GTA 5 Online: Peyote Limited-Time Event Goes Away Soon

For a limited time you can battle hostile aliens or go on a peyote trip in GTA Online.


Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer component of GTA 5, has launched a limited-time event that sees the return of several favorites from Halloween last year. The Alien Survival Series and Peyote plants from the Halloween 2019 event are both back, but you better hurry. They'll both be gone after tomorrow, April 13.

Alien Survival ran for a limited time last year, consisting of seven Survival modes scattered around the map featuring armed aliens. Peyote plants are similarly bizarre, putting you into a hallucination in which you wake up as one of several animals--including a couple of secret ones like Bigfoot. You can snap out of the hallucination at any time and wake up in a hospital with awarded RP.

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This is the first time either has reappeared in the game since last Halloween, though Rockstar does seem to like occasionally embracing its wacky side.

Since the returns of these events, Rockstar has also rolled out another set of updates. These include triple rewards for Stockpile, Air Force Zero, and Top Fun, as well as a one-time $500,000 gift for anyone who plays the game in April. There are also ongoing benefits for Twitch Prime members, including 75 percent off the Arena ZR380 and MTL Cerburus vehicles.

Like most developers, Rockstar recently moved to a remote work structure to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. It's also putting some of its massive success to good use by donating to coronavirus relief efforts.

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