GTA 5's Online Mode Getting "Massive, Feature-Rich" Updates This Year

But no word yet on single-player DLC.


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Rockstar Games today announced some of the new content coming to Grand Theft Auto V's online mode later this year. In a post on the Rockstar Newswire, the developer teased that GTA Online fans can look forward to a "lot more to come in 2016, including some massive, feature-rich updates."

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One of these updates will provide players "further adventures in finance and felony," continuing the theme of last year's Executives and Other Criminals update. In this new content (it's unclear if "further adventures in finance and felony" is indeed the title), players will enter the "lucrative and dangerous world of contraband trafficking." Players can acquire "big new properties" that can be used as a base of operations for your criminal organization as well as a storing place for stolen goods.

"Manage inventory directly from your HQ, arranging to buy and sell anything from jewels to narcotics to medical supplies from a range of nefarious suppliers," reads a line from the description. "Expect the unexpected as you head out with your team to make each pickup. Keep your stock in mint condition to maintain value and sell at a profit--and watch for raids on your warehouses between shipments!"

The Executives and Other Criminals update, released in December 2015, allowed players to become a "VIP" and then establish their own crime ring with other players.

Another GTA Online update will add what Rockstar calls "cunning stunts."

"For crazy vehicular action comes a major update to the wild world of GTA Online racing and stunting that will introduce a new realm of creative and fun games," Rockstar said.

There will be new "stunt-ready" vehicles and gear, while more props will be added to the Rockstar Content Creator toolsuite. No further details about any of this new content were provided.

In addition to these two updates, Rockstar says even more are coming that will add things like fresh Adversary modes. Additionally, Rockstar will introduce new arenas for the In and Out mode, which arrived in GTA Online last week. Looking further ahead, Rockstar said it will add more "fun competitive team-based modes," though none were named or even hinted at.

Rockstar also mentioned that players can expect more weekly events like the Time Trials Week that is happening now. As part of these events, Rockstar offers extra RP and GTA$ for participating in certain playlists, though there was no mention of the modes that will offer bonuses in the future.

No specific details were shared regarding release timing for any of GTA V's new updates and events; we only know that they are coming before the year is out. It was not specifically stated, but you can expect that these new updates will only be released for current-generation consoles and PC.

In other news about GTA Online, documents in the Leslie Benzies vs. Take-Two lawsuit revealed that the multiplayer mode has already brought in more than $500 million in revenue from microtransactions.

Single-player DLC for GTA V is still under consideration, but the big numbers for GTA Online may explain why Rockstar appears to be prioritizing multiplayer content at this time.

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It would be nice if even just the stuff like new weapons made it into the single player. Something like single player survival events and other activities like in the multi-player would be nice too, so you could have a decent gunfight without having the entire police force and helicopters on you within a couple of minutes. I really didn't enjoy GTA Online, so I don't want to have to play it just to try out some new weapons. Obviously story content is what I and many others really want.

Did they ever even get around to fixing the inconsistenciy of the zoom level/FOV between weapons in first person when aiming down sights? Last time I played, the AK47 looking rifle had a much greater zoom level than the other assault rifles despite having the worst stats and the Bullpup Rifle and Advanced Carbine (I think) had the same zoom level as the pistols. I found this so jarring that I stopped using iron sights/scopes altogether despite it being my favoured view (for immersion).

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I like the word play .. "Cunning Stunts" or "Stunning C*nts"

Avatar image for Gamer_4_Fun

For the love of gamers everywhere, release single player story content for the game. Seriously, these content are no substitute for the bread and butter of GTA series.

Avatar image for ricardo_tuba

GTA Online is a great game. One of the most immersive (if not the most) experiences I've ever had.

The major problem with the Online is that it is COMPLETELY INFESTED by hackers. There is not a single time I login without being annoyed by thousand tanks being spawned over my head. I have to switch to another server, but it is a pain in the ass and it hinders the game's credibility.

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Since I'm on the PC (using Rockstar's launcher), and have no interest in GTA Online, I'm just not downloading any more of these stupid updates until they actually do something for Single Player. I use mods, so updating them is a pain every time there is an update.

