GTA 5 PS3 Vs. PS4 Graphics Comparison

Just how much of an improvement is the new version of GTA 5? Watch this trailer to find out.

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Rockstar Games today released a new video that highlights the various improvements the developer has made in bringing Grand Theft Auto V from last-generation consoles to current-generation systems.

The video you see above compares the PlayStation 3 version of GTA V to the PlayStation 4 iteration. The enhancements are dramatic. Not only are the visuals stronger, but forests are populated with more wildlife and foliage, streets feature more traffic, and the rain effects look gorgeous.

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Though the video above applies only to the PlayStation version of GTA V, Rockstar confirmed yesterday that both the PS4 and Xbox One iterations of GTA V will run in 1080p at 30fps. The PC version, meanwhile, will support 4K resolution.

Rockstar said today that the draw distances, that is, how far you can see in GTA V, have been doubled for the game's current-generation outing. In addition, the developer explained that "every texture in the game" has been replaced for the new versions of the open-world title.

In addition to the raft of technical improvements, GTA V for PS4, Xbox One, and PC will feature a first-person mode that will change the way you see Los Santos and Blaine County. This mode will not be offered on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

GTA V launches November 18 for PS4 and Xbox One, while the PC version is slated to arrive in January 2015. For more, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of GTA V.

You can see some of our favorite GTA V images in the gallery below. Be sure to click each thumbnail to see a full-size version.

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