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GTA 6 Trailer Is Filled With Big Butts, And One GTA 5 Voice Actor Has Definitely Noticed

He dislikes big butts and he cannot lie.


Grand Theft Auto VI will take players to the sunny shores of Vice City once again. It shouldn't be too much of a surprise then that the game's debut trailer is filled with shots of beaches, boats, and scantily clad women. What is surprising, at least to GTA V voice actor Ned Luke, is just how many, and how big, the women's butts seen in the trailer are.

Luke is best known for his role as Michael in GTA V, and as such held a livestream on his personal YouTube channel to react to GTA VI's first trailer, after a leak led to developer Rockstar Games officially debuting the trailer earlier than previously planned. When asked by chat what he found surprising about the trailer, Luke didn't hesitate.

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"How big the asses are," Luke said. "That's surprising. There's some big asses in that trailer. I mean a lot of 'em. Almost every ass in that trailer, other than the male asses, was big. Big! That surprised me because, you know, Miami's got some not-big asses too. We'll see."

One might think that would be the end of the big-ass conversation, but Luke returns to the topic later on when discussing the game's graphics, at first commenting on how GTA VI's birds "look so real" and are "way better than the birds and stuff that we had in our game, I think." Then it's back to ass-talk.

"Then it cuts to the beach," Luke said. "There's a big ass. There's a big ass and thighs. There's a big ass. There's a huge ass with a thong on. There's another big ass over there. There's one--I'm looking to see--there's a huge ass with a thong on. And we're in a boat. Every ass is huge. I gotta talk with these guys, we gotta get some not huge asses in there. Not everybody loves a big, massive butt, okay? Some people like a smaller one, narrower hips, smaller butt. We need to take care of everybody."

When asked why he was paying so much attention to the rear-ends of Vice City's populace, Luke said he "just thinks it's interesting."

"I think it's interesting that every single one has a massive read end," Luke said. "I just think that's interesting. It's like there's a serial plastic surgeon giving BBLs [Brazilian Butt Lifts] to every woman in Vice City."

Luke did talk about other parts of the trailer, too, over the course of the two-hour livestream. He said he is most excited about GTA VI's graphics, and in particular the game's impressive hair. Unsurprisingly, he said he was least excited by the number of big butts. Later on, Luke said he expects GTA VI to "blow GTA V away" and that he "can't wait" for the game to release. He also reacted to fans saddened by GTA VI's 2025 release window who wish the game was coming sooner.

"They're [Rockstar Games] taking as long as it takes," Luke said. "It takes as long as it takes. You've got to factor in five years of Red Dead, you've got to factor in COVID, you've got to factor in actor strikes. It takes time."

GTA VI will not be launching on PC (at least at initially) when it arrives in 2025, but will be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. GTA VI's first trailer is currently breaking records on place like YouTube, where the trailer has become the most-viewed non-music related video in a 24-hour period.

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