GTA 5's New "Inch By Inch" Mode Out Now, Offers Double XP

GTA Online's newest mode challenges players to fight through a "hail of bullets" to secure a package.


Rockstar continues to give Grand Theft Auto V players new ways to play the game's Online mode. Today, the studio launched "Inch By Inch," a new team-based adversary mode for GTA Online across PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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As announced previously, this mode challenges teams of two players to carry a package to their opponent's endzone to score. It's not so easy, of course, as you'll have to "claw your way through a hail of bullets to reach your team's endzone," Rockstar said.

The player carrying the package cannot use weapons, which means "tenacity and teamwork are required to advance towards the goal line." This player, however, can make use of a "burst of speed" to help secure the package and stay alive, but again, support from teammates will be key to success.

No official gameplay videos for Inch By Inch have been released, but you can find plenty of fan-made videos on YouTube that show off the mode. Rockstar is encouraging people to play Inch By Inch by offering double GTA$ and RP in the mode now through April 14.

Also new in GTA Online today is the Vapid Minivan, which is available to buy from Benny's Original Motor Works. Who said Minivans aren't cool? Check out a customized version of the car below.

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GTA Online's "Adversary Modes Week" began on April 8 and ends on April 14. Not only can you earn double GTA$ and RP in the Inch By Inch mode, but Ammu-Nation is having a big sale on weapons and armor.

As with GTA Online's other recent updates, this one is not available on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

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