GTA: Chinatown Wars raging on iPad Sept. 9

Rockstar bringing portable overhead actioner to Apple's tablet with HD makeover next week for $10.


Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars certainly achieved substantial critical success upon its initial release for the DS in March 2009. However, Rockstar Games' overhead action adventure proved not to be a commercial juggernaut like its console cousins, with Nintendo calling sales of the game "frustrating." Since then, Rockstar has extended the game's reach to the PSP and iPhone, and now the publisher is adding one more platform to the mix, Apple's iPad.

The Triad's blood will flow in gripping HD next week.
The Triad's blood will flow in gripping HD next week.

In a post to its blog this week, Rockstar confirmed that an iPad-specific version of GTA: Chinatown Wars will arrive on Apple's App Store September 9. Like the iPhone version, Chinatown Wars for the iPad will carry a $9.99 price tag.

However, just because it's the same price doesn't mean Rockstar hasn't made some improvements to the iPad game. In addition to the tweaks made to the iPhone version, such as a multi-touch user interface and adjusted difficulty levels, the iPad version has been given an HD makeover, bringing with it crisper, high-definition graphics.

Chinatown Wars for Apple's platforms follows the pursuits of Huang Lee, an up-and-coming ruffian in Liberty City's Triad crime syndicate who seeks to uncover the truth behind the suspicious death of his father. As is suitable to the game's M-for-Mature rating, gamers can expect to engage in a variety of illicit activities, ranging from drug peddling to carjacking to armed mayhem.

For an idea of what to expect from Chinatown Wars on the iPad, check out GameSpot's review of the iPhone version.

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