GTA 5 Player Becomes First To Beat The Game Without Taking Any Damage

The feat has only just been accomplished eight years after the game's release.


For the first time ever officially recorded, a player beat Grand Theft Auto V without taking any hits or damage. The feat was accomplished by UnNameD, who posted the full run on YouTube with a comment saying it took 48 attempts to finally complete the game with no hits. And if you've played GTA 5, you know the game isn't exactly short.

To make sure absolutely no damage was taken during the run, UnNameD used a mod that gives the player just 1HP, ensuring any hit would be a one-hit KO. Trevor's special "Red Mist" ability was also disabled, and UnNameD additionally didn't use body armor for the full run.

The run is impressive for a game like Grand Theft Auto 5, where shootouts are often chaotic and a single stray bullet has the potential to end a promising run. Besides shootouts, players aiming for a no-hit run on GTA also have to be careful drivers, with even low-impact car crashes having the potential to deal damage. A few players in the speedrunning community have been aiming for a no-hit run on GTA V, but UnNameD is the first to show proof of completion.

The full 9-hour run has been posted to YouTube, though if you only have the time to watch some of it, the most difficult shootout missions including The Paleto Score and Derailed are included near the end of the second video.

After first releasing all the way back in 2013, GTA V is being re-released this year on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, with Rockstar recently confirming a release date of November 11. A standalone edition of GTA Online will also release on the same day.

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