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GTA 6 Aiming To Be "Something You've Never Seen Before," Take-Two Boss Says

"It needs to be something you've never seen before."


Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has commented on the challenge that GTA developer Rockstar Games faces each time it create a new entry in the popular series. Appearing on the Aarthi and Sriram Show, Zelnick said Rockstar always has to find a way to deliver something no one has ever seen before, and that isn't easy.

"I think that's the challenge that the folks at Rockstar face every time that there is a new iteration of Grand Theft Auto. It needs to be something you've never seen before," Zelnick said (via VGC). "And it needs to reflect the feeling that we have about Grand Theft Auto--that's a big challenge for the team. Rockstar's answer is seek perfection. Seek nothing short of perfection, and we'll get there."

Zelnick also spoke at length about his upbringing, his passion for fitness, and his career path that led him to Take-Two. It's a great deep-dive interview with some fascinating insights.

Zelnick didn't give away any specifics on GTA 6, though, which was to be expected considering Take-Two is known to let Rockstar Games handle its own messaging and announcements.

GTA 6 was in the news recently when Take-Two provided new clues about when the game might release, and it could be as soon as 2024. Nothing is confirmed at this stage, though, and for what it's worth, Rockstar Games has yet to even formally unveil GTA 6.

In February 2022, Rockstar confirmed that development on the next GTA game was "well underway," but this might have been a recruiting effort more than anything. The game suffered a massive leak in September 2022, with gameplay footage, images, and a trove of supposed details emerging ahead of schedule.

While we wait for more news on GTA 6, you can check out GameSpot's rundown of how Rockstar Games unveiled GTA 5 and what that could mean for GTA 6.

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