GTA 5 Mod Shows Iron Man's Hulkbuster Terrorizing Los Santos

There's no Hulk to subdue, but that's not stopping Hulkbuster from wreaking havoc on the city.


Grand Theft Auto V fan JulioNIB has followed up their Iron Man mod with a new one themed around the Hulkbuster. The mod lets you zip around Los Santos in a ridiculously detailed suit, leaving a trail of death and destruction in your wake with your mighty super-abilities.

Watch the video below to see the Hulkbuster throw cars at helicopters and cause all kind of mayhem in the downtown streets. With no Hulk in the area, what else is he going to do? At least we now know that, should Dr. Banner come to Los Santos and lose his cool, the city is prepared to deal with the threat.

We can only expect a Hulk mod to come next.

Like what you see? You can install the mod for yourself by following these instructions.

In other recent GTA V modding news, developer Rockstar Games recently explained why it banned a group of modders for attempting to create an alternative to GTA Online.

GTA V has shipped 54 million copies worldwide as of June 30, parent publisher Take-Two Interactive announced this week. That's up two million copies in three months.

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