GTA 5's Holiday Event Has Christmas Trees, Masks, Car Horns, and More

Get yourself a new pair of pajamas and a Crazy Gingerbread mask.


Rockstar today announced the details of Grand Theft Auto V's holiday-themed event, which kicks off today and runs for the next few weeks.

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Grand Theft Auto Online players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC will now find Christmas trees at Legion Square and in any apartments, stilt houses, and yachts (a recent addition) they own.

Additionally, there are a bunch of new free customization options to be found in the game. That includes the masks pictured below (including Santa, Mrs. Claus, Crazy Gingerbread, Festive Luchador, and Bad Elf), three "Christmas-themed" car horns, Santa outfits, and a collection of pajamas.

Whether you played during previous Christmas events or not, you'll also find all of the holiday-themed clothing from those back in the game on "all platforms," which sounds like they might also be present on Xbox 360 and PS3. (Those platforms by and large won't be getting new GTA Online content going forward.)

Rockstar also promises that "special gifts" will be handed out at some point, and that snowballs fights will once again be a thing. There will be some "special additions" to the recently added Adversary mode, too.

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The Festive Surprise 2015 event, as this is known, is now available and will run through January 5.

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