still going to be difficult to get a lock on your targets, thanks to the bobbing and weaving of the ocean. Just be sure to aim at the boats closest to you before worrying about the ones farther away; generally the boats will spawn in almost on top of you, fire at you for a few seconds, then start to drop back. Just keep an eye on your radar and nab the ones that've just spawned in.

When you reach the lighthouse, destroy the boat by the pier to land. Be careful not to move too far around on the docks, or Salvatore will drown when you attempt to move up the ramp; just head straight up as soon as you gain control of Toni. There are four soldiers on the island with M4's, so be on the lookout for them as you walk up. If you have your minigun, you should be able to pop them as they appear; just listen for gunshots and react accordingly. They're difficult to snipe from far distances due to the elevation changes of the island, and some of them are behind cover, so be prepared to go into free-aim mode and aim just above where they pop up.

Massino himself is a rather anticlimactic finish to the game. When you reach him, he'll pop into a helicopter that was apparently just waiting for him to let the mayor go. When it appears, you have to destroy it to finish off the mission. If you have a minigun, then this is a simple matter of holding R to lock on, then firing for a few seconds; you might shoot off to the side of the helicopter when it moves, but so long as you go into this fight relatively healthy (or at least pick up the armor near you as soon as you regain control of Toni), then you should be able to take it out fairly quickly. If you don't have a minigun, well, then shame on you! You'll have to make do with an M4 or some other weapon, which means that it'll take much longer to actually kill the helicopter, which, in turn, means that it'll have much more time to attempt to kill you. You can also try killing it with rockets, if you're foolhardy, but as long as you have 10,000 dollars in the bank or the time that it'll take to earn it, you should really be using a minigun for this.


AWOL Angel

Location: You can find an Angel motorcycle in Wichita Gardens, near the star-shaped building just above the entrance to the Portland tunnels there.

This is another 9MM Mayhem, Go Go Faggio-esque mission. You have to kill 10 targets within a set amount of time without having your motorcycle blow up. You have a minigun to use here, but your targets are much more difficult than they have been in the past, as you'll eventually start running into military Patriots and flatbed trucks with soldiers packing M4s. Save your adrenaline pills for the ninth and tenth targets, then use your last pill to shoot the gunners in the eleventh car before ceasing your fire and letting your time run down.

See The Sight Before Your Flight

Location: If you head to the airport, follow the road that passes in front of the terminals, then walk up the steps near the cul-de-sac and enter the photo stand there.

The See the Sight missions (there are 12 in all) are somewhat like taxi missions, in that they involve taking someone to a distant location. For these missions, though, you'll have to not only escort someone to a distant location, but then also take a picture of them standing in front of a Liberty City landmark. You're on a time limit for these missions, of course, and another complication is that there will be criminals intent on stealing your camera.

Completing all twelve of these missions will net you an upgraded Landstalker at your Shoreside Vale hideout.

General Pastimes

General pastimes can be attempted on any of the three islands.

Taxi Missions

Completion Level: 100 (non-consecutive)
Reward: Unlock special Bickle taxi at the taxi stand in Trenton, Portland.

The taxi missions in GTA have always been a great way to make some early money while you're tooling around in Los Santos. They're not horrendously difficult to pull off, especially since the reward for completing them in Liberty City Stories doesn't require you to do all 100 missions in one go; you can do a few levels at a time and work your way towards the unlockable taxi as you play through the game.

If you've played Taxi missions in either of the previous GTA games, you should know the basics of this. First off, find a Taxi or a Cabbie, jack it, then hit the up button to start the game. If you're in a city, you should spot a fare immediately; they'll appear on your radar with blue icons, and in the game world with blue arrows over their head. If you drive up next to one and stop, they'll get in and give you their destination. The first few fares will be short drives, but as you get farther up the ladder, you're going to have some lengthy drives ahead of you.

