GTA 5 PC Mod Lets You Throw Cars Around With a Gravity Gun

Watch this new Half-Life 2-esque mod in action.


Even with a lack of support from Rockstar--and official patches even temporarily breaking them--mods continue to pour in for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. The latest mod of note is one that introduces a gravity gun to the open-world game.

Much the like the tool of the same name in Half-Life 2, the gravity gun allows you to pick up and fling objects throughout the world. Those objects can be everything from street signs to people to vehicles; in the latter case, they can be launched with enough force that they explode upon running into something.

The mod adds this functionality to the stun gun--unfortunately, it doesn't also include a model resembling Half-Life 2's weapon or anything of the sort. The E key is used to pick objects up, while hitting the fire button launches them.

Based on the videos showing off its use online (you can see one above), the mod looks to be a bit janky at times, but it still looks like great fun. You can download it here. But be wary--using mods, especially if you connect to GTA Online, runs the risk of getting you banned. We're trying to find out from Rockstar exactly what warrants a ban.

As noted above, a recent GTA V patch broke support for Script Hook V, which is used for enabling mods in the game (which offers no official support of any kind). Script Hook has fortunately already been updated to get it working again with GTA V, meaning players don't have to avoid updating in order to use mods.

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