GTA 5 Online Update Adds New Car and Customization Option

Some players can install a Custom Auto Shop at their office.


Grand Theft Auto V

[UPDATE] Rockstar has also announced a new, weekly sale on the following items:

  • 25% more GTA$ on Vehicle Export
  • 25% off Special Vehicle Warehouse Renovations & Special Cargo Warehouses
  • 50% off Grenade Launchers
  • 25% off Engine Performance Upgrades
  • 25% off Body Armor, Ammo, Throwables and Explosive Weapon Ammo
  • 25% off all Masks

These deals are good until January 16.

The original story is below.

A new car and customization option are now available in Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer mode, GTA Online.

As announced on the Rockstar Newswire, players can now pick up the Progen Itali GTB Custom from Benny's Original Motor Works shop in the game. Here is what it looks like (before customizations):

No Caption Provided

"This sleek jungle cat packs serious speed, devours tight turns with ease, and is sure to terrorize opposing racers across the circuit," Rockstar said about it. "Endlessly customizable, Benny's latest includes options to modify everything from engine performance to the finest interior details."

Rockstar also announced today that some GTA Online players won't have to travel to Benny's to customize their rides. "Qualifying executives" can buy the Custom Auto Shop add-on for their office. Rockstar didn't provide any specifics on what level of executive you need to be to qualify.

Released in 2013, GTA V and GTA Online continue to be popular. Just recently, Sony announced that GTA V landed in the No. 6 position on the PlayStation Store's chart for best-selling games of 2016.

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    Avatar image for deviltaz35

    Such a shame all they care about is online. It was such a fantastic and diverse landscape and would have suited many SP content stories. After the brilliant dlc released for GTAIV it is almost criminal to neglect V in this way.

    Avatar image for demi0227_basic

    This game is brilliant. What takes away from it is the low payouts. I play on pc, and to get any of the nicer cars requires maybe dozens of hours of gaming. When the "reward" center in our brain isn't ticked, it takes away from the enjoyment. Of course, they do this to sell shark cards, but in the end it just makes the lobbies filled with hackers who ruin the game.

    When this game is on the's still the best gaming experience right now. However...hitting that mark is so hard because of what I said above.

    Avatar image for leblnk

    Great. Another overpriced car I don't care about.

    How about upping the payouts. 20-25k is nothing.

    I don't have 4 consistently enough for Heists.

    Avatar image for pierce4757

    Will this be in the offline portion of the game? GTA 5 is dead to me until they start making offline content.. GTA Online is boring..

    Avatar image for n00bsla3r66

    the custom auto shop in the office was already a thing im confused