GTA 5 Online Weekly Update Doubles Payouts For The Diamond Adversary Series

You can also get double rewards for Gerald's Last Play missions.


Grand Theft Auto V Online has had its weekly update, and as usual there's a range of bonuses and discounts to look out for if you're diving into the game. This week, you can claim bonus RP and GTA$ in the Diamond Adversary series at the casino.

There are double payouts in all modes for this series right now, and players will receive a one-off bonus payment of GTA$250,000 for their first win, deposited within seven days. That's a huge incentive to compete in the Diamond Adversary series. Bonuses are also doubled for the Gerald's Last Play mission set, so you can earn far more GTA$ and RP by completing them this week.

While you're at the casino, you might as well take the Lucky Wheel for a spin--this week, you can win the Maibatsu Penumbra, a car with a very high acceleration. There are discounts on cars that can be purchased at the casino too--here's the complete list.

  • Grotti Furia (30% off)
  • Grotti Itali GTO (30% off)
  • Overflod Entity XXR (40% off)
  • Karin Kuruma (armored) (40% off)
  • Mammoth Thruster (30% off)
  • TM-02 Khanjali (30% off)

Furthermore, casino-exclusive clothing is 50% off, and Master Penthouse Suites and customizations are 30% off.

Because a new month has just begun, PS4 players can also claim a bonus GTA$1 million for September. This is all leading up to the release of the PS5/Xbox Series X version of the game.

If you're playing GTA Online, watch out for any potential exploits you discover--they can get your account reset.

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