GTA 5 Modders Banned For Trying To "Facilitate Piracy" on PC

Rockstar suspends Social Club accounts for those involved with the FiveM mod.


Rockstar has banned a group of modders attempting to create an alternative to the Grand Theft Auto 5's GTA Online multiplayer experience on PC, explaining that it believes the project was designed to facilitate piracy.

The FiveM mod was touted as a "multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto V which, much in the lines of popular modifications in the past, offers an advanced multiplayer environment for people to play on dedicated servers with user-made game modes."

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Its creators explained: "It builds on the solid multiplayer framework set by the Rockstar Studios themselves ... [and] relies on dedicated servers for connecting players to one another. This eliminates any connection issues that can, will and have occurred in the past trying to connect a session filled with players to one another."

Rockstar's investigations, however, led the company to believe that the mod could have a more nefarious purpose. As a result of this, Rockstar Social Club accounts belonging to PC players affiliated with the mod were banned.

"The FiveM project is an unauthorized alternate multiplayer service that contains code designed to facilitate piracy," a Rockstar representative said in a statement.

"Our policy on such violations of our terms of service are clear, and the individuals involved in its creation have had their Social Club accounts suspended."

Suspended Social Club accounts mean the affected players no longer have access to GTA 5, GTA Online, and any other Rockstar or Take-Two games purchased on the platform.

The subject of bans relating to GTA 5 mods has cropped up a number of times since the PC version of the game was released in April 2015. After a period of silence, Rockstar issued a statement regarding the use of mods in Grand Theft Auto V on PC in May.

"We have always appreciated the creative efforts of the PC modding community and we still fondly remember the awesome zombie invasion mod and original GTA map mod for GTA IV PC among many other classics," Rockstar said. "To be clear, the modding policy in our license has not changed and is the same as for GTA IV."

As of August, more than 54 million copies of Grand Theft Auto V have shipped worldwide, according to publisher Take-Two.

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Avatar image for vam_the_anomaly

No offense to anyone but the BIGGEST problem with mods in general, people dont use them responsibly. For example I had a guy literally CHASE me on foot attempting to GIVE me money. He was literally shitting bags out of his bum. I am one of those vanilla players. Im fine with it. There is more than enough stuff in the game for me to do. I would try something sometimes like a zombie mod or so and even then, I wouldnt go crazy with playing more than one type.

Anyways , naturally I was terrified that I would get banned or something bad would happen and his reply was ,"Dude one cares...youll be fine." Ok this guy isnt gonna buy me a new game, he doesnt know me, etc. Then the WORSE modders that come in and blatantly do things like god mode and explode players and vehicles with explosive punches. Now I understand that this is totally different and tbh I need to check out what the mod is about on its website, but still though.

No Offense.

Avatar image for dunhildas

We're going to ban you for ceating a mod that will let you play GTA online on another server

*makes mod and go online anyways*


Avatar image for Kane04

I was completely done with this game by the time it FINALLY hit the PC, it's just old news.

Nothing quite like waiting for ever to play a Console port game and then try to keep your head on an online environment filled to the brim with hacks... Oh joy! MasterPuckingInfantRace ftw! Other than MMOs I'll do my gaming on a console, that actually gets things first and isn't a case of "get the latest hacks or gtfo".

It's so pathetic it came to the point people actually use hacks on tournaments *cof*CS*cof*

And who gives a crap about mods? I mean really.
Every single game I've modded since the 90's offered me 0,01% more than the stock game, if anything mods just kill the fun.
Real weapons and all the companions you want on Fallout? Great, for a good 15 minutes.
Play as the freaking Hulk on Liberty City? Awesome, for a good 8 minutes.

Not to mention, most of them involve nudity and sex, figures since they come from people with a mentality that closer resembles the one for a pre-pubescent teen.

It's a sad pleasure for a sad bunch of people that only get a decent game every other year, on a good decade that is.

Avatar image for blonkster728

@Kane04: "most of them" lol. I feel like you spent 10 minutes looking for mods and stumbled on a few nudies. Yo

Avatar image for parrot_of_adun

I don't care what they say about their modding community, if a company designs a game that only allows mods under tightly controlled circumstances, then they kinda suck.

Avatar image for E_J_S

Considering people have successfully made private servers for other games and absolutely fucking nothing happened, I can only say those modders choose the wrong game from the wrong company to do this.

Avatar image for resident_jisen

personally rockstar should create a separate set of servers for modders only. this would solve 2 is for solving the above reason. the other would allow none modders play the game with out having modders cheating in the online games.

before anyone attacks me for the second reason let me point out making an indestructible cop car to drive around in is cheating.i had this happen in the ps3 version of the game.

