GTA 5 Weekend Event Offers Bonus Cash and All Sorts of Discounts

Earn some extra cash to put toward that yacht or set of bodyguards.


As seemed likely, given the release of the latest big update for Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar has launched a weekend event for GTA Online that's now underway.

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Continuing what was happening last weekend, playing any of the Adversary modes, including the new Extraction mode, rewards players with twice as much money and RP as usual. You can also earn double the cash by taking part in sea races.

With that extra cash in your (virtual) pocket, you can get even more money. Body armor, bulletproof tires, vehicle armor, RPG rockets, sniper rifles, pistol ammo, and gun engravings are all 50 percent off. Docktease also has a 25 percent discount on all of its offerings, which Rockstar says should make it more affordable to reach your (or another player's) new yacht from this week's update.

Coinciding with all of this, there is a screenshot contest and a giveaway going on. The full details are available on Rockstar's website.

The Executives and Other Criminals update launched earlier this week on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Among other things, it adds new super yachts and allows the richest of players to hire other players as bodyguards, who then receive a regular salary.

The weekend event is now underway and runs through Sunday, December 20.

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