GTA 5 Online DLC And Update Roadmap

What's coming up next for Rockstar's money-maker?


Rockstar announced today a series of updates coming soon to Grand Theft Auto Online.

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15 new official stunt races have already been added to the game, as part of Rockstar's 2017 stunt race event. Players can earn double GTA$ and RP by playing on any of the Rockstar Created and Rockstar Verified stunt races. Plus, anyone that logs in during the event (closing on March 13) will pick themselves up a limited Pink Jock Cranley Stuntman Jumpsuit.

The upcoming March title update will add a new stunt race type, geared toward the new Rocket Voltic, Ruiner 2000, and Blazer Aqua vehicles. Each race set will make use of the special abilities of each vehicle, asking players to rocket into the sky, parachute out of it, and skim across the water, respectively.

A new set of adversary modes are also being added to the game over the course of Spring, including but not limited to "a gallows humor take on dodgeball" mode called Resurrection, and an homage to old-school 2D GTA called Top Down.

Finally--alongside the shiny new Progen GP1 supercar--the most-requested throwback cars are coming back, with the Turismo Classic and Infernus Classic hitting Liberty City for the first time since Grand Theft Auto III.

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Rockstar also reminds players they only have 10 days left to upgrade Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 characters to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Go to the Rockstar newswire to learn more.

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