Avatar image for monkeyboysteve


So you were lying then. Yes, there are a lot more PC gamers than on any console... but a lot of those gamers do not necessarily play the latest games.... and Ubisoft games in particular are not that popular as they are normally broken, also Ubisoft games on PC require Uplay which many people refuse to use.

As you yourself said, this does not mean PS4 outsold PC by 3 or 4 times ... it outsold by 4%. Bit different

This didn't even refer to one game, it referred to all Ubisoft games.

There are many PC games that vastly outsold the console counterparts if you care to look.

Skyrim for example had around twice the sales of either platform... and that is without me screwing the figures like you did.

Xcom also sold very well on PC compared to console, no exact figures though, just that Firaxis stated that console sales were negligible compared to PC.

Left for dead 2, bit old but outsold the console versions by a fair bit.

I could keep going, but won't as I have already proven you wrong.

Any more bullsh*t figures you fancy throwing out there?

Avatar image for tom2750

@monkeyboysteve: obviously i meant when accounting for difference in units there are 25 million PS4 gamers and over 100 million PC gamers so yes the ps4 sold at 4 or 5 times a better rate then PC when accounting for difference in player bases and i remember seeing examples of PS4 selling 4 or 5 times as many copies of a game then PC period aka 15+ times better sales when you account for the different size of player bases between platforms the difference is huge and you're only giving crappy far fetched reasons that could only account for a small difference and not one this big and you didn't prove me wrong wrong also the Xbox 360 sold more copies of the left for dead seris then PC has despite the fact there are far more PC gamers then Xbox 360 gamers i dunno were you got your info but you're right about 1 game and that's Xcom wow you can name 1 game almost all multi plat games sell better on consoles especially when accounting for differences in the size of player bases on console and PC so you enjoy your PC (pirate cheat) master race and your fellow master race gamers ripping off developers

Avatar image for monkeyboysteve


You donlt get your numbers from VGchartz do you? that only tracks physical copies... PC went 99% digital a long time ago

Left for dead sold 3 million on the 360 and had 11 million sales in total... you do the math. I know it's a hard sum.

In fact those numbers must be a tad out of date now, as according to Steam Spy 12 and half million PC gamers own it. and considering 360 had 80 million or so users... that is a big deal for PC :)

As I said, there are many more, but you can do your own research... it isn't hard.

As I said before, Devs are obviously not too bothered about piracy on the most profitable platform... hence why more and more make PC games.

I will enjoy the platform with the most games and most revenue (more revenue = more great games)

You can enjoy your cheap box that seems to only play remasters.

Avatar image for tom2750

@monkeyboysteve: both left for dead's combined sold 11 million as of august 2011 over 3 million copies of the original sold on Xbox 360 over 3 million of the sequel sold on Xbox 360 leaving less then 5 million sold on a platform with a bigger player base so yep you were wrong this is based on info provided by valve employee's doug lombardi and chet faliszek and has nothing to do with vg chartz i know full well about how unreliable vg chartz is not just because they only count physical copies but even when ony counting physical copies they severely under track games from my knowledge also Xbox 360 does not have 80 million or so users Xbox 360 had the highest console failure rate of all times at one point over half of all Xbox 360's died within 12 months of purchase and even when they improved it after a few years it was still very bad pretty much everyone i knew that had a 360 bought multiple of them some people ended up buying 5 or 6 of them because they just kept dying so in reality there is most likely less then 50 million unique Xbox 360 owners as for your 12 and a half million people have left for dead 2 news flash buddy valve gave it out for free in 2013 as a Christmas gift the Xbox 360 had sold more copies of it before valve gave it out for free despite the fact there is like at least double the amount of unique PC gamers as there are Xbox 360 gamer's so nice try buddy but despite the fact Xbox 360 has half the amount of users and left for dead would of been cheaper on PC then Xbox 360 the Xbox 360 still managed to get higher sales of them games then the PC we are talking about sales owning it doesn't mean much when vlve gives it out to free for PC gamers so it was nice proving you wrong once again and showing how games sell much better on console then PC as for PC gaming generating more revenue yes it does in total but it is spread across way more games developers and publishers almost always see more sales aka more money from console versions of games then the PC version so devs are more inclined to make games for consoles that's why most PC exclusives are low budget low rated non award winning pieces of garbage with a few exceptions of actually good PC exclusives PC gaming in general makes a bit more revenue but plenty of that revenue goes to crappy low rated games that plague the PC market pound for pound console smashes PC gaming in sales so devs and publishers that make multi plat games make more money from console then PC as for more games yes you're right most of them being garbage there is a reason almost every year game of the year awards from virtually every gaming magazine and website besides PC specialist ones give game of the year award to console exclusives or multi plats there is a reason the top 200 rated games on metacritic only contain a handful of PC exclusives but plenty of console exclusives and even of the few PC exclusives they are all pretty much older games were as there are also plenty of newer console exclusives in there consoles have always had the highest rated and more award winning exclusives and also the reason so many dev's make PC exclusives is because they are low budget crap they don't have the money to make console versions or they don't have the right team and know how to do so not to mention the tons of crappy point and click or strategy games that they don't put on consoles (thank god) because they don't suit a game pad very well

