GTA 5 Lets You Eat Hallucinogenic Plants, Become Animals

Become a chicken or seagull by eating some Peyote plants in the new versions of GTA V.


Here's something unexpected that's included with the new versions Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. According to multiple accounts, you can find hallucinogenic Peyote plants in the game, eat them, and transform into animals such as a chicken or a seagull as part of a vivid trip.

When you become a seagull, you can even poop on people below you on command. There are apparently 27 different animals you can become, and every time you eat the plant, there's no telling which creature you'll morph into. Check out the seagull video above and chicken below.

GTA V was released today on Xbox One and PS4. The PC version is coming in January 2015. For more on the new versions of GTA V, check out GameSpot's review.

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