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GTA 5 Mod Adds Just Cause 2's Grappling Hook

Watch it in action.


If you just can't wait for the release of Just Cause 3, this Grand Theft Auto V mod might scratch that itch.

Created by JulioNIB, the Just Cause 2 grappling mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V is exactly what it sounds like. It adds a special gun to the game that fires a grappling hook, allowing you to easily pull yourself up to high places, or go flying from car to car. Since GTA V already has a parachute, you can even recreate Just Cause 2's unique means of traveling across the map.

It also allows you to tether objects like cars or people to each other, which inevitably leads to some hilarious moments.

Modder JulioNIB said that the ability to steal vehicles while standing on the roof of the car, hijacking helicopter while being "hooked" to them, and the ability to attach to more objects are all on his "to do" list for the next version of the mod.

You can find the mod here.

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