Avatar image for monkeyboysteve


Seriously impossible to read a wall of texct like that.

Those figures were 3 years ago...

You don't think any copies were sold in 3 years?

Especially considering Left 4 Dead 2 was free for a very limited time?

"Xbox 360 had the highest console failure rate of all times at one point over half of all Xbox 360's died within 12 months of purchase and even when they improved it after a few years it was still very bad pretty much everyone i knew that had a 360 bought multiple of them some people ended up buying 5 or 6 of them because they just kept dying so in reality there is most likely less then 50 million unique Xbox 360 owners"

And you don't think people ever buy a new PC? or have more than one steam account?

Done with you and your fanboyism.:

Do some proper research before you make yourself look stupid.

Enjoy your remasters while i play original games.

Avatar image for tom2750

@monkeyboysteve: steam has over 100 million unique users and LOL you're mad because you have been proven wrong as for do i think it sold any since 2011 of coarse i do on both PC and Xbox 360 but most sales would of already happened by 2011 considering the game came out in 2009 it sold better on the Xbox 360 despite there being far more PC gamers then 360 gamers and while it would of sold more after 2011 it most likely would of kept selling better on the 360 then PC you're upset because you thought you were slick saying 12.5 million PC gamers own it when in reality most of them took it as a free 2013 Christmas gift from valve face it games sell better on consoles by a large amount especially when considering the different size of player bases as for remasters LOL yep be mad PC gamer i would to if it were exclusive games not on my platform getting the highest reviews and winning the most awards

Avatar image for Nymphonomicon

Sensationalist clickbait headline. I read a much more even-handed article yesterday that gets far more of the mod creators side than the slanted sludge you wrote.
They created the mod as an alternative to GTA Online because it specifically says in the TOS that you're not allowed to alter that.

Avatar image for Nymphonomicon

After all the shit Rockstar has gotten over the years, I would think they of all people would learn some fucking leniency or restraint.

Avatar image for dante9006

So wait they revoked the right to play the offline portion too? Even though they paid money for it? GTA Online fine, but the whole offline too? That's so messed up. That's why I don't like buying my game digital.

Avatar image for tommynj

Shocking to think pc players would commit piracy... What were they thinking ????

Avatar image for bandcelks00024

Yeah but if you notice all hackers have learned do not f$&$ w the money. You can however be invincible and f$&& w other players game experience but not w the shark cards. Don't you remember when our hackers gave us trillion dollar bounties? Great times. Now they don't even want to try bc they would like to play in future.

Avatar image for Starkzard

Sad news, but they're kinda right, they should however improve their official online servers/netcode stuff, because it's awful!

Avatar image for dean12345678936

hi does anyone know the rockstar editor gta 5 is coming xbox one & ps4

Avatar image for siarhei

Corporate strikes again...

Avatar image for ECH71

"Suspended Social Club accounts mean the affected players no longer have access to GTA 5, GTA Online, and any other Rockstar or Take-Two games purchased on the platform."

Wait, so instead of just banning them from GTA:Online like every other developer would have, you decided to revoke their access to the single-player portions of all Rockstar games they've paid for?

I knew you guys were scumbags but wow... a new level of douchebaggery....

I'm gonna go upload pirate copies of several Rockstar games to popular P2P/sharing platforms.


Avatar image for Slannmage

GTA V sucks, GTA: SA MTA is so much better.

Avatar image for hystavito

@Slannmage: I forgot about Multi Theft Auto. I see it's still actively developed, cool.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Not piracy. Rockstar wants people to pay for their crappy GTA Online. Any mod that allows people to have fun in multiplayer competes with them.

Shame on you, Rockstar

Avatar image for Evenios

no suprise there. gto is their thing which they can make money off with people paying for in game money and such. they just dont want anyone else making a muiltiplayer mod to compete. however seems to me outright banning them was over the top. they should have just issued a warning. lol

Avatar image for Smosh150

I can understand why, but I was really looking forward to this. I would have loved to had one of their dedicated servers for LSPDFR, guess I'll have to wait for Police 10-13 to get a good police multiplayer game. Though I don't understand why Rockstar couldn't have allowed for private sessions that incorporated mods like in GTA IV, maybe I am not understanding the difference in the two, but I really enjoyed how that was an option.

