GTA coming to GBA

Take Two reveals it is bringing Rockstar's mega-selling crime franchise to Nintendo's portable.


Buried in today's Take-Two financial announcement conference call was a bombshell for Game Boy Advance fans. While discussing subsidiary Rockstar Games' 2004 slate of titles, Take-Two CEO Jeffrey Lapin nonchalantly said, "We are currently developing a Grand Theft Auto title for the Game Boy Advance."

Unfortunately, that's all Lapin said about the GBA GTA, and no follow-up callers inquired about its release date, setting, or title. Lapin also did not mention whether or not the game would feature the 2D top-down view used by the first two Grand Theft Auto games and their Game Boy Color editions. Inquiries to Rockstar about these subjects had not been returned as of press time, but GameSpot will report such details as soon as they become available.

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