GTA 5: Here's What's on Sale and How to Earn Double XP This Week

Everyone gets a Bahama Mamas t-shirt just for logging in.


It's a long weekend coming up, and if you're planning to play Grand Theft Auto V, you may be happy to learn that Rockstar has rolled out a series of bonuses and sales for GTA Online.

This week's event is called Sunday Drivers Week (September 2-8), and one part of it is a new Mixed Racing Playlist that rewards participants with double GTA$ and RP. This playlists features three races, including Ring of Fire, Stock Market Crash, and Up the Back Alley. You must drive a muscle-class car.

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In terms of sales, Rockstar is offering 50 percent off upgrades and other items at the Benny's car shop. In fact, all upgrades in the store are half-off this week, while hydraulics and wheels are also significantly discounted.

Here is a rundown of what's on sale this week in GTA Online:

  • Benny's Upgrades - 50% off
  • Hydraulics - 50% off
  • Liveries - 25% off
  • Neon Kits - 25% off
  • Interior mods - 25% off
  • Plateholders - 25% off
  • Vanity Plates - 25% off
  • Engine Bays - 25% off
  • Air Filters - 25% off
  • Bumpers - 25% off
  • Fenders - 25% off
  • Chassis - 25% off
  • Roofs - 25% off
  • Trunks - 25% off
  • Wheels - 25% off​

Additionally, everyone who logs into GTA Online during the event will get a Bahama Mamas t-shirt. You can see this shirt in the image above.

Lastly, this week's premium stunt race is "Trench II," which challenges players to zip through the Grand Senora desert track in a muscle car. Everyone who participates will earn tripe RP, while the top three finishers will receive payouts of GTA$100,000, GTA$30,000 and GTA$20,000 respectively.

In other GTA V news, a court has thrown out Lindsday Lohan's lawsuit against the game's developers.

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