Of course, you'll have to complete each fare within a certain time frame in order to not fail the mission. You have a master clock for the taxi missions in general which is added to each time you pick up a fare; the farther away the destination is, the more time you'll be given to reach it. Each individual fare will have his or her own small tip meter, as well; the longer you take to get them to the destination, or the more damage your cab takes en route, the less money you'll get from the fare. In the end, though, the money from fares won't be significant next to the amount of money you'll get from the mission itself; you gain a bonus of $100 dollars for delivering two passengers in a row without ending the mission, and this bonus will snowball into a huge bonus if you can string together a few dozen fares in a row.

The trickiest things about the cab missions are getting to your destination quickly and keeping your cab in good condition. Getting places in a short amount of time is a direct function of your familiarity with the game world, but then, doing taxi missions will increase this familiarity, so there's something of a positive feedback loop there; the more missions you do, the better you'll be at them. Keeping your car undamaged is a bit more difficult, as you'll obviously hit a few cars and obstacles here and there. You can take the taxi to a Pay N Spray, if you must, and you probably should after every few fares, especially if you spot one while you're driving a fare along. You'll probably sacrifice all of your tip money if you get sprayed during a fare, but that's inconsequential when you compare it to the fact that you'll be able to keep driving longer.

Ambulance Missions

Completion Level: 12
Reward: You can sprint forever without getting tired.

If you want to get to 100% completion in Liberty City Stories, one of the most difficult tasks standing in your way will be the ambulance missions. These are somewhat similar to the taxi missions, in that you have to pick up fares and return them to the hospital, but although you have to complete fewer levels to complete the task, this is balanced against the fact that each level will require you to pick up an ever-greater number of passengers. At level one, you'll have one fare, at level two, two fares, and so on. The catch here is that your ambulance only has three seats, so starting at level four, you'll have to start making multiple drop-offs per level in order to get everyone back in one piece.

The complications here include the vehicle itself. Unlike a taxi, you can't bring an ambulance into a Pay N Spray, so you'll have to be incredibly careful with it while you drive around, since it'll need to last for the half-hour or more that you'll need to get all twelve levels out of the way. It's prone to tipping, as well, so you can't just blaze around turns, especially not when you're on an incline. In addition, you have to protect your passengers while you drive; if you subject them to too many collisions or big bumps, they'll die on you. Needless to say, slow and steady wins the race here.

Vigilante Missions

Completion Level: 12
Reward: Maximum armor level becomes 150.

Vigilante missions are a bit easier than most vehicle missions, although not by a whole lot. If you want to get all the way to level 12, load up with a few thousand SMG rounds at Ammu-Nation (there's nothing worse than getting to level 11 or 12 before running out of ammo!), then find any police or military vehicle and click the up arrow on your d-pad to get busy.

The purpose of a Vigilante mission is to track down and kill bad guys; they're represented on your radar with a red blip. When you reach the location of a blip, you'll find a vehicle with a red arrow atop it; as the baddie catches sight of you, though, he or she will start to speed away, so you'll need to engage in some hot pursuit if you want to catch them. At level one, you'll have a car with a single driver, at level two, you'll have a car with a driver and passenger, at level five, you'll have one car with four occupants, as well as a second car with a single driver, and so on. In order to complete a level, you'll need to kill all of the targets, which usually involves getting alongside them and engaging in a drive-by until their vehicle is damaged enough to force them out, then picking them off while they're unprotected. The armament of your enemies will also increase in quality you proceed through the levels, so be ready for some firefights when they finally do duck out of their cars. There are numerous vehicles in which you can attempt a Vigilante mission; pretty much anything that comes along in the course of your own experiences with police can be used, from a lowly cop car to the mighty Rhino tank.

In all, the mechanics of hunting down criminals and killing them aren't difficult; you should be able to build up quite a stash of time after your first few missions, eliminating that particular source of tension. What's more difficult to deal with are the other cops; they don't take too kindly to you boning in on their suspect apprehension turf. In other words, your destruction of the vehicles and criminals will get you stars as normal, meaning that you'll have to deal with pressure from the police as you go about and make your rounds. There are a couple of ways to deal with this.

