GTA dev owner trademarks "City Stories," a name used for past GTA games

The trademark application lists GTA: Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories as related properties.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Rockstar parent company Take-Two recently filed for a trademark on "City Stories," a name which suggests a possible relationship with the Grand Theft Auto series.

The trademark in question was filed for on May 15 and lists Take-Two as the owner (which, it should be noted, is always the case with trademarks involving Rockstar games). The application's description provides a very generic, broad list of potential uses for the mark, including "Computer and video game programs and software" and "downloadable computer and video game programs and software." It also lists two other trademarks--those for Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories--as related properties, and its first use as being on October 31, 2006, the date of Vice City Stories' launch in North America.

Following the success of the three GTA III-era games (III, Vice City, and San Andreas), Rockstar released two PlayStation Portable spin-offs: Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories. Both games were eventually ported to the PlayStation 2 and, much more recently, the PlayStation 3 (by way of a PlayStation Network release). Since Vice City Stories' release in 2006, Rockstar has been focused on the mainline entries in the series, save for 2009 DS title Chinatown Wars, which was developed by the same studio as the two City Stories games, Rockstar Leeds.

This new trademark may or may not represent any plans Take-Two or Rockstar have for a new game in the City Stories series. It's possible this could be related to the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V story DLC we know is coming. In that case, it wouldn't be the first time the name of a GTA game's DLC was filed for without the GTA name present--Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony's trademark application, for instance, contains no mention of the GTA name.

Alternatively, the less exciting explanation is that Rockstar and Take-Two may simply be seeking to own the broader City Stories name to go along with the more specific Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories trademarks it already owns. In any event, GameSpot has contacted Rockstar for comment.

When you hear that Take-Two is looking to get its hands on the City Stories name, what do you hope it means--a new game in the City Stories series, like the long-awaited (but never announced) San Andreas Stories, or something else entirely? Let us know in the comments below.

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Please let it be a vita title, please let it be a vita title! *fingers crossing*

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I would be so happy if this is the case for a Vita game. :( Though it is unlikely since Vita isn't performing very well outside of Japan.

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Grand theft auto v: vice city story. for next gen and pc. like the original spin-off but in the hd era

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As long as it includes something with the alien conspiracies/UFOs/Mount Chiliad mystery, I don't care what it is. I hope the developers followed all the crazy ideas and theories gamers had regarding that stuff and somehow incorporate it into new content.

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Blaine County City Stories portable 5 ultimate confirmed. Topless women in strip clubs now give hamburgers and beer while doing private dances.

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I really hope they make another Stories game for Vita. The Hardware is there, the engine is there ...

That or port GTA III, VC and SA to Vita like they did on iPhone.

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Los Santos City Stories? I'm in! Hoping to play as a character out for revenge on Michael, Trevor, and Franklin... a hitman or something similar. That would be pretty sweet.

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remenber when rockstar game did dlc for liberty city two big dlcs not small big aslo RDR whats red dead 2 had dlc was big but wasnt that big than last rockstar games dlc.

Well i think that gta5 for ps4 will be big dlc be on disc as well buy it on psn just maybe rockstar games gta5 dlc could be bigger whatever im looking forward to it.

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"San Andreas City Stories" doesn't sound quite right. Don't think it will be that.

"Los Santos City Stories" on the other hand ....

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This news simply doesn't excite me. Neither of the City Stories games really captured my attention. Makes me wonder why the hell I bought both games on both the PSP and PS2. :oL

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Vice City 2 for PS4. MAKE IT SO!!!!!

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No, no portable games. You're supposed to be porting GTA V to pc, you lazy pricks!

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A proper Vita GTA would be quite rocking!

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I would like to see a GTA "Where are they know?" type of game, where we can catch up with old characters like:

Claude (GTA 3)

CJ (San Andreas)

Tommy Vercetti (Vice City)

and the rest.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Claude ends up in an unnamed near-future city doing jobs for the Yakuza and so on, that's GTA2.

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I remember that, good times.......

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@homey_d_clown CJ's probably in five dumpsters, the whiney little bitch.

The GTA 3 guy has no name, so he's anywhere as he represents anyone.

Tommy Vercetti's in Los Santos under the name Michael. :P

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<< LINK REMOVED >> No, I think homey_d_clown is right. In San Andreas, Catalina introduces the player's character from GTA III as Claude during one of the missions.

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A San Andreas Stories would move some Vita's, I'd be very interested

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maybe a gta game where you switch to other characters in other cities?

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I'm all for them making additional GTA games like the previous "Stories" games, however I hope they do a better job this time, when I played PS2 ports of the previous 2 they were mediocre at best.

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Now King can never make a game called "Candy Crush City Stories Saga"! How does it feel, King?

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I wonder if it's hinting to anything, like GTA London City Stories or something like that. I really want the next GTA game to be set in Vice City though, and in the 80's for definite, that game's such a special game to me.

But unlike GTA V I'd really prefer it if it was just one main character, just better that way for loads of reasons, more focused and straight forward being the main ones.

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@Johny_47 I hated how they skipped over Vice City with GTAV. I think Vice City should of been used for GTA V and GTA VI in San Andreas where we probably would of gotten all three cities in there instead of just Los Santos.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I always wanted and thought it was gonna do that too, GTA V be Vice City, the V could looked all 80's, and there was little hints in GTA IV about this like Vice Squad graffiti and vice city fm which was great with old Fernando =P

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@Johny_47 Having multiple characters is much better at giving a much larger, spread out story though. Depends what you are after for the game I suppose.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I don't want to argue with you because everyone's different but my opinion's opposite to yours completely, I think jumping in and out o 3 different people is just an immersion breaker, and I can't help but think that this was an afterthought because they wanted to stick that fancy zoom out zoom in map that they used in the last Midnight Club game(which wasn't as good as the old ones too).

Every other GTA game, San Andreas and GTA IV especially have only one main character and it works great at one time I mean, Episodes from Liberty City's a good exception to this rule.

Maybe I just wanted another San Andreas because of how much I enjoyed that, but is that asking too much really?(this question is rhetorical =P).

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a Vita-exclusive GTA would be amazing

though unlikely due to the Vita's small install base

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<< LINK REMOVED >>Such a catch 22. The only way they will get people to buy the system is to release games on it but they won't release games because there isn't enough players.

Time they started to gamble for a change. Sick of everyone p*ssy footing around with their own companies. What is the point in being in the richest company lists if you aren't going to spend some cash?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Maybe they could do what they did for the other "stories" games, and port them to other consoles at some point too. It would be a nice boost for the Vita. Make a bundle with that, the new slim Vita, and at least a 16gb memory card, and I'd be all in.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah, or make it multiplat out of the gate and release a 3DS version too, like they did with China Town Wars

Though that would likely prevent them from taking full advantage of the Vita's hardware power

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Android and IOS releases Id guess. With the usual slight updates to graphics.

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So, GTA Vita perhaps? That would be swell.

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Vice City Stories was ported to PC as well through mods. Don't know about Liberty City Stories.

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