GTA-Inspired Retro City Rampage Being Ported to MS-DOS PCs

Showing some love for computer tech from the 80s.


Retro City Rampage, the Grand Theft Auto-inspired adventure game from developer Vblank, is being ported to another platform: MS-DOS.

That's right, the operating system released in 1981 is getting one more game. Announced on Facebook, this port will run on Intel 486 PCs, and it will require 3.7 megabytes of hard drive space and 4 MB of RAM. The developer stated in the post that owners of the PC and Mac versions of the game can pick up the new port for free.

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The port will include all the features of the original game, including the open world and all of the game modes. The developer wrote, "[this port] proudly demonstrates once again that RCR isn't yet-another-retro-styled game, but something that could've actually been released in 1989."

Vblank has brought the game to numerous different consoles and platforms. So far, you can play Retro City Rampage on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Vita, Wii, 3DS, Xbox 360, and PC. Vblank also created a prototype Nintendo Entertainment System port of the game.

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