GTA 5 Modder Makes It Snow on PC

You can now experience GTA Online as if it had a much different climate, provided you're willing to take some risks.


Despite a lack of official support for mods in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, mods continue to roll in, offering unlimited health, ammo, money, and so on. The latest one is less harmful to other players, as it introduces snow to GTA Online.

As demonstrated in the video below, modder ECB2's aptly titled "Snow in GTA Online" creation covers most everything in the world with snow. That includes the roads, cars, and at least some trees and bushes.

You can download the mod from various sites online, including here, but be warned: You're downloading files from unknown sources onto your computer, which always presents a risk. Additionally, it's unclear what Rockstar's response will be to players who use this--running any kind of modified code could get you banned, even if it's a seemingly harmless thing like this. As such, this might be a feature you're best off experiencing vicariously through the above video and the pair of screenshots below.

Snow isn't completely unheard of in GTA V; a few single-player levels, including the opening mission, take place in snow-covered areas. And, as for GTA Online, Rockstar has been known to enable snow--briefly--around Christmas.

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