GTA 5 Updates Detailed For This Season, Here's What's Coming

Details on Transform Races, Condemned and Dogfight game modes.


Grand Theft Auto V players are about to get a bunch of new content to play with in GTA Online. Rockstar has announced many new additions are on their way in "the coming months," including new modes, vehicles, and the much-anticipated Transform Races.

Transform Races are the next evolution of Stunt Racing. You race in land, sea, and air vehicles across Los Santos' streets, waters, and skies. The races will feature "new and unique stunt tracks [that] will allow for transitions that run the gamut of vehicle types," so players can expect to race in supers and off-roaders, boats, jet skies, plans, helicopters, and even do some skydiving, all in the same race.

Transform Races will launch later this month, with the Race Creator getting updates to accommodate these types of races later this year. There are also two new modes coming. Condemned mode makes one player a target until they kill an opponent, making them the target. Dogfight mode will take players to the skies in an aerial battle to the death.

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Of course, it wouldn't be a GTA V update without some new vehicles. Some of the new ones coming this fall are the Hunter attack helicopter, the Coil Cyclone supercar, and the Vigilante. There will also be inventory updates at Legendary Motorsport and new properties at Maze Bank Foreclosures.

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yo dogfiiiights! That should be dope.

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If Micheal Bay isn't involve, I'm not playing this DLC.

I need my Micheal Bay Explosions! and I mean extra EXPLOSIONS XD

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At this rate, GTA VI will never come out

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Hate GTA Online all you want but these are free update to online for the past two years imagine if it was 9.99$ for the bigger updates and 5.99$ for the small updates

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@psxboxgamer: GOTTA agree with u, mate

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@psxboxgamer: I would like some SP DLC, but I definitely can't complain about free content in GTAO.

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Passing on this too. I have no interest in online anymore and havent played it in two years. It is long ovedue for SP expansion DLC.

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I just like to play GTA for the hookers and boos! Screw a hooker, killer to get your money back and repeat, HAHAHAHA!