GTA fan charged with GTA

Canadian Mounties nab car thief after being tipped off by his large tattoo of the car-theft-centric game's logo.


Shylo Kujawski really likes Grand Theft Auto. In fact, the Canadian is such an avid player of the controversial Rockstar Games series that he had its logo tattooed across the top of his back. Unlike the Grand Theft Auto IV tattoo Peter Moore showed off at the Microsoft E3 2006 press conference, Kujawski's is real.


Normally inking art from a game on one's body is simply the ultimate act of fanboyism. However, in Kujawski's case, it was also an advertisement for his activities in the Vancouver underworld. According to the Reuters news service, Kujawski is also a convicted car thief and had his GTA tattoo photographed during a mug-shot session at a past police booking.

Besides being a GTA fan, Kujawski is also apparently a recidivist. Recently, Royal Canadian Mounted Police noticed Kujawski "acting suspiciously" in a suburb of British Columbia's biggest city. The reason for their suspicion was, according to Reuters, that they noticed his large GTA tattoo--meaning he was presumably showing off enough of his bare back for the police to see it.

Since the unnamed suburb was the site of a series of recent auto thefts, the RCMP had set up a sting operation to nab any perpetrators. They reportedly observed Kujawski get into a stolen car, attempt to drive off, and then accidentally activate the car's wheel lock, rendering it immobile.

Police then promptly arrested Kujawski for possession of stolen property in connection with an auto theft, for breach of probation, and for driving while suspended. Bail details were not available as of press time.

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