GTA 5's New Mass Effect Mod Puts a Reaper Over the City

You can even fly one around.


A newly released mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V is perhaps one of the best yet, assuming you're a Mass Effect fan, as it puts a full-scale Reaper right over the city of Los Santos.

The mod does this by replacing the game's blimp with a gigantic Reaper. The creator, JJxOracle, says this is just a beta for now, and it's noted in the mod's listing that there are issues with it. For instance, it will disappear at times, and when it's moving, its legs touch the ground. It also currently lacks proper collision detection, though that doesn't make it any less menacing to see hovering over the city.

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Being a replacement for the blimp, that means the Reaper is something you can actually (slowly) fly around the city. The cockpit view (seen in the gallery above) doesn't look much different from the usual view, but at least you can pilot it while knowing you'd be terrifying everyone below if they had any awareness of what was going on.

You can grab the mod here, but be warned, mods have been used to distribute malware in the past, so you should always be careful about what you download. Alternatively, you can just check out the video below from YouTube user yahya Pro showing the Reaper on a stormy night where it can only be seen when it's illuminated by flashes of lightning.

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