GTA 5 Weekend Event Offers Free Cash, Discounts, and More

You can finally get your hands on that "I Married My Dad" shirt you've been yearning for.


To celebrate the release of this week's big Freemode Events update, Grand Theft Auto V is hosting a special weekend event that kicks off today, Friday, September 18.

Completing five of the new Freemode events or challenges in GTA Online by this Sunday, September 20, will net you $50,000 in-game cash, as well as an exclusive t-shirt.

The daily login shirts
The daily login shirts

You can then spend that cash, or any you may already have saved up, on a variety of things that are being discounted. Select vehicles are 25 percent off (including the Armored Kuruma, Buzzard, and Annihilator); ammo is 50 percent off; the Heavy Sniper, Micro SMG, Carbine Rifle, and Minigun are 50 percent off; armor, bulletproof helmets, and bulletproof tires are 50 percent off; and all phone services from Pegasus and Merryweather (plus Lester's Remove Wanted Level) are half-off.

For each of the three days the event is on--today, Saturday, and Sunday--logging into GTA Online will earn you a new t-shirt, which you can see pictured above. There's also a giveaway for real-world goodies happening through Rockstar Social Club.

The Freemode Events update is available only on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions didn't receive it, and are unlikely to receive any other big updates in the future. However, there is still something to look forward to this weekend on those platforms, as crate drops, armored trucks, kill targets, and high-priority vehicles are all more likely to show up. Players on those platforms will also have a shot at earning exclusive t-shirts from past events.

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