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I haven't played GTA online in months and this wont bring me back

Avatar image for jomi101

R* wtf HEISTS, HEISTS, HEISTS?!?!?!?!?!

Avatar image for jomi101

Nah, none that's interesting. No HEISTS??? After Executives and the silly over priced yachts, GTA has lost its touch. Havent being playin GTA for a while, too many superior alternatives available.

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GTA ONLINE: Sonic the Hedgehog Mode

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Half a BILLION dollars made off of micro transactions and still no story based DLC? THIS is why people freak out over micro transactions.. Also, I'm pretty sure if this continues with no single player DLC for GTA 5 it will be the first GTA (since GTA 3) to not have a story expansion. Part 3, Vice City and San Andreas all had story expansions in the form of discs sold separately as their own games (Liberty City Stories, etc..) since online DLC really wasn't around back then. The micro transaction stuff in games is getting sickening. And the excuses of "it's only for cosmetics" and "you don't have to buy them" are becoming weaker and weaker arguments as more and more games are putting in game content behind pay walls because people pay for it and defend it like it isn't the equivalent of a dope dealer giving you the first one free (perfect examples: Destiny with silver, giving you just enough to buy something basic and anything cool will cost you extra. And even Uncharted 4 with Uncharted points: preorder and get enough points to buy a hat or a pair of glasses or a basic taunt, but you want one of the cool looking taunts and/or outfits you have to give them more money). Ok, rant over.. lol

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@machinegunjohne: Micro-transactions make companies a lot of money ... its a simple concept !! They could put a lot of time and effort (Cost) into Story content or less effort into online Micro-transactions and make more money .. it makes business sense and seeing as they are making lots of money you can't really say Micro-Transactions aren't popular !

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@machinegunjohne: Its true though and I don't feel sorry for the players of this gen either because it's them that's paying for all this shit thinking it's ok to do so least back in my day late 80's, 90's early 00's when you paid for a full game you got a fucking full game

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@Dav_id83: A full game that only had 10 levels and took a few hours to finish .. I grew up in the arcades playing Space invaders and Pac-Man .. Yes we got a full Game .. but its not exactly comparable to Games of today !!

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I just needed 14 more levels to 100 but I seriously can't be arsed now on the PS3 version, so I'm going to finish the story and get rid I can always pass my save across to PS4 if I find it seriously cheap in the future, the online is a bore instead of all these stupid pointless updates thats just to keep little kiddies paying for shark cards they should start getting development on more games like RDR2

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+1 on all comments below, I'm done with Rockstar's MP focus DLC's and with GTA's. I'll only buy RDR sequel if they evolve and improve the gameplay mechanics, i.e. the same lackluster aiming mechanics and clumsy movements seen in most of their games.

Avatar image for jomi101

@immortaltech6: ME too. Ill still settle for RDR2 but no more GTAO. Its time to abolish the franchise, end of story!!!!

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Nice. keep them coming. :)

Avatar image for SkytheWiz1

Kinda forgot about this game, honestly. Got rid of it a little over a year ago because of lack of substantial content.

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I'm surprised it doesn't say, "not coming out for PS3 or Xbox 360"

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All the gamers asking for single player DLC can say "thank you" to all Shark Card buyers. This is what happens when you support microtransactions on videogames.

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@poseidion: God I wish that weren't true about Rockstar but I believe you are correct.

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Single player DLC is never going to happen. **** rockstar.

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Oh yay more worthless online DLC so they can another half million via micro transactions for little to no work. Single player or nothing.

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I want this to die so they can focus on the singleplayer DLC I don't care about multiplayer at all. None of my friends play this online and trying to matchmake online with randoms was hell last time I tried.

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Don't care. Wanted single player DLC, and it looks now that's never gonna happen.

I've played GTA V so much, it's gotten boring. Gonna probably uninstall it just to free up 65GB.

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It appears as though weekly bonuses in certain areas is starting to become a trend. Also, given what people have done with the current creator tools, i shudder to think what people come up with using props actually designed with stunts in mind.

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Yeah, massive feature-rich updates intended to make people spend more money on shark cards. Of course...

No single player DLC? No thanks... I'll pass.