GTA 6 Rumors Are Flying Again, All Because Of This GTA Trilogy Photo

A single blurry image of a house in GTA: San Andreas is believed to be the first image of GTA VI, despite no real evidence that it is.


Some fans are convinced an image from Grand Theft Auto VI was hidden in the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy: Definitive Edition, despite no real evidence that is the case. There is an image of a house in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that was not present in the original version and it has sparked some discussion in the GTA community, with multiple people suggesting that the house is a tease for GTA VI.

The image of the house (you can see the original version and an artificially touched-up version in the tweet below) is located in the UFO-themed Lil' Probe'Inn. The building has tons of pictures on the walls, all of which have UFOs somewhere in the image, including the supposed GTA VI image. The image was first shared on GTAForums, with fans immediately declaring that the image is from the new GTA game.

The reason people seem to think that the image is a tease for GTA VI is that the picture appears, at least to the fans, to exist within the RAGE engine, which Rockstar develops its games with. The GTA trilogy is based in the Unreal Engine, so the house is out of place in the game. Fans also said that the house does not exist anywhere within GTA V and that the driveway and palms trees fit a "typical Miami" house.

While all of this information is speculation, the fans on GTAForums seem pretty convinced that this image is a tease for GTA VI. A report earlier this year said that GTA VI will not be released until 2025, so this would be a very early tease for that game if it really is an intentional tease. There has been no end to the amount of GTA VI rumors and fan theories floating around. The GTA Trilogy has had a rough launch, resulting in Rockstar pledging to fix the games' issues and putting the original versions back up for sale on the PC.

In GameSpot's review of GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition, critic Justin Clark gave it a 4/10, writing, "The more important question is whether these Definitive Editions are the ideal way to experience the trilogy, and that is a resounding "Hell no." No matter how the vaunted feature list looks, there are scant few creative decisions implemented for these ports that make themselves at all superior to the other versions released over the years. It's hard not to think about the games that this trilogy would inspire--stuff like Mafia, Saints Row, Yakuza, Sleeping Dogs--and how well each of those series have been preserved and updated. The fact that the Godfather of open-world crime sagas has been outclassed so thoroughly in that regard is infuriating enough to push fans into a rampage. Thankfully, it's raining outside."

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