The first is to eliminate your wanted stars as they start to make your life difficult. This is perhaps most easily done through police bribes, but this is somewhat inefficient, since they only eliminate a single star and won't always be conveniently available to you. A better method is to sacrifice a bit of time and make a stop into a Pay N Spray to eliminate your stars. Obviously enough, you can't take a military or police vehicle into a Pay N Spray, but since you can exit your vehicle for up to sixty seconds, it's usually feasible to get out of your police vehicle, hop into or jack a normal car, drive it into the Pay N Spray, and then return your cop car before the 60 seconds are up.

If you have a police vehicle in need of repairs, on the other hand, you have limited options. If you have a surfeit of time, and a low wanted level, then you can park such a vehicle in one of your safe house garages, let the door close, then open it again; the vehicle should be completely repaired and ready to use. In most cases, though, you can just grab another cop vehicle when you have a small wanted level, as there'll be plenty of them around after a few criminal kills. If you have a Rhino, though, you'll probably find a quick garage stop between every fourth level or so will ensure that you can keep your tank throughout the length of the mission, assuming you don't run headlong into every car you see.

Firefighting Missions

Completion Level: 12
Reward: Toni becomes fireproof.

Firefighter missions are almost as difficult as Ambulance missions, although for different reasons. With Ambulance missions, you have to be very careful not to damage your vehicle, while with firefighting missions, the firetruck will be fairly durable (although you still can't leave it or take it into the Pay N Spray, so be careful), but you'll find yourself on the razor's edge timewise.

When you enter a firetruck and click R3 to begin the missions, you'll be pointed to a burning car; head towards it and use your L1 button and the right analog stick to douse the car with water, putting it out. Sounds easy enough, but for each subsequent mission, you'll have to douse both a car and its passengers, and said passengers will be running for their lives. It's the running part of it that makes these missions difficult; people on foot can run into places that your firetruck simply isn't maneuverable enough to reach. You'll need to peg them with water before they get too far, then, or you'll waste most of your time tracking them down.

Eventually, you'll have to deal with multiple cars, each with multiple occupants, for ultra-crazy hardness! When you have multiple cars, try to spray them one at a time, dealing with all of the occupants of a car before moving on to the next car in the line. You'll probably want to attempt these missions in Portland, rather than the other islands, if only because it's slightly easier to get around.

Dumptruck Missions

Completion Level: 12
Reward: Cash

To start a dumptruck mission, you need a dumptruck, obviously. Finding Trashmasters can be difficult, as they're rarely found driving around the streets of Liberty City; you might just need to find one parked somewhere before you can start these missions.

When you're in a Trashmaster and press the up button, you'll be greeted by a barrage of yellow dots on your minimap, indicating the numerous dumpsters on each island. Your goal is to travel around to all 12 of the dumpsters, each of which will add time to your timer. When you've collected all 12 of them, you'll have to take them to the junk yard in Portland. This is more difficult than it might sound, especially since you have to make the trip back to Portland even if you're collecting the dumpsters on Staunton or Shoreside Vale.

If you're having trouble finding a Trashmaster, keep in mind that there is a code to spawn a Trashmaster, if you're willing to put up with the "Don't save this game!" warning every time you try to save your game.

Avenging Angels

Completion Level: 15 (per island)
Reward: Cash, unlockables

In order to participate in an Avenging Angels mission, you have to be wearing the Angels Fatigues suit, which becomes available early on in the game. When you have it on, head out to meet up with the Angels, who walk around Chinatown in Portland, Belleville Park in Staunton, and Wichita Gardens in Shoreside Vale. When you see another Angel, stand next to him and press the Up button to start the mission.

Avenging Angels is essentially just a Vigilante mission, with the twist that you can bring along teammates, in the form of Angels. You'll get one teammate automatically when you start the missions, but you can obtain more by walking up to other Angels; they should automatically latch onto you (but sometimes their AI is wacky, so they may wind up running away from you or something like that). If you have three Angels along for the ride, you can fill up a four-door car with them and take them out to stomp heads.

