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GTA 6 Boss "Highly Confident" In Fall 2025 Release Window

Basically every Rockstar Games release gets delayed, but Strauss Zelnick believes GTA 6 might make it out on time.


Take-Two recently announced that Grand Theft Auto VI is now targeting a release in Fall 2025, and CEO Strauss Zelnick is pretty sure the game will make it out on time.

"There is slippage in the industry, and we're not immune from that. However, we narrowed the timing [of GTA 6] because we are highly confident in that timing," he told CNBC.

Previously, GTA VI was set for release at an unspecified point in 2025. It's worth noting that pretty much every Rockstar Games release gets delayed, so it's possible GTA VI might slip, as Zelnick mentioned was possible.

Zelnick also recently talked about how GTA VI's release date "probably doesn't matter" given the immense hype for it. However, he acknowledged that releasing in the fall--when people spend lots of money on gifts for the holidays--is advantageous for GTA VI.

In the CNBC interview, Zelnick was pressed to say more about what makes GTA VI a step up over GTA V. He declined to get into specifics but noted that the trailer, released in December, teases a lot of what is "new and different" for GTA VI.

Zelnick also talked about how Rockstar's aim is to make GTA VI a game that "no one has ever seen before." He added, "Rockstar Games seeks perfection in what they do."

GTA VI's first trailer was described as "Trailer 1," so fans are expecting to see another trailer at some point in the future. There continue to be many unanswered questions about GTA VI, one of which is what will happen to GTA Online when the new game comes out. Keep checking back with GameSpot for more.

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