GTA 5 Is the Most Played Non-Valve Game on Steam Right Now

GTA breaks a record previously set by Skyrim.

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Grand Theft Auto V was released on PC yesterday, and if you had any doubt about the popularity of the game, these recent numbers from Steam will make it clear.

According to the digital distribution platform's Steam & Game Stats page, over 298,000 people are currently playing GTA V, with today's peak number of players exceeding 300,000. This makes GTA V the third most played game on Steam at the moment, and the most popular game on the platform that wasn't developed by Valve.

According to, the record for most concurrent players on Steam for a non-Valve game previously belonged to Skyrim, which peaked at 280,000 concurrent players.

By comparison, the most popular game on Steam, Valve's Dota 2, hit a peak of 777,070 concurrent players today, and an all-time peak 1 million concurrent players. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came in at second place with 453,431 concurrent players, and Team Fortress 2 came in at fourth place after GTA V with 58,816 concurrent players.

After numerous delays, GTA V is now available on PC with enhanced graphics, new music, and a powerful video editor. Some players are reporting issues with installing or playing it; if you're one of them, check out our rundown on the solutions and workarounds.

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