GTA 5's Huge Update Out Now, Here's What It Includes

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony is out now across PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


Grand Theft Auto V's online mode grows in a big way today with the launch of GTA Online's Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update, which is one of the biggest expansions to the game yet. As announced previously, this is a crime-themed expansion in which players can become the CEO of a criminal enterprise.

To become a CEO, you will need to acquire an executive office and hire a team of associates. The new update adds a line of "deluxe office suites specifically for the motivated career criminal." They sound pretty over-the-top.

"These masterpieces in executive design come with a full-time assistant, helipad, boardroom, Don't Cross the Line arcade game, and optional storage space like the Gun Locker, allowing you to personalize your perfect weapon loadout before you go on the job," the description says.

Players can buy and sell "special cargo" and then store it in their warehouse. But Rockstar warns that, as your profile increases, other gangs will take notice. Players, together with their squads, will need to defend their warehouses from hostile gangs.

Once you become a CEO, you can also take part in new jobs and challenges; these include:

VIP Work

  • Headhunter: Assassinate key targets across the map against the clock.
  • Airfreight: Liberate some valuable cargo from its armed guard and fly it to safety.
  • Haulage: Be the first to deliver a trailer full of tax-exempt merchandise to its wrongful owner.

VIP Challenges

  • Cashing Out: Be the pack leader in the latest wave of ATM fraud to hit the streets of Los Santos.
  • Salvage: Compete to retrieve the most lost cargo from the ocean floor.

Another new addition is the "Trading Places" Adversary mode. This mode pits two sides--Winners and Losers--against each other. The only way to move into the Winners side is to "ruthlessly murder" a Winner to take their place. Rockstar is offering double RP for this mode for one week to encourage people to try it out.

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Further Adventures in Finance and Felony also adds new vehicles, attire, and weapon attachments. Some of the cars include the HVY Brickade, Bravado Rumpo Custom, Pegassi Reaper, Vapid FMJ, Grotti Bestia GTS, Enus Windsor Drop, Buckingham Nimbus, Volatus, and a boat called the Tug.

In terms of clothing, there are new SecuroServ-branded items coming to stores across Los Santos, while the Drum & Box magazine attachment is now available from Ammu-Nation.

Rockstar is celebrating the launch of Further Adventures in Finance and Felony with a week of bonuses, running until June 13. Everyone who logs into the game before then will receive the Pastel Green Pajama and Pastel Green Smoking Jacket, as well as 25 percent off the Buzzard Attack Chopper, among other things. There are also 25 percent off discounts on Ammu-Nation offerings, including:

  • Carbine, Assault and Compact Rifles
  • Machine Pistol
  • SMG
  • Heavy Shotgun
  • Combat PDW
  • All Ammo
  • Weapon Tints and Etched Finishes
  • Body Armor
  • Parachute Bags and Canopies

Like other recent GTA Online updates, Further Adventures in Finance and Felony is available only for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can read more about Further Adventures in Finance and Felony here at Rockstar's website. It is just one of the "massive, feature-rich" expansions coming to GTA Online; another one will be themed around stunts.

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I bet they have already made GTA6 and now just piss about with GTA5.

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I'd like to see some DLC for single player, any news on that?

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@doomsday7teen: Okay internet warrior, you have your little rant in your school IT room. Don't shoot up your school, I know you American's find that a fun past time.

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@bluntmansnr: nice grammar mistakes retard. You must be inbred from whatever shit country you come from.

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@bluntmansnr: It's *you're retard. You must be raised in some shit poor country or you have retarded parents that suck at raising you dumb ass inbred.

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@loubloom: always make sure when correcting someones grammar that you're (the correct use by the way) right

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@loubloom: Please show me at what point in my comment I should have used "you're". "You're" means "you are" which wouldn't make sense at any point where I have used "your". Well done, you have shown no comprehension of the English language.

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@bluntmansnr: you came at me bruh so I responded. I didn't even know you existed untill you commented on something that had nothing to do with you.

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@doomsday7teen: "Nothing to do with me"
It's a members comment section, it has everything to do with me.

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By implementation the mode is heavily flawed. Allow me to explain, the issue is selling your merchandise and being forced to do it in a public lobby. In theory, this is intended to prevent people from farming money by selling their goods solo. The problem is that the solution has to much counter balance because while you are delivering crates, the action is announced to everyone in the session so they all collectively dog-pile you no matter how security you have hired. To destroy a crate supplants the destroyer $2,000; which really means that they don't really profit much from hunting you as you struggle to sell your stock. What it does guarantee is that you have little motivation to play the mode as designed since its pretty much a waste of time to collect then fail at the very end from people wanting to troll you. Technically, you can hire people to help sell your stuff during the final part of tasks... but good luck getting people to help if you don't have numerous active friends willing to assists. The mode by implementation only benefits those wanting to troll people attempting to make money rather than those actually attempting to make money. What makes this worse is that PS4 and XBOX4 users have a work around by lowering their LAN settings so that they can adopt a public lobby in which they are the only participants thus allowing them to sell goods unimpeded. But, that is cheesing bad servers and not inclusive to how the mode is designed to be played.

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@logansnider: We were able to do the mode in a private session on ps4. When we had 4 good players...we had a blast in a public server using tanks choppers and harriers for support. good times

Avatar image for bottaboomstick

shocked at how many people do not use the quick match system through their in game cell phones

lol at selecting a job and sitting in a lobby

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Huge update. No single player DLC.

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and its these greedy business models that made all the real gamers walk away :) and gee its nice to step out and actually see it all for what it actually is :)

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@hotwog21: a really good game.

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I need to play this again at some point / finish it

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I only have and played on my good ol PS3.... that when I still do.

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Look at all the hate hate hate hate hate...


