GTA 5 PS4 Bundle Listed for Europe

Amazon product pages reveal the unannounced bundle; no word yet on US release.

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Sony will release a special-edition Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 4 bundle in Europe next month when the hotly hyped open-world game is released. That's according to Amazon's Germany, Italy, and Spain websites, which all list the unannounced bundle for a release on November 18 for €449.99 (about $573).

Similar listings are not featured on US sites. GameSpot has contacted representatives for Sony and Rockstar Games for comment.

Sony and Rockstar Games teamed up to release a special-edition Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 3 bundle last year, so it would not be altogether surprising to learn that the companies are doing the same for the PS4 version. What's more, Sony maintains that "GTA is a PlayStation franchise," making such a bundle sound likely. But until we hear back from Sony or Rockstar, this should be considered unconfirmed.

If true, the GTA V PS4 bundle would pile on top of previously announced Europe-only bundles, including those for Far Cry 4, Driveclub, and LittleBigPlanet 3, among others.

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