GTA 5's Latest Stunt Video Features... Chickens?

Funny parody video reminds us that chickens are, unfortunately, flightless birds.


Airplane and vehicle Grand Theft Auto V stunts are yesterday's news. From 8-Bit Bastard comes a new parody video that shows off a range of stunts performed while playing as birds.

Quick note: GTA V on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 lets gamers play as a range of animals, including birds, after they eat the hallucinogenic peyote plants.

Watch as 8-Bit Bastard travels to GTA V's most popular stunt locations, but this time as a bird. These stunts may not be as impressive as others we've seen before, but they definitely show off the world of Los Santos in a new, definitely more hilarious light.

Be sure to watch through to the end to be reminded, painfully, that chickens are flightless birds.

In other GTA V news, Rockstar Games recently delayed the PC version of the open-world crime game for the second time. It was previously expected to launch January 27, but the new release date is March 24.

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Along with the three protagonists I want to play with 4th character like, chicken or animal. it will be a lot of fun.

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I waited TWO MINUTES and I still don't who your daddy is, or what he does.

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Amazing graphics for a bird simulator.

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These birds do not enjoy Cluckin' Bell

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What the cluck?

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How is this news? What a pointless,shltty video with even more shltty music.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> That song was effin hype!!! You obviously know nothing about music.

Who's your daddy? Detective John Kimble is!!!

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Can confirm, best song ever

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The video made no impression on me. I'm just left thinking:
"It's not a tumour!"