Avatar image for SavageEvil

@Smosh150: Contrary to popular belief R* is making bank on idiots who spend real money on videogame money. It's freaking easy to see why they'd ban, block, making BS stories up to defend their cash cow. This is why I hate companies and their PR bollocks, just say the reason why you really banned them. PR is always making up lies, it's so normal to hear these fallacies but we've heard so much that we all know that it's code for something else that is the real reason. R* selling 54 million copies of one game isn't enough money for the codswallops. Just look at GTA Onlines economy and you'll see why R* are raking in the dough off those who have no time to play the game but want to enjoy the spoils, bust out $9.99 for that Sharkcard and what do you know, got a couple of million to throw around.

Avatar image for Smosh150

@SavageEvil: Fair enough, Rockstar really has raked in the dough so it is a bit silly to ban them. Though I am not in their position so I can't really say nor am I privy to the information.

Myself, I would never buy one of those dumb Shark cards, this isn't like War Thunder where it actually gives you good stuff and keeps it fair, but in this it is like why does one really need the money? Guess that's just my opinion on the micros though(Didn't realize they sold that well either).

Avatar image for yukushi

For those of you complaining put yourself in rockstar shoes let say somebody came to your work with a mod that cause less people to use the service that your work offers so you end up making less money would you be cool with it or would you ban it.

Avatar image for ECH71

@yukushi: I'm sure a guy with the Rockstar logo as his avatar will have something fair/non-biased to say.

Avatar image for deactivated-59e0c3e2b083b

@ECH71: jajajaja.

Avatar image for roler42

Of course they'd ban it, and LOL "facilitate piracy", people are able to pirate their games just fine, not even GFWL and Their social club DRM could stop people from pirating GTA 4

I always wondered why Rockstar hadn't made dedicated servers for their online, but this explains it, custom dedis = GTA onlinie will no longer be pay 2 win


Avatar image for uninspiredcup

i.e. Servers without microtransactions

Avatar image for ECH71

@uninspiredcup: +1

Avatar image for i5204

why create your own fun when you can buy fun with our shark cards

Avatar image for zerofrust

@i5204: lol pretty much

Avatar image for berserker66666

@i5204: lol true. That's why Skyrim is the king of modding even if it doesn't have MP.

Avatar image for zerofrust

@berserker66666: There were several Skyrim MP mods attempts and Bethesda didn't try to shut them down, even though they had ESO.

Avatar image for cboye18

I never play GTA for the online anyways but for the free roam and chaos in single player. I have made complaints about the broken police AI (deadly accuracy, aggressive behaviour and wanted level takes way too long to get rid off) as well as lack of funny gagdets or interesting weapon variety. But instead, R* only gives a f*** about multiplayer. I still enjoy GTA IV over this game.

Avatar image for bandcelks00024

@cboye18: I don't even think police are broken. I love the challenge they provide. Problem is for guys like me and you that enjoy just f$@&&@ around after beating game. This equals about 2 minutes of life unless your in a strategic position. I have emailed rockstar and suggested repeatedly that a good 100 percent completion bonus for single player would be the full body armor suit to allow rampages. Also this would encourage finishing game completely. Apparently this went into the ideas too good to listen to pile along w being locked up in the jail and having to be broke out/escape. Oblivion style.

Avatar image for Smosh150

@cboye18: I don't know, I think it is particularly easy to get rid of wanted level and take down cops. Usually the times when I have trouble is if I am being super aggressive back by ramming, shooting, etc while being pursued(And of course once you get to the highest level). Though in truth, I wish the police in GTA V handled more like Mafia 2, I thought they had a fantastic system(Though I would say most missions that involved police would not remember you).

Avatar image for Akabuu

@cboye18: I personally think cops should be competent individuals, realistically if a few of them surround you you "should" get f*ked. As for aggressive behavior, yes i agree, there should be some other ways to get them off your back, such as bribes or talking your way out of some minor things.

Also, lets be realistic, if hypothetically a car were to blow up on the other side of the street as i was innocently walking by why is it MY fault?? Many other npcs around but i don't see you chasing them. Racist police is racist.

Avatar image for BabeNewelll

Sensatinalist headline, That's not what they were trying to do, not like I need anther reason to believe Rockstar are assholes.

Avatar image for ECH71

@BabeNewelll: +1

Avatar image for btbrotherton

@BabeNewelll: there's a reason they put it in quotes.

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