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GTA 5 Mod Turns Your Character Into Iron Man

Repulsor beams, missiles, and the ability to fly.


A new mod for Grand Theft Auto V turns your character into Iron Man, complete with the iconic armor and the superhero's arsenal of high-powered weaponry.

GTA 5 fan JulioNIB created the mod, which overhauls the game's HUD in addition to adding armor and weapons. It's a very impressive mod; the armor looks great and the animations seem to be both accurate and fluid. You can check out a video of the mod in action below.

This mod clearly gives you massive destructive power. It makes your character a functional superhero, able to take on an army of police officers and vehicles alone. Iron Man's arsenal of repulsor beams, missiles, and extremely powerful punches are usable in the mod, as well, letting you wreak havoc in Los Santos. My favorite moment in the video is when the modder flies into the sky, then shoulder-charges straight through a helicopter.

But even if you don't want to destroy everything in sight, the mod lets you soar around using Iron Man's hand and foot rocket boosts. The mod is still in development and isn't yet available for download, but it's shaping up to be a pretty awesome change to the GTA formula.

GTA 5 modders have changed the game in other cool ways recently. For example, one user is turning GTA 5 into an RPG, complete with skill trees and loot. Another added a grappling hook to the game. You can also watch GameSpot play with a whole bunch of different mods here.

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