GTA 5 Online Update Brings Snow And Freebies To San Andreas

Grab a free car, too.

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Grand Theft Auto V is celebrating the holidays, and today GTA Online got a wintry makeover. In the latest GTA Online update, San Andreas has received a blanket of snow, there are free liveries and a free car coming on Christmas, and a new vehicle is now available for purchase.

As part of GTA V's Festive Surprise event on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, San Andreas is now covered in snow. What's more, you can throw snowballs at people. By hitting left on the d-pad or G on your keyboard, you can pick up a snowball and then throw it at NPCs or your friends.

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In addition, the Albany Hermes Muscle Car is available to everyone who logs into the game on Christmas Day, you can get 5 free liveries for the Thruster. Rockstar also previously announced that it would be giving away Krampus masks on Christmas Eve. Holiday-themed clothes and masks are available for purchase at in-game stores, too.

There's also a new vehicle that you can buy at Southern San Andreas Super Autos. Called the Benefactor Streiter, it's a "combination of sleek aesthetics and raw 4x4 power." It's classified as a Sports vehicle, and you can see it in the image above.

Rockstar previously announced that GTA Online's current Premium Stunt Race is H200, and the current Time Trial is Sawmill until Christmas Day. On December 26, this switches to Double Loop as the Premium Stunt Race and Cypress Flats as the Time Trial. Everyone who participates in the Premium Races will earn triple RP, and the top three finishers will receive a big GTA$ reward. The Time Trial, meanwhile, grants a big GTA$ and RP bonus for those who beat the target time.

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Avatar image for vega13mv

I don't know what everyone's problem is with this game. There are plenty of other games that have way more of a mindless grind to make progress. I've only been playing for a month with 2 friends and already I have a high end apartment for heists and an MC club with 4 fully upgraded business. I can easily make around 500k per session selling stock by myself in a low population lobby, and when we run heists as a group I make over a mil. And when i'm bored of that there's always a double cash and RP event going on. And then there's always the option of just playing for fun on any of the many versus and race modes. So either make some friends to help you or watch a beginners guide on youtube and stop complaining about good games because that's how we get casual streamlined brain dead games for whiny gamers who cant figure out simple resource and time management.

Avatar image for dontphone

how about some campaign content??

Avatar image for banhammer

@dontphone: they already said gta online is their focus...why create single player content when mindless androids keep using real money on fake in game items

Avatar image for dontphone

gamespot, where you can watch 30 second adverts before every video!

Avatar image for 93ChevyNut

@dontphone: Have you noticed you don't have to pay to view this website? How do you suppose that all works?

Avatar image for thageorgian

@howsey: i hopped online after 2-3 years away just to check out the new hiest. I had to sell 4-5 of my old fully upgraded super cars and others just to purchase one other car which was 2.7 mil. It really is bad. To get most of the new hiest vehicles which are 5 mil on average each, you have to have the hangar or whatever it is for another 2 million.

Avatar image for howsey

@thageorgian: The money wasn’t a problem (if you enjoy a good grind!!), with the hanger and CEO missions I could easily make $500,000 - $1,000,000 a day without much effort — it’s the people that play the game, the joy they take from ruining your game, kicking you from the lobby and then messaging you to rub your nose in it. I was always a fair player and never stood on anyone’s toes when they were busy ‘playing the game’ but enjoyed being a dick when it was a free for all. I also loved getting kicked from a lobby (for no reason) and then being warned that I could be punished for it (dunce cap anyone). This was the game that finally made me realise (after 35 years) that I wasn’t a gamer anymore.

Avatar image for howsey

I have no idea why people are still playing this awful game — I’ve never met so many griefing maggots in my life. I’ve bought every single GTA game (Vice City is my favourite), I won’t be buying the next one. Rockstar sold their souls and replaced them with Shark Cards.

Avatar image for dlM0kn

@howsey: I'm with ya Howsey. I've been a fan of the series since GTA 3 but after dealing with the griefers, modders and "Rockstar's vision", I'm done with it once RDR2 and GTA 6 and moving on to other games. Luckily, I have friends who know how to minimize encounters with the bad folk but even then I'd rather go play something else once I've done one of the new heists. I've lost all faith in R* making a good multiplayer free from scumbags.

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

Still waiting for an actual sale for this game. Had it for 360 when it came out, and I'd like to get a copy for XB1, but dang...none of the sales ever go below $30. I thought by now I could get a cheap copy.

Avatar image for playstationzone

@lionheartssj1: it won’t be on sale until gta 5 game stop saleing just buy it again or get cheap copy on eBay.

Avatar image for txuzai

Seriously, stop showing this scam of a game on the website.

Avatar image for HesamB

@txuzai: you ok bro ?

Avatar image for playstationzone

so how long be snow be in the gta online game.

Avatar image for lorddaggeroff

Great now I'll never play it, jetpack snipers.

Oh and it'll cost you $1000