GTA 5 Mod Brings Watch Dogs-Inspired Hacking to Los Santos

The Grand Theft Auto V community continues to surprise and impress.


A new Grand Theft Auto V mod brings elements of Watch Dogs to the world of Los Santos.

JulioNIB has created a script for the PC edition of GTA 5 that lets you perform Watch Dogs-inspired hacks--and it looks pretty cool. Take a look at the script in action through the video below (via Kotaku). As you'll see, you can detonate explosions at will--and to your benefit when evading police.

This sophistication of this script may grow in scope over time.

"Maybe later I release a update adding more features like the slow-motion (Focus) feature, profiler, crimes, etc.," JulioNIB said.

Note that the Watch Dogs-like clothes and models in the video come from different mods. You can learn more about this GTA V script, including how to download it, here at GTAXScripting.

A sequel to Watch Dogs is rumored to launch later this year. Unlike the Chicago-set 2014 original, the follow-up will supposedly be set in San Francisco.

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