Anyway, your goal here is to run around Liberty City, stamping out crime vigilante-style. Whether it's lynch mobs or illegal parking, there's always someone out there doing something that pisses off the vets, and they'll continually give you new targets to pursue. The enemy gangs are either going to be on foot, or in a vehicle. If they're on foot, you can either attempt to run them down, or just run them down. If they're in a car, you'll need to ram them or perform drive-bys until they pop out or are destroyed.

Unlike Vigilante missions, though, you can pick and choose whatever car you like for these missions, and can ditch cars and grab new ones as needed. You can also grab health and armor pickups as you get wounded, provided you can make time for tracking them down. Just be sure that you always have an Angel with you, as your mission will end if you kill off a gang without at least one other Angel in your party.

RC Racing

Completion: Come in first in each race.
Reward: Cash, 100% Completion level

If you enter into three Toyz vans scattered around Liberty City, you'll be able to enter into races against other miniature, remote-controlled cars. Old-school GTA players will recall RC cars as being incredibly sensitive little vehicles, so controlling with the analog stick/nub on the PSP is somewhat difficult. Each race has three levels, with each level requiring you to complete another lap around the track to complete the challenge; completing the third level of each challenge will count towards your 100% completion percentage.

The first Toyz car can be found in the Hepburn Heights construction zone in Portland; the second is in Belleville Park in Staunton, and is parked near the small hut by the lake; and the third is located in the southeastern corner of the airport in Shoreside Vale. You'll have to enter the airplane/hangar area via the northern road, then wrap around through the airplane parking area to find the truck parked near some hangars.

Car Races

Completion: Come in first in each race.
Reward: Cash, 100% Completion level

After completing the Grease Sucho mission for Ma Cipriani, you'll be able to head to certain pay phones scattered around each island to participate in illegal street races. They're fun, and you can get some decent cash for completing them.

The first payphone is in Trenton, in Portland, near the dog food factory. The second is located just south of the stadium in Staunton, on Liberty Campus, and the third is ringing at the bottom of the ramp leading to the lowest set of projects in Wichita Gardens in Shoreside Vale.

Obviously enough, choice of car is key to coming in first for these missions. Each race will pit you against successively more difficult opponents, so be sure to get a fast car for the races, but choose one that will also be able to take some damage. An Infernus might seem like a nice choice for these, but it'll also catch on fire after just a few serious collisions, so you might want to try something like a Banshee or a Stinger, or even a Sentinal if you prefer a more impactful manner of racing.

Bike Races

Completion: Come in first in each race.
Reward: Cash, 100% Completion level

After you complete the Booby Prize mission for Maria, you'll be able to participate in motorcycle races. As with the car races, you'll have to find payphones around the city to accept these missions, then grab a bike and get to the start line to get your race on.

The first bike payphone is in Chinatown, in Portland, along the highway that runs north-south along the western edge of the island. The second is on the south end of Staunton Island, near where you drop off cars for Love's Car-azy Car Giveaway. The third is on one of the easternmost roads in Pike Creek in Shoreside Vale.

Unlike the car races, you don't have much choice of vehicle in the bike races; you can either use the PCJ-600 or be at a disadvantage.

Cheats And Hints

Nabbing a Rhino

One of the most prestigious and famous vehicles in GTA lore is the Rhino tank. These almost-indestructible engines of chaos can destroy almost any vehicle just by touching them, and can also fire explosive shells from their turrets. Acquiring one, however, can be a bit of a pain.

Thankfully, if any of you played Grand Theft Auto III, then the Rhino Tank FAQ for that game (available on GameFAQS) still has some pretty applicable tips for acquiring a Rhino tank. To begin with, you should know that Rhinos only become available to you after you unlock Shoreside Vale; the maximum wanted level you can get is four stars on Portland and five stars on Staunton Island. After you unlock Shoreside Vale, though, you'll be able to get six stars on any of the three islands. Six stars brings out the military, who will, in turn, bring out the Rhino tanks that are so durable and useful to you. If you manage to jack a Rhino, you can store it in at your hideout and use it for difficult missions, or do Vigilante missions with it, or just run around blowing stuff up real good.