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@jurewicz88: To be fair, unless you tone deaf or have just had your head up your arse for a few months you'd of noticed that no true GTA fan actually wants this shit anymore ;)

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@daniel79: Sorry, but the world is bigger then your bedroom. I for one love the online updates.

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@daniel79: Damn you totally got me. I'm apparently a false GTA fan. . .

Oddly enough, the game is still regularly sold at its original $60 tag. Yea they'll discount it on occasion, but it's still out there at that tag as well.

Reason: people will and are still playing it.

But then again, they're probably all the false GTA fans. Whoops

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@jurewicz88: there the players who tried - find they cant play the missions , like be any good at them, have issues/ trouble making the virtual money for being rubbish players then say ""its the shark cards , I'm not making any money because they want/ forcing me to buy them"" and don't believe the actual fans/ players we earned our stuff like the yacht by playing the game and not brought a single shark card.

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@jurewicz88: Bollocks, most folks want single player DLC. Of course there is die hard hangers on but quite a few folk moved on months ago...

This is fact.

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@daniel79: oh my God you have no idea what 'fact' means. You are a broke loser confirmed. Now THAT'S a fact.

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@raj710: I lol'd.

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@daniel79: I'm sure you know. You're good with the trues and falses. Thanks

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I like GTA V but I don't like the structure Rockstar have adopted. The game would be better and Rockstar would be respected more if they released quality paid story based multiplayer DLC that you could play alone (like a good MMO) and where you would earn the expensive items based on the story of the mission you are completing.

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Didn't install as its eating up my hd, enough of online already, we need single player dlc.

Avatar image for daniel79

@depman1972: I had to uninstall, it was pushing nigh on seventy gigs for crap I never used, it's great if people want this but Rockstar should give a choice at least..

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@daniel79: I agree, I think it automatically installed yesterday while I was playing wither 3 blood and wine sigh.

I think I might have to do as you did, uninstall it, but i'm guessing i'll get all the crap that goes with it lol.

Avatar image for daniel79

@depman1972: I got stuck into The witcher 3 a few nights ago, what a game!

After half way through 'The crones of crockback bog' I bought the season pass.

Bloody epic game that.

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@daniel79: Enjoy!!, i'm currently playing blood and wine expansion, its like a whole new game.

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@depman1972: I might, might! Get there one day! Twenty three hours in and i've only just finished the bloody barron!

...Could take a while haha :)

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What it includes?

- More hackers (script-users actually)

- More repetitive shit

- Worse loading times and server instabilities

- Same old cheap ass shit lack of story DLCs.

The only plus is that this game is getting so old now that is soon finally over...

Avatar image for anakvunky

I hate GTA online loading times.....

Avatar image for Scarshi

Haven't played the original single player GTA V for a year. I think I'll go back and play again.

Can't play MMO's as my internet is too slow and won't be upgraded for another 2+ years (think adsl speed). I hate MMO's anyway. Every profanity spewing 12 year old ruins it every time I play at a friends house (who has fibre optic and lives only 5 miles away)

Waited for story DLC. What a waste.

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Soooo..instead of putting all this time into a legitimate real life career, put all your time into fake life criminal success.

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3 years and no story DLC I'm done.

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@thespicychiken: They're making enough from GTAO microtransactions to pay any attention to the single player DLC. I think R* just realized the Glu (mobile dev) model and can't get rid of the greed now.

Avatar image for Flyin3lvl

@ginobili1: but if they made single player dlc and slapped and price tag on it then wouldn't it sell making them money or am I just over thinking it ..........

sharks cards are brought by those impatient to get the money from playing various missions/ races well anything outside of heists. ........ the I must have this now but cant be arsed to play people.

single player dlc - demands there -if they supply and put a price - r* makes money. ....... ....... or should the single player dlc be free ?

Avatar image for Flyin3lvl

I had 3.9 odd in the virtual bank- looked at the prices to set this up and I would have been wiped - so not gonna bother at mo. also the cars arnt all that impressive - check the pic apart from the size they are near identical ....... and the other two look like the other cars all ready available that are cheaper ...... havt actually played the missions yet but went into passive to look at the red boxes on the map - just another excuse for players to blow you up with rockets as it was a free for all trying to get them ... which I understand is gta after all but low level players with ""weak"" guns will be annoyed. I thought these missions were proper missions not all free mode.

did notice one change which I think is for the better - on phone went join heist direct to lobby - while in free mode there was the usual ""looking for job"" timer and then a new box appeared ""series a- weeds players 3/4- then I presume someone left as it read ""series a -weeds players 2/4 - then 3/4 then flashed green and into the heist it loaded - instead of the usual join heist and wait in a menu waitig for it to fill. that was long over due. wait for players while still in free mode.

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@Flyin3lvl: you could join jobs and etc like after the first update back on ps3 lmao

Avatar image for Flyin3lvl

@bottaboomstick: lmao yeah I know!!!!!!

click to join job, wait abit flash to green, joined a random lobby don't know which heist. the lobby has one or two people in. wait for number 4. 4 joins but 3 dropped out. still waiting in the lobby.

now while in free mode it tells you what the heist is and how many players BEFORE you join. while in free mode it has a player count. when a 4th joins only then it takes you in. have the option to quit if not liking the heist it found. it cuts so many load times. have you tried it yet to know what I remotely trying to say?

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I just want a hat, a gun and something to hunt.
Red dead PC!!!

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Quit playing this once all the cheaters pretty much took over, they should of just made campaign dlc but nope, all we get is lame gta online dlc that nobody cares about, good job R* you killed you're own game with you're stupidity and greed...

Avatar image for bottaboomstick

@se7en1989: greed? updates are free.

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This is what I was wait...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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