GTA 5 Online's Gunrunning Update Coming Next Week, See A New Trailer Now

GTA Online's next major update is coming out very soon.


GTA Online's Gunrunning update will launch on June 13, Rockstar Games announced today.

As announced previously, Gunrunning adds new weaponized vehicles, the Mobile Operations Center vehicle, and bunkers where players can store their illegal arms and practice their shots. You can see the content in action in the brand-new trailer released today.

The Gunrunning update will be available on the usual platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC.

In other news, Take-Two recently announced that Grand Theft Auto V has shipped 80 million copies.

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Gave up online too expensive to buy s**t plus I work and have children occasionally play few stunt races with m8s but that's it just want so dlc but won't appen now due to rdr which I cannot wait for

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Love the fact they're still bringing out new content :D

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If we cant complete these in a private session then i will pass.

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@poseidion: That would be a fantastic service.

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@lionheartssj1: lol hahahfha. I think they erased my comment, I wonder why, hehe.

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@poseidion: Some ideas are too great to be out there in the wild. ;)