First off, though, you'll have to find some way to get your wanted level up to six stars. This is best accomplished by purchasing or finding a large number of rounds for your minigun, or for a rocket launcher. Both of these weapons are going to let you cause mass amounts of destruction, and both of them are quite capable of shooting police choppers out of the sky.

When you're well girded with plenty of ammo, health, and armor, you're going to need to pick a spot to start your rampage. The spot that worked best in GTAIII still works quite well in Liberty City Stories; this is the parking garage near your hideout and the Pay N Spray in Staunton Island. If you head there and start killing folk, you should start getting police attention fairly soon. If you want to stay out of range of the cop's fire, though, you can take a car to the top of the garage, park it on the little ramp near the adrenaline pill, then stand on it. This'll let you throw grenades off the side of the garage, killing the civilians below and destroying any cop cars that are rubbing up against the wall in a vain effort to get to you. You can also use your sniper rifle or M4/minigun to blow away any targets that you can lock onto.

When the police choppers start coming after you, destroy them with your minigun or rocket launcher to earn more stars. It can take a while to get from five stars to six, especially since the ridge of the building here will prevent you from seeing out onto the street; if you want to get more targets for yourself, return to the first floor and face one of the entrances to the garage, and destroy any cars that come by.

After a while, though, you will hit six stars, which is when the Rhinos will start coming after you. At this point, you have to do two things. First off is leave the garage and circle around to the alley near the Pay N Spray. The second is to lure a Rhino into the alley so that it hopefully gets hung up in the little corner near the ramp leading up to the Pay N Spray, or anywhere in that general area. Doing so can be hairy; don't forget that you'll be destroyed if you get hit by a Rhino. You might want to use a smaller vehicle, like a PCJ-600, to avoid the tanks as they roll around.

When you get a tank into the alley below the Pay N Spray, head up the ramp; it shouldn't be able to follow you due to its lack of maneuverability. If it's still at the bottom of the ramp when you head up the ramp, get out of your car and stand near the ledge above it; this should prompt the soldiers inside to get out. Then, head into the Pay N Spray with your car to erase your wanted level. You'll go down to zero stars, but the Rhino should still be there, and if you managed to get the soldiers out of it, they'll probably have vanished, allowing you to take the tank without any problems. If you had to hit the Pay N Spray before getting the soldiers out of their tank, though, you can still jack it; just wait for your wanted level to drop completely before attempting the jack. The soldiers will get out, forcing you to kill them, but you should be able to grab the Rhino and park it in your hideout without a problem afterwards.

For more tips on getting a Rhino into your possession, check out the Rhino Tank FAQ on

100% Completion List

  • Complete all story mission.
  • Complete all optional pastimes and races.
  • Collect all Hidden Packages (100), Unique Jumps (26), and Rampages (20) .
  • Collect all 16 Cars for the Car-azy Car Giveaway on Staunton Island.

Cheat Codes

You can enter these cheat combinations at any time during gameplay (not at the pause screen, though) to achieve the desired effect.

