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GTA 5 Online Cheating Punished With Exploding Cars

Rockstar is pranking players who are trying to cheat in GTA V's online mode.


Recently, Grand Theft Auto V players discovered an exploit that allowed them to bring some of the game's single-player-only cars into the game's online mode, but Rockstar has put an explosive end to this practice.

As first discovered by Reddit, Rockstar recently patched the game to make the Duke O'Death vehicle explode as soon as you get into it. The armored muscle car is an overpowered vehicle from the game's story mode, but you can only drive it in the online mode by taking advantage of the exploit.

As you can see in the video above uploaded to YouTube by xKoingWolfx, it's a satisfying method to deal with cheaters.

It'll be interesting to see if players discover a whole new set of exploits once the game hits PC on April 14. If you're looking forward to that version, you can pre-load GTA V on PC starting April 7.

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