GTA 5 Players Found a New Cellphone Secret

There's a number you can call that triggers an explosion.


If you thought every secret in Los Santos had been found, then think again. Grand Theft Auto V players have discovered a secret that involves the in-game cellphone calling a seemingly random number.

Twitter user Karma Ingram discovered that if you call 1-999-367-3767, it triggers an explosion and changes the appearance of the in-game phone (via Kotaku). You can see the secret tested by Kotaku in the video above. This secret has put coal on the fires of secret hunters, spurring a Reddit thread that's trying to find out if the number has a connection to anything else.

It's unknown whether this number has been in the game since its first launch in 2013, but the newly discovered number wasn't listed when the game's files were data-mined for secret phone numbers last year.

If you're looking for more hidden secrets, you'll be happy to know that one originating in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was made true in Grand Theft Auto V. Players can roam the city of Los Santos as Bigfoot if they can find the specific Golden Peyote plant that triggers it.

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