SQUARE, SQUARE, R1, X, X, L1, CIRCLE, CIRCLEAggressive Drivers
TRIANGLE, R1, L1, DOWN, DOWN, R1, R1, TRIANGLEAll Vehicles Chrome Plated
DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, X, L1, R1Bobble Head World
CIRCLE, X, DOWN, CIRCLE, X, UP, L1, L1Cars Drive On Water
CIRCLE, RIGHT, X, UP, RIGHT, X, L1, SQUAREChange Bike Tire Size
L1, L1, LEFT, L1, L1, RIGHT, X, SQUAREDestroy All Cars
L1, R1, L1, R1, UP, DOWN, L1, R1Display Game Credits
L1, L1, LEFT, L1, L1, RIGHT, CIRCLE, XFaster Clock
R1, R1, L1, R1, R1, L1, DOWN, XFaster Gameplay
UP, DOWN, TRIANGLE, UP, DOWN, X, L1, R1Foggy Weather
L1, R1, CIRCLE, L1, R1, X, L1, R1Full Armor (Blue Bar)
L1, R1, X, L1, R1, SQUARE, L1, R1Full Health (Red Bar)
L1, R1, TRIANGLE, L1, R1, CIRCLE, L1, R1Money Cheat ($250,000)
L1, L1, TRIANGLE, R1, R1, X, SQUARE, CIRCLENever Wanted
UP, DOWN, X, UP, DOWN, TRIANGLE, L1, R1Overcast Weather
L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, UP, TRIANGLEPedestrians Attack You
R1, R1, L1, R1, R1, L1, RIGHT, CIRCLEPedestrians Have Weapons
L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, LEFT, SQUAREPedestrians Riot
L1, UP, LEFT, R1, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, DOWN, XPerfect Traction
L1, UP, RIGHT, R1, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, DOWN, XRaise Media Attention
L1, R1, SQUARE, L1, R1, TRIANGLE, L1, R1Raise Wanted Level
L1, L1, LEFT, L1, L1, RIGHT, SQUARE, TRIANGLERandom Ped Outfit
L1, L1, CIRCLE, R1, R1, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, XSunny Weather
DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, X, X, SQUARE, R1, L1Upside Down Gameplay
Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Up, Up, Right, L, RUpside Up
UP, X, X, DOWN, LEFT, X, X, RIGHTWeapon set 3

Hidden Package Bonuses

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Generate $50,000 at all safe houses100 Packages
Generate body armor at all safe houses30 Packages
Generate a flamethrower at all safe houses80 Packages
Generate an M4 at all safe houses60 Packages
Generate an MP5 at all safe houses40 Packages
Generate a .357 Magnum at all safe houses50 Packages
Generate a rocket launcher at all safe houses90 Packages
Generate a shotgun at all safe houses20 Packages
Generate a sniper rifle at all safe houses70 Packages
Generate a pistol at all safe housesFind 10 Packages

Mission Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
150 Max Armor PointsComplete Level 12 In Vigilante Missions
Bickle '76Drop off 100 Passengers in the Taxi
Cluckin' Bell OutfitBeat SlashTV 3 times
Extra 25 Max Health PointsComplete Level 10 in Noodle Delivery Missions at Noodle Punk in Portland
Extra 25 Max Health PointsComplete Level 10 in Pizza Deliveriy Missions at Well Snacked Pizza in Staunton Island
Fireproof ToniComplete Level 12 In Firefighter Missions
Generate $4000 at Capital AutosBeat Level 6 of Car Salesman
Generate 4x the cash for cars in the ScrapyardComplete the Scrapyard motorcycle challenge
Generate cash from "Hogs & Cogs"Sell 40 motorcycles in Belleville Park, Staunton Island
Getting Busted Won't Cost MoneyCompleting Avenging Angels missions in Staunton Island
Hellenbach GTBeat level four of the car salesman sidequest
Hero CostumeBeat Level 15 of the Avenging Angels missions in Shoreside Vale
Infinite SprintBeat Ambulance Missions Level 12
M60 machine gunBeat all rampages.
MultiplayerComplete the "Driving Mr Leone" mission.
Spirit E and PJC Generated at Staunton SafehouseDeliver all 16 listed makes of vehicle to a garage at Love Media in Bedford
Super Angel Bike (Bulletproof) generated at Portland safe-houseCompleting Avenging Angels missions in Portland
Super Land Stalker (Bulletproof) generated at Shoreside Vale safe-houseCompleting Tourism missions
Underwear costumeComplete 1 Unique Jump
Upgraded SanchezComplete all ten courses in the "Bump & Grinds" at the dirt